Back to Business as Usual

Friends, thank you for your sweet sentiments in my last post. I needed a break. A good long break. It’s not been without some serious heartache and soul searching – boy, there was a lot of soul searching in there – and it was ultimately much needed. For quite some time, I’ve felt that my priorities were out of whack and it took a real slap in the head to remember exactly what those priorities are. My love for a physical shop was proving, well rather destructive as I seemed to be loving it over everything else in my life. It’s been loved and cared for above myself and above my marriage. I think owning a physical store has a huge time commitment tied in with it. I mean of course it does! Unfortunately I’ve felt that I am the only one capable of doing so many things at the shop – something needs to be done, well I’ll do it myself! You know, that feeling where no one else could do it quite like you and so its just easier for you to do it yourself. Yeah, I’ve felt a lot of that lately and its silly because I have a marvelous staff of ladies who help me run this little burgeoning business and I also have a pretty fantastic mister who comes in pretty handy pretty much all the time. Another thing I’ve learned – I don’t tell these wonderful people how wonderful they are often enough. We’re working on that part. I’m working on that part.

I’m also working on the part about myself. Trusting myself and my instincts again. That will take time and I still have more soul searching to do, but I’m feeling much more confident day by day.


Anyway, speaking of getting back to business, the online shop is now back open! Happy day! There’s still a few things out of stock, but not worry! They should all be back in stock within the next two weeks. Plus more fun new goodies on the way. Yay! And while I’m at it, thank you for your support of my online shop over the years and also for your support of me. Now, back to the good things in life, eh? Hip Hip Hooray!


8 thoughts on “Back to Business as Usual

  1. Glad to see you back! Running your own business can absolutely take over everything, but it is great that you could recognized it and are now doing something about it! Take care of yourself, your husband and your employees and everything else will fall into place 🙂 We are all rooting for you!!!

  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! I hope you’ve found some time to relax despite your crazy schedule. I think it’s really hard to manage a staff of people- when I was promoted to a supervisor role at work, I didn’t want to delegate tasks to people because I didn’t want to be bossy. But letting other people do things and take responsibility helps them to grow and to get better at their jobs. I’m sure your employees would be so thrilled to take on more and it will help your relationship and your stress levels. 🙂

  3. Little pretty Missy, let me tell you, you are certainly not alone in your getting caught up in things and kind of neglecting other things that are so very important in our lives. I think most of us do that; just some of us have the brains to realize and own it and others, well . . . selfish thoughts consume them. Hugs, Doris

  4. I think it’s very wise to use these feelings of being overwhelmed for a soul search. You didn’t take much of a break, so I guess you still have a big dose of feeling like things need doing. And they do, but it’s smart to let people help. Glad you are back, but take care of you and your life. Nothing is more important, really, even when it feels like it is.

  5. Dearest Sunni, I was only marginally concerned when you announced your little break. Somewhat like resetting a clock that has gone off the correct time after a power outage, it can be done, the correct buttons need to be pushed and you have to know the correct time when you reset it! (believe it or not that analogy just popped into my wee head) Anyway, you are a very smart and talented person, your work ethic and skills will support you in your decisions and help you to reach your goals. However, you knew there would be a however, right? However, you must learn to read your tipping points when burning a candle at both ends. When you identify that, and reset your personal clock you will soon discover just how talented you really are. Bless you and best of luck. (by the way, I have been there, have burnt out and survived twice, it can be done)

  6. Best of luck getting centered and prioritizing. It’s hard work, running a business and maintaining some sort of outside life! Every day is a challenge to keep things running and remember to enjoy it at the same time. I try to remember the reason I started my business in the first place, when things get tough, and usually that helps. Think of how much you love fabric, and how every day you get to share your love of fabric and sewing with people that ‘get’ how cool making stuff is. Good luck! You’re not alone in having these feelings 🙂

  7. I know how difficult letting ourselves trust others to do as good a job as we believe we will do, especially when the job is as personal as it is for you. Good luck and welcome back!

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