AFS happenings #1

I’ve been hard at work on a lot of things behind the scenes to, hopefully, make my life better and easier.  Today, I thought I would just pop in with a post and tell you all what I’ve been up to.


In a moment of quiet desperation, I decided that my personal sewing space needed a new lease on life. I changed the entire set-up, reorganized fabrics and junked about 3 giant garbage bags of scraps and other funny, weird stuff I just didn’t need. We’ve still got several things to go through, but workflow is way better and my space feels more zen. yeah.


In keeping with my sewing space effieciency program, I decided to go through my ever growing UFO pile. It’s desolation is near! I junked a whole bunch of items that will never get finished and then I kept things that I thought would be good to finish and finishing them I am! This here is a pencil skirt that’s almost done. Pretty sure you’ll see it soon!


Another McCall’s 6649. Another Liberty of London Lawn – this one I officially planned to never cut because I love it that much, but now I’m wearing it! Yay! Then I reverse engineered McCall’s 6649 into sloper form and. made. myself. an. official. sloper!!!!! More on this to come on this!


I’m working on official Sewing Room curriculum that give you all my tips and tricks for specific workshops. Almost finished up with my Classic Shirt handout. Exciting times for the Sewing Room!

What’s going on with you? Do you have a sloper? What about a UFO pile? Did 2015 bring a much needed breath of fresh air to inspire you to rearrange your sewing space?


17 thoughts on “AFS happenings #1

  1. What a gorgeous shirt! Excellent choice for the fabric.
    And well done on going through your UFO pile and being honest about what is not ever going to get finished. I think I might need to do the same.

  2. Oh Sunni, that fabric us gorgeous. I gave a one make, one fix policy that seems to work well. It means after every item I finish, I go to the mending pile and fix something. It’s pretty satisfying! I told myself that I go to a lot of trouble to start a project and finishing/fixing it is more instantly gratifying than starting again!
    Looking forward to your shirt handout. I’ve been making some tutorials as a way of putting my shirt techniques into words too – on my site if you’re interested?

  3. Love the pencil skirt! What did you use for the waistband–it looked like a stretchy braid. My UFO pile is EMBARASSING, and a reorganization would only happen when I decide I no longer need a bed in my bedroom. But meanwhile, I DO have a pants sloper that I copied off an old pair and have made about 6 times.

    Love your blog. Very inspirational!
    Nancy N

  4. Love the liberty Sunni! I had a sloper made for me as part of the process of sewing my wedding dress. It was the best sewing decision I could have made! I can attack any style with confidence, and actually enjoy all the mathsy dart triangulation etc…

  5. I love the Liberty blouse! Yesterday I thought about getting rid of all my UFO’s that I know I will never finish. AND a bunch of fabric that falls into the “what was I thinking” category. Today it’s a “go”!!!! 🙂

  6. I do enjoy cleaning out the cupboards and finding treasures to finish (and duds to dump). In an ’emergency sew’, I finally cut into My Precious and made a dress I wore as often as was humanly possible last summer. It’s a jump to cut the beloved yardage (fear of failing the perfection is very high), but 9 times out of ten it means I can spend more time appreciating the beauty. And yes, that blouse is beautiful!

  7. LOVE the fabrics of your projects! That icy violet skirt — lovely. And of course, the Liberty is stunning.

    I actually just revamped my sewing room, too. We have a spare room, and when we moved into our home we’d set up a queen-sized bed as a guest room. We haven’t hosted enough guests to make it a really worthwhile use of the space, though, so about two weeks ago I got a bee in my bonnet to do something different. I took out the bed, painted the room, and am working on organizing my sewing supplies in there. I have a vintage sewing desk and a bookshelf, plus closet space and various tubs. I put in a loveseat so my kiddos can watch DVDs in there (or *I* can, if I’m sewing by myself). It’s definitely a more functional room for our family now.

  8. I really need to get some basic slopers down for myself. I think reverse engineering one actually makes more sense for me! p.s. SERIOUSLY LOVING the minty star/floral combo you have going on in that last photo!

  9. I’ve been telling myself that I should get back to sewing again. I’ve been distracted by my quilting & knitting projects. This shirt makes me want to sew something nice for spring. In Liberty Lawn!

  10. Your new shirt looks gorgeous and a sloper sounds so exciting! I really want to get one done this year, but first I *need* to finish the panelled skirt which has been sitting on my floor in a sad, half finished state for over a week.

  11. a good old tidy up just makes you feel bright and breezy ready to take on a new challenge. I too have had a tidy up, so liberating!
    I totally love the liberty, thats enough to brighten any day.

  12. Would someone please tell me what a “sloper” is? I see it everywhere and I can’t find a definition. I even have a sloper pattern from Vogue and I still don’t get it. Is it a muslin of a garment?

    1. Hi BeckyLee!
      A sloper is a basic pattern. In the most simplest terms it’s a sewing pattern without seam allowances and it’s used as a base to manipulate and create other sewing patterns from. This is a great topic of discussion so I’ll try to work up a post about it. Hopefully this helps clarify a bit!

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