Hear Me Talk About Stuff + Upcoming Shop Event

Several weeks ago, Corinne of The Sewing Affair ever so kindly invited me to be on her ongoing podcast. If you don’t know anything about Corinne, you should hop on over to her blog and get to know her! She’s delightful to talk to and was very gracious as a host as I rambled on and on and on. She’s starting up a sewing studio in Canada where it looks like she’ll be teaching others how to sew. That is very exciting! Anything to keep the sewing bug alive eh? Yay!

You’re in for a long haul if you listen to the podcast featuring me. Oh boy! I’m such a rambler and that’s exactly what I did. Ramble, ramble, ramble. But hopefully there are some grains of interest there. Ha! Hop on over and have a listen.

In the podcast, I talk a bit about how hard its been for me to combine my world of blogging with my world of being a brick and mortar shop owner. People, I can’t have two separate personalities anymore! So, even if you don’t live here in Utah, you’re still going to be in the know about local events surrounding my shop. This blog is a huge part of who I am. Something that I’ve felt was too sacred to let the brick and mortar shop intrude upon! But this is silly thinkin and now the shop is becoming a huge part of my life too. So, without further rambling…..we’re having a shop event at the end of September! Yay! If you live in SLC, Utah or think you might be here for a visit, it would be worth your while to stop on in.


The September Soiree will kickstart our Autumn Sale event. It’s an after hours party + sale. Yay! We’re excited about it. We had a little something like this back in February which was quite fun and now that its the best time of the year, its time to have another party. Not to mention, its just fun to sew for fall and if I do say so myself, we have a beautiful fall here in Utah. So if you can, be there or be square! Look for our contact and address info, here.

If you’re looking for an online shop sale, don’t worry! That’s coming up too! I’ll spill the beans for that in the ensuing weeks.

Happy Monday Everyone!


6 thoughts on “Hear Me Talk About Stuff + Upcoming Shop Event

  1. For all of us working at school district folk you’re so smart to do this on the 25th! Angela and I are coming!!!! She doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll be there!!!

  2. Sunni you are so inspiring! Loved your podcast.
    For someone who is intoverted first you absolutely wow and amaze with your ability to be such a classy extrovert.
    Looking forward to your event!

  3. So glad you did the podcast – am going to listen right now! Do blog about the shop too – I’m fascinated to hear more about the shop, both events & behind the scenes.

  4. pretty Sunni,
    I LOVED hearing you. and I totally super support your idea of online classes and such. You know, I was listening to you talking and I thought I would suggest you do something like that. 5 minutes later and you mentioned it. So, I would for sure be one of your students. 🙂

    I really liked your insights about a lot of the subjects you two talked about.
    Just great!

    wish you a fabulous soiree,

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