Items of Business Vol. II


Thanks for all the memories and sweet times. The online store is now officially closed. We’re still gearing down the online store. If you thought you had missed everything, let me tell you, you haven’t. I added a bunch of goodies over the weekend and there’s still some more things to sort through and get up online (which I’ll be doing tomorrow and Thursday). And…..

we’re taking it down to 30% off everything! Yup. Use the code AFSCLOSING2 to save 30% off your order right now. And as fast as we can, we’re getting your order cut and shipped out. Exciting times friends. I’m sure we’ll be back soon with another step down. We’ll see what we have left.

Once all is said and done, I’ll be back with some thoughts for you on my business and the things we’ve seen and been through. I’ve been jotting some things down along the way here and there and I think it’s time to make some cohesion from it all. I’m sure you’ll enjoy that. Plus I have some exciting news and an exciting new friend to show you. Yay!

For now, there’s more in the store.

xx, Sunni


4 thoughts on “Items of Business Vol. II

  1. I have loved your store and then your online store. I trust your fabric choices without touching them. I am happy with every purchase I have made. I am so sad that you are closing your online store. I understand that you can’t keep a store open just for me out of the goodness of your heart, you have to make money. I love to read your blog and hope to keep that up from time to time.

    So… you have any online sources for fabric that you trust consistently?
    Thanks so much and good luck on your new job. I hope you have lots of time to sew for yourself and enjoy your talent.
    Lorna Brower

  2. Sunni, I am so bummed I missed the closing of your store! I loved the aqua cotton pique you had and only held off buying some due to the size of my stash. Any advice on where I might find something similar?

  3. I am so sad your store closed. I haven’t sewn in a while so I wasn’t aware of the changes or closure. I wish you the best in your new adventure. Random question. Are you completely out of everything or are there still a few items left in your online shop? I tried accessing it and a password is required to enter. If you have anything left I”d be interested to check it out.


  4. I should add–best of luck to you Sunni! I hope you enjoy your new endeavor. I also hope you keep blogging about sewing. You and the other sewists who share their knowledge & experience via the internet are such a tremendous inspiration, especially to those like me who don’t really have a sewing “community” at home. So thank you!

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