This is another Tyler shirt. Compared to jackets (and I’ve been on a jacket kick for sometime) shirts whip up in no time, so you get a double whammy this week! As I was going along I made some spontaneous changes to the pattern. This is a silk print crepe de chine from Yellow Bird Fabrics. Its so gorgeous I think and its one of those types of colorways that goes with just about everything. Its unbelievably comfortable too. It’s been sometime since I owned a silk shirt and this one is just amazingly wonderful to wear. Chic – check, simple to wear and care – check, goes with everything – check! By the way, I have no qualms when it comes to cleaning my own garments the only exception being coats and tailored jackets.

Again, the print camouflages the raglan sleeve, but its there. I opted not to add the collar, just the collar stand resulting in a mandarin collar shirt. I like this option quite a bit for a silk shirt because otherwise the collar ends up flopping about like a fish out of water. I hate that. Additionally, I chopped off the sleeve length, widened the cuffs and just raised the cuff treatment to my elbow instead of my wrist. Kind of a poet style sleeve. Ended up looking rather marvelous with the fabric choice if I do say so myself. All in all, no major changes really. I did do pink buttons though. As I’ve stated several times, my stash is overflowing and since this fabric was in the stash and so were the buttons, I went for it.

I also made the skirt here and excuse me if I say that red is really hard to photograph. I know this thing looks photoshopped, but it ain’t. Its quite electric red. Not quite that electric in real life, but I’ll admit it is a bright orangey red. I made the skirt at the beginning of summer and just haven’t put it up here on the blog yet. Its Kwik Sew 3278 – a simple a-line skirt with welt pockets. The whole reason I bought the pattern was for the welt pockets because being a connoisseur of such details, I find it interesting to see how pockets measure up against each other, you know for science and all that. This pattern was worth it for the welts. They were breezy to construct. Additionally, you’ll notice that I left out the button down center front. I did this because first I didn’t want to mess with the buttons and second because button up skirts can tend to show more skin than feels comfortable. I mean you can wear a slip but well, you know. I just didn’t want to bother with it. Actually were I to do it with the buttons, I would make it a faux button front that is stitched closed and include a side or back zip. The skirt is made from some cotton/linen blend from Yellow Bird as well (can I say, I’m apart of the Yellow Bird Sewing Network???) and its fully lined in rayon lining. Pretty straight forward really, but its an easy piece to wear. So easy.

Actually I made two of these skirts with a 3rd cut out and ready to sew too. They are kind of a below the natural waist style and since the pattern didn’t include a contoured waistband, I ended up having to alter that a bit to get it to be contoured. End result is really comfortable and easy to wear. I also like the fact that this skirt isn’t really really a-line or not enough a-line. Its just right. Really, such a great pattern with that tweaking of the waistband.

Last thing, but I wanted to point out that my entire outfit is completely Everyday Wardrobe friendly. Again, this is very important to me as you know because I’ve been down that road of making too many dresses that go with high heeled shoes. Dresses aren’t bad at all, but I’m very careful about making dresses that are more casual or can be worn with flats now because I’ve gotten rid of nearly all of my heels. I still have a couple of pairs but they are for special occasions. I know I need to do more posts on the Everyday Wardrobe, but this idea has completely revolutionized my life and my closet. I actually have items to grab now for everyday wear that look great. So refreshing!

I still think I need one more Tyler shirt. Maybe two. I still have several cuts of Liberty I could potentially choose from and I think I do need a solid colored one too, just to show off the raglan. Are you a Tyler convert yet?


41 thoughts on “Tyleretta

  1. Oh I love that shirt! Clever idea with the mandarin collar. Does the raglan help with the arm movement? I find that shirts with conventional set in sleeves can sometimes restrict my arm movement. That fabric was a perfect choice! x

  2. That print is absolutely stunning!!! Love the changes to the top. I do prefer a 3/4 sleeve myself, otherwise I’m just rolling my sleeves up. Nice basic skirt as well. I’d love to see the top paired with a bright yellow skirt!

  3. I love the way you’ve done the collar on this shirt. I keep seeing so many great shirt patterns around, but I hate collars, so this would be the perfect solution.

  4. I loved the Tyler shirt, I want to try a shirt with raglan sleeves, but the idea of getting a pdf pattern AND have to trace it, is putting me off… The reason why I buy pdf patterns is because I absolutely hate to trace patterns, ha! I might buy this pattern anyway, then just print it several times to cut the pieces separately… but is such a waste of paper, I know I feel guilty about it…

  5. I love that bright red against your pale skin! Both of them glow. And the blouse should be a real workhorse in your wardrobe, too ( a pinto? Hard to tell if the print is just splotches of gray, or if it’s a giant botanical). I, too, often opt to go with only a collar stand. In my case, it’s out of laziness — a few less steps to perform if I leave off the collar. Collar stand-only also visually lengthens my short, fat neck.

  6. The print of your Tyler blouse is stunning and I love the changes you made to make it work for you and the fabric. Fabulous skirt, too, you have me heading to check out several links. I like your idea about everyday wardrobe, as I have dresses that tend to go unworn. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  7. This shirt is so special, I love the print and can hardly imagine how beautiful it is in silk! Thanks for introducing this pattern company! They have such a cool look – I don’t know if I’m stylish enough for these – but I love to see a real alternative to the vintage look that has permeated home sewing.

