Portrait of the seamstress as a young lass


It’s my birthday today. Oh my goodness, I’m 32. That’s me above, when I was 5 – my first day of kindergarten, wearing one of my favorite sweaters exploding in small white hearts. I have a soft spot for fabrics with hearts, rainbows or strawberries (and that was totally a strawberry necklace you saw me wear yesterday!) – that’s definitely the 80s kid in me. Most definitely. I think my mom digs hearts too because you can see lots of hearts behind me on that wall (photo above). So definitely an 80s childhood and genetic thing.

It’s been an exciting and fun last few years. Gosh, I’ve had a blog for a long time. Like for as long as I’ve been married and that’s been 6 years! It’s been wonderful meeting you – in real life and online – and its been such a wonderful outlet to be able to write here and share what I do with you. I’ve been through a lot of stuff and you’ve been right there with me: lame day job, transitioning to a burgeoning online shop, tailor’s hams and seam roll sets (which I don’t make anymore, sad…), taking on the challenge of owning a real life store, a dress that nearly claimed my life and lots and lots of other sewing fun.

I’m excited for what this year will bring for me. Can’t believe I’m 32. Its interesting to see what life has in store for you which may or may not be what you have in store for yourself. Roll with the punches, right? Here’s to living a full life! Yay! And surrounding yourself with those you love – and that includes you, dear readers!

I’m off to eat homemade hamburgers and fries (yes, I’m a total garbage gut, yessssss) and begging my husband for that pair of shoes that I’ve been drooling over for weeks. I mean, you’re only 32 once right? Hip Hip Hooray!


27 thoughts on “Portrait of the seamstress as a young lass

  1. Happy Birthday!! I have so enjoyed reading your blog for the past few years (I think I came in around year 4) and have been inspired by your passion, courage, perseverance and, of course, your style! I hope you have a fabulous day, you deserve it πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Birthday Sunni! You have done amazing things and we have loved reading about them! I still have a sleeve roll and tailors ham you made and I use them almost everytime I sew. I’d love to see you’re store one day but its a long way from the UK!

    I hope that husband spoils you today xxxxx

  3. Oh my goodness, it’s my birthday today too! πŸ™‚ Happiest Birthday dear Sunni! Enjoy your day, eat all the things, and I speak from experience as a now 36 year old, 32 is a great year. Thanks for everything you share with us!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday! You can’t believe you are 32? LOL! I just had a birthday a couple of months ago, and I can’t believe I’m 63! Enjoy your life, it will seem so short when you get to my age. You were and are such a cutie!

  5. Yay, happy birthday from a fellow April baby! (I’m next Thursday, woot.) And how holy stinking cute are you as a kidlet! Cheers to 32 for you, and hoping the next year brings lots of great challenges and fun.

  6. A very happiest of birthdays to you, Dear!! I hope this year is your most spectaculous one yet. You have a whole lotta things to be proud of so far. Keep it up πŸ™‚

  7. Happy birthday Sunni! You are also an April lady like myself. You have the loveliest hair color! I have been following your adventures since 2010 and I am very proud of your endeavors! To many more happy years

  8. No wonder I like your blog so much — we share a birthday. Studies show that the best people are born on 4-4. Hope you had a great day!

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