Off the Beaten Path

I decided just the other day that I wanted to join in the Fall for Cotton Sewing Challenge, hosted by Rochelle and Tasha. This is an interesting challenge for me because for about a year now, I’ve been creating a wardrobe that doesn’t really involve a lot of vintage style. I love vintage, don’t get me wrong, but at the same time its hard for me to not feel like I’m in costume when I wear vintage get-up. For me, the 70s and 80s are where its at. Keeping that in mind and the idea of my Everyday Wardrobe, I searched my pattern stash for a suitable “Sunni” pattern. Amidst a few of my grandma’s old patterns I found one. Vogue 2902.

Pierre Balmain anyone? The pattern isn’t dated, but I’m pretty sure this is a pattern from the 70s. We’ve got the illustrated model in that popular mustard color and she’s wearing platforms (a throw back to the 40s, you know) to boot. Its a pretty lovely pattern and from what I can tell, it was made by my grandma though maybe for a daughter because someone chopped off a lot of length from the skirt. Someone likes em short!!

Anyway, pattern’s traced and I’m about to mock up a muslin. The other challenge and possibly even more challenging part about Fall for Cotton is actually using 100% cotton fabric. I searched through the stash and though I have several great possible fabric options for this pattern, none were 100% cotton. So I went in search of some suitable cottons and found this army green cotton flannel. I’ve wanted a flannel dress for some time now. I’m excited to say that this will not only be everyday wearable, but also warm! Yesss! I freeze to death when it starts getting cold and so looking in the closet and actually seeing something warm to put on will be a win.

Any of you doing Fall for Cotton? What are your thoughts on vintage? Do a we need a little 70s resurgence here or what? Happy Weekend Everyone!


25 thoughts on “Off the Beaten Path

  1. I can’t wait to see how this dress turns out. I actually have a few really cute (to me at least) 70’s patterns but I haven’t made them up yet. I may have to share the photos of those patterns – they are pretty neat. Maybe this could be the start of a new theme?? I think Tilly was working on a 70’s pattern recently?

  2. Sunni, nothing is as classy as the older Vintage patterns! Ooh la la! Luv them! You and Gretchen…………so cool clever young’ens! Keep them coming. Doris

  3. I love 70s patterns and am all for a resurgence! That flannel dress looks so cozy! I’ve been thinking of flannel dresses all august, I might have to make one now that it’s almost fall.

  4. I have felt a strangely forceful attraction to 70s fashion as of late. Palazzo pants are only one of the greatest inventions ever. And the 70s and 80s are technically vintage now, so really you’re right on the money for the challenge!

  5. I love 70’s vintage! Of course, I am of that era so to me it is not that old.. HeHeHe.. I am also participating in Sewing for Cotton challenge, making something for my daughter, and I was so sure that she would select the late 60’s early 70’s style, but much to my surprise she has found a 1958 dress to fall in love with. Can’t wait to see your dress completed! I love flannel and with the winter right around the corner it will be the perfect dress.

  6. Ooh! I love that green! I’m excited to see how it turns out! I’m doing Fall for Cotton, too, and I try to walk a fine line with vintage sewing. I love vintage clothing and patterns, but aim for a “classic” look rather than “vintage”. I picked a modern pattern with vintage fabric.
    And I think the 70’s are growing on me.

  7. Oh, that will be gorgeous! I love the idea of a flannel dress, but living in Texas it just wouldn’t be terribly practical. I might wear it once a year if I went somewhere cold. Beautiful color though, should look wonderful on you.

  8. It’s so nice to see I’m not the only one who loves 70’s fashion. It seems like most people prefer the 50’s but for me it’s all about the late 60’s through the 70’s. that pattern is great and it will be so cozy in that flannel!

  9. I do think vintage later than the 50s isn’t getting the recognition it deserves, but maybe it’ll come in to fashion later? I’m kind of in love with 60s/70s clothing at the moment (as well as steampunk, which makes an interesting combination).

  10. I’ so happy to have you join us, Sunni! I love that you’re making a 70’s dress, and in a gorgeous color flannel no less! I also love that you’re embracing this as a challenge and thinking outside the box with your fabric and pattern choice 🙂 That’s the spirit!

    I can’t wait to see your finished dress. xo

  11. I also just recently found out about the Fall into Cotton sewalong and am hoping to join up – provided I can figure out a pattern + fabric in my stash combo that I’d be excited about. My problem isn’t having 100% cotton fabrics, but ones that work for fall. My cottons are mostly spring/summer-oriented. If it had been a Fall for Wool sewalong I’d be set! I start gravitating away from cotton and towards wool this time of year. I’m very curious to see how your dress turns out, cotton flannel is not something I’ve associated with regular clothing before, but if it works it seems like a great and cozy notion!

  12. OOH, flannel dress! That’s awesome! I’m embarrassed to admit I read this post on my phone when we were on vacation then forgot to come back to comment. But that “OOH flannel dress!” was the first thing I thought of then, too. lol I think it seems like a GREAT match with that pattern, which is totally you. Fun and vintage, but still completely works for the modern, everyday wardrobe you’ve been cultivating. And cozy and perfect for fall in that fabric. I can’t wait to see the result!

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