I see your silk peau de soie and raise you DUCK DYNASTY!


I totally don’t get why more people don’t want to sew. I mean what is double faced wool, or Liberty of London Tana Lawn or exquisite silk crepe de chine to Duck Dynasty cotton prints? These are the things that dreams are made of. Rednecked, bearded camo men. I have to hand it to Hancock Fabrics – this was brilliant. Brilliant. It just landed in my mailbox yesterday and all I can say is, I hope there’s still some left. It’s not as if any of us really wanted a Hancock or Joann full of beautiful natural fibered cloths/fabrics anyway. This is definitely what we all want. Right….RIGHT?….(I hope my sarcasm isn’t too blatant. A little over the top maybe?)



23 thoughts on “I see your silk peau de soie and raise you DUCK DYNASTY!

  1. I am so glad to see someone say what I say all the time. WHY will JoAnns and Hancock not carry the fabrics we are asking for? Thanks for voicing that.

  2. I love Duck Dynasty! But a fabric store is not exactly where I would expect to find Duck Dynasty related things! I’m pretty new to sewing (at least since high school, where I didn’t learn much) so it’s good to know that my inability to find fabrics I love from JoAnns and similar stores is not entirely on me.

  3. They have to sell to the highest common denominator, they’re the fabric store equivalent of Walmart. They cater to people who need cheep fabric while they’re learning or want to cloth their family in hardy clothing but can’t afford to buy good stuff on the high street.

    If I’m honest, I used to be jealous of stores like that when I was first starting out. I wanted cheep fabric that I could afford to ruin (because most of the time I would).

    I don’t know about the rest of the UK, but in all the places I’ve lived in/visited the fabric shops have been small, family run ones that have really come into their own since I’ve gotten better at making stuff. There are 5 within walking distance of my house. 🙂

  4. Oh, my gosh, that is just too funny. I think they are going for tongue-in-cheek humor.
    I do hear you though about not having enough places that carry good fabric. Even though I am fairly new to sewing, life is just too short to sew on bad fabric (fine silks are still out of my experience range although I have a few fabulous pieces just waiting).
    I saw the yarn world really turn around when knitting became popular and I bet we will see the same trend for fabric as garment sewing becomes popular again.

  5. I too received my circular from Hancocks and what another disappointment. I have not yet ventured into the store but I can already envision the entire row of bolts of ‘Duck Dynasty’, pair that with more Fleece than the law should allow, throw in the endless rows of craft supplies and it has now very little ‘real’ fabric. We also have a Joann’s locally and while they are a little better I long for a great fabric store, full of silks,crepe de chine, wools of all colors and prints, maybe throw in some wonderful linens. I live near the 27th largest city in the US,Louisville Ky, and they are no better off. I long for the days of Baer Fabrics, it’s three story building was filled with beautiful fabrics, laces, notions, everything that you needed was there.

  6. I won’t be making anything out of it, but with Christmas coming, I bet it will sell. However, I just ordered some samples from Vogue Fabric in Chicago. Can’t wait for those.

  7. Hey, at least you have someplace local where you can buy zippers. The nearest fabric store to me (~90 miles away) caters exclusively to quilters, so they have no garment-construction notions whatsoever. I’m so glad so much is available over the Internet these days. 15 years ago, I was just out of luck if I couldn’t salvage fabric or notions from old garments.

  8. It’s the equivalent of the Von Trapp children dressed in curtain cloth, I guess.

    Horrid. I was in Joann’s this weekend looking for something for Halloween and they also were featuring a rack of camo prints…..they feel like nothing you want on your body. I wonder if the general populace has forgotten what good cloth feels like on the body. Have people forgotten what a treat it is when skin meets silk or buttery voile?

  9. I had to go back and look at my flyer because I didn’t remember seeing it, but it was there. Just shows how good I am at blocking out anything beneath the words “fleece sale”.

    Hey, at least they are using camo as it was intended – to blend in with their surroundings.

  10. I thought the exact same thing when I saw my flyer. Although I think you missed the satin camo print a bit further in. Because that’s what teenage girls dream of for homecoming/prom.

  11. I don’t have a Hancock’s anywhere near me so I guess my duck dynasty camo formal wear line will never come to fruition.

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