Friday Favorites 6.14.13

I can’t believe its already June around here, can you? Where did 2013 already go? Sheesh! I’ve been slaving away in my sewing room – no seriously, slaving away. Here’s a small result of my efforts this past week. I’ve been working my way through Janet Pray’s Craftsy class and I’m pretty excited to share my review of the class with you…next week. Sometimes I swear, when I learn new techniques its like before I learned it, I was living in the dark ages of sewing. I’ll talk more about it on Monday.

Today, and every few Fridays from now on (notice I said few, meaning not every Friday), I’ll be doing a link roundup. I know I used to do “Stitching Spotlights,” but I’ve been wanting to change the format up and so I just did. There’s always so much going on in the online sewing world that, really, its just not fair if it doesn’t get more link love from someone and whenever my favorite bloggers round up links on their blog, I always find fascinating new blogs to read and sewing circles to participate in. So here goes:

Project Sewn. People, this was awesome. If you didn’t catch Project Sewn, then head on over and take a look at season one. I found some new stylin sewing bloggers (Sophie from Cirque du Bebe being one – this girl is on fire!!!) and I was totally impressed with the creations, the amazing sewing and it was just plain old fabulous.

Ummmmm…..if you are living in a cave, then you haven’t heard of the new bombshell swimsuit pattern put out by Closet Case Files. It’s totally bombed the sewing sphere (in a good way) and its totally time you all tried your hand at a swimsuit. They are really fun to make and they sew up fast and easy. This reminds me, I still need to show you my green polka dot swimsuit from last year….

Have you seen the latest By Hand London pattern offering? Its a marvelously modern jacket. I’ll admit that while I didn’t totally get into the Elisalex dress and Charlotte skirt, I am all over this pattern. It’s so rad! I want it NOW!

I hope y’all are participating in Karen’s Pajama Party. I am. I already purchased the Tofino pattern (speaking of minx, that Tasia and her patterns) and I’ve already made 4 pj pants. Yup. It’s seriously that great. I was skeptical about another pj pant pattern, but if you’ve tried as many pj pant patterns as I have, and then you try your hand at the Tofino, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Have you seen Thread Theory patterns? They are men’s sewing patterns that boast some lovely classic, yet sleek designs. They have one pattern out at the moment, with 3 more coming soon. Seriously spectacular, considering the sad state that is men’s sewing patterns these days.

That’s all for this episode of Friday Favorites. Do you have any links that you would like to share? Any fun sewing patterns or online sewing news that we should know about? Leave ’