  8. Very, very nice outfit! love the shirt!!! so elegant and yet so wearable. I am curious on how you drafted the contourde waistband for the skirt. Any chance you could share that with us? thank you 🙂

  9. I usually don’t comment ,and I don’t have my own blog to push, but you are such a good sewing resource, please,please don’t do another Liberty print shirt ! I’d like to see your techniques for an eye pleasing match up on a raglan or dolman sleeve plaid jacket or coat , or how about a shirt in chiffon for a change ? And then you can show how to make a great cami for underneath it as well …..How about the basics made in more unconventional fabrics , there’s all these sweatshirts shapes out there made in sheers , in wovens , and in meshes , how about one of them for technique ? I don’t think there are many fabrics these days that are excluded from a daily wardrobe when I am seeing sequins and studs on everyday wear . Please experiment a little ,okay ?

  10. Thank you for the skirt recommendation! I just wrote a post whining about my own inability to find the motivation to sew daily wear wardrobe pieces; though, I find myself wishing that I had more in my closet. It’s nice to see which patterns are working for other sewers and also to see them used as outfit components in combination with sewn garments.

  11. i love this outfit! the fabric on the blouse is beautiful, and no doubt will easily go with many things. i certainly appreciate useful garments in great fabrics to make everyday dressing a little fun! if i hadn’t already fallen for the grainline archer i would definitely give this a try. then again, your versions of the tyler are making me think i should branch out a little… the raglan sleeve certainly has me curious!

  12. I absolutely love this blouse! The silk de chine is beautiful & I really think the pink buttons make it perfect.

    Seriously tempted to try the Tyler after seeing yours.

  13. Oh love this shirt. It’s just fab.

    I kind of liked the last one you made but this one tipped me into the wanting to have a go at it camp.

  14. I’m loving this shirt. The colors and contrast buttons are amazing. That skirt is pretty awesome too. I might have to take a look at this pattern. I really like the raglan sleeves.

  15. I love this outfit, but especially the blouse! It actually reminds me of a silk blouse, cream background with a purple design similar to this fabric, that my mom had handmade for me in China way back in about 1989. I still have it, but can’t wear it any more. Now that I sew, you’ve given me the idea of trying to re-create it!

  16. Love the pink buttons. I almost never think about doing fun things with buttons on my clothes, but you have given me some great ideas for the future.

  17. You’ve totally converted me with your collarless version- this is definitely something I would wear! I’ve never sewn anything with a collar stand so I didn’t realise that it could double as a Mandarin collar. That doubled with the raglan sleeves (also a big fan) means Tyler has got my attention!!

  18. Yep, this has totally converted me! I’m not much of a collared shirt kinda gal, but this is definitely something I’d wear. I’ve never sewn a collar with a stand before so I didn’t realise that you could also use it for a Mandarin collar. That, coupled with the raglan sleeves (also a big fan) mean Tyler has got my attention!!

    And double win that it gets the Everyday Wardrobe seal of approval 🙂

  19. Oooh, I love the pattern on this shirt, the sleeve length, and the stand up mandarin collar. Just popped in for my first visit via Project Sewn, and have added myself to your fan base on bloglovin’. I’ve got some fun plaid in my stash and will be referring back to your working with plaid posts. Thanks bunches.

    PS Shoes do really make the outfit, don’t they…thinking about the post with the sea of shoes around that cute blue dress.

  20. You have sold me on the Tyler! I love the Archer shirt pattern, and I was thinking one shirt pattern was enough, but then I was all like, raglan sleeves? More sleek fitting? Two Marvellous versions made by Sunni? Sold.

  21. Sunni I would love to make the coat pattern from Named. Was just peeking in the latest InStyle and this boxy coat with a colorblocked bottom would be pretty cool. InStyle featured houndstooth bottom panel and camel main. Was really cute.

  22. Wow, this looks so different from your previous version! This pattern looks so versatile! I love the skirt, too– it’s a great shape, and the red is amazing!

  23. I love, love the outfit but truly the skirt has won me over. Both the color and shape are wonderful everyday wardrobe choices for me! Would you consider a post on how you created the waistband?

    The Tyler is tempting, mainly cause it looks great on you! I’ve never done an FBA on a raglan sleeved top but I’m thinking the battle is on!

  24. Sunni, you talked a bit about how the construction of the welt pockets was great on this skirt patter. Is there a way you could either show pictures of the steps the instructions gave for these welt pockets so I could see what the difference is between your skirt pattern and one I have. That way I will be able to see if it is worth it to go buy another pattern just for the welt pocket instructions. I am currently learning how to make welt pockets and love to see different ways of insertion.

  25. I LOVE this skirt and the shirt is absolutely to die for! I’ve not seen the pattern before (I really need to investigate Named patterns, it seems…!), but I will certainly be looking out for it now!

  26. I love your entire outfit. The Tyler shirt is beautiful in a print, too, and I love the bright red skirt. It had me going through the Kwik Sew drawer at Joann the other day, although they didn’t have it in stock.

  27. Sunni, this entire outfit looks fabulous on you! I love it!! It’s such a sophisticated look, while still being casual enough for everyday wear, as you mentioned. I need more pieces like this in my own closet… better get crackin’!

  28. Love your version of this blouse! I’m currently working on my own Tyler blouse, I didn’t even think that using just the collar stand would have such a nice mandarin look. I’m kind of obsessed with Named at the moment, so looking forward to seeing your next few Tylers 🙂

  29. I really appreciate the way you taught a tricky task with easy description and illustrative demonstration. I have been looking for something like this for so long, but I finally find it on your blog. Your help meant a lot to me thank you dear.

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