airline stewardess


This cute little dress is the Bistro Dress by Liesl + co. It had been awhile since I looked at this company’s pattern line-up for adults. While I’ve never actually made any of the patterns, I’ve loved the designs that have come out of Liesl Gibson’s studio. She has an amazing knack for being able to couple everyday wear with sophistication and class. Impeccably tasteful. I’ve been meaning to make up several of the designs and this one was seriously calling out to me.


First, you should know that this is a digital pattern. Second, you should know that the instructions are marvelous and the printout for this pattern was fabulous as it truly, TRULY uses the least amount of paper. I will give praise where it is due and it is definitely due here. Additionally, the draft of the pattern is excellent. Very precise. Everything matched up where it was supposed to and I was pretty happy with the muslin mock up.


Saying that the draft of a sewing pattern is excellent does not mean that it fits right out of the envelope, just in case you were wondering – I mean we all have different bodies, shapes and sizes so that would be impossible. I made my usual adjustments – forward shoulder, broad upper back, sway back. Outside of that, the fit was pretty good for my figure and I was very happy with the silhouette.

I opted to make this lovely up in some linen I had. This blue jay linen is/was from our online shop and then I paired it with a beautiful navy linen/silk blend because I felt like a break up in the color would be a nice touch. To do that, I did the belt loops and sash in the navy and then created a panel on the bottom of the dress too. Easy peasy. I do love this dress, but these colors are vaguely reminiscent of an airline stewardess, dontcha think? he he!


This dress is fully lined in bemberg rayon (what else?) and I made a point to create a beautiful lining with facing in this dress. I had some of this lovely bias tape that I purchased from Tissu Fine Fabrics, here in SLC and so I thought I should probably use it. I think it worked out pretty gorgeously. I love touches like these on the inside of a garment. I switched the zipper to the back from the side – only because the hip on this dress is more semi fitted and for me it slides right on. And you can see that I left it sleeveless. I did actually try adding the sleeves and I felt it aged me about 20 years. The short sleeve mind you. I think this is just a combination of the color, the fabric and the style. To be honest, I think in a different fabric it would be just fine.


All in all, I’m incredibly pleased with this dress and the sewing experience. It ended up being very wearable and summery and comfortable. The comfort is really really great actually. I mean this thing feels like pajamas. Loving the notch at the neckline too. Great pattern here!

Do you know about Liesl Gibson’s Liesl + co. line? You should definitely check her out – worth every cent, I’m telling you!


19 thoughts on “airline stewardess

  1. I hadn’t heard of this pattern line before! This is a beautiful classic dress, and the fact that the instructions and drafting are so well reviewed is a big sell for me

  2. Simplicity at it’s finest! I love to see such a well made garment, inside and out! Others may not see the inside, but it’s something about knowing what it looks like for yourself. Your choice of fabric and color blocking is great…the fit is wonderful! You should be well pleased!

  3. Liesl’s patterns are simply the best. I’ve sewn one of her lisette for butterick patterns this summer and I adore it. But I credit her children’s patterns with teaching me how to sew all kinds of techniques and she truly has a talent for writing clear instructions. You can’t go wrong with any of her work.

  4. Nothing about this reads airline stewardess to me! Love the dress and the color-blocking. I’ve been on a linen kick myself, it’s such a perfect fabric for summer.

  5. Lovely! I’ve been wondering about lining linen because when I use linen, it’s because I want linen on me. But then I get sad because the linen is too sheer and I don’t want to line it or wear a slip because then…no linen for Ani ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I’ve been considering using handkerchief linen for some slips though, so then all my dresses, linen or not will feel like linen.

    I’m starting to sound crazy.

  6. As always
    Very lovely
    love the pattern, the fit, the fabric choice and the fact that you never skimp on details even when they are going to be hidden

  7. Your dress is very pretty. I like it better than the cover shot. When this pattern came out I passed it by as being a bit too matronly. Maybe I should give it a second look. I’ve made her Everyday Skirt. While it might not be the most flattering for my pear shape, it is super comfy. I’ve lost a good bit of weight, so I want to make it again in a smaller size. I also want to try her cape for fall.

  8. Your fabric choice for your dress is perfection. I also wanted to let you know that I just received my first order from your online shop and I AM IN LOVE! So often when I order things online I wait with excitement only be be disappointed with yet another muslin fabric. The seafoam cotton pique is exquisite. My husband opened the box and, instead of lecturing me about how much fabric I already have, complimented me on my (your) good taste. Thanks for looking out for happy marriages everywhere!

  9. I now officially aspire to make the insides of my dresses look as lovely as yours do. Wow! The striped bias tape really does add a beautiful extra touch on an already beautiful dress.

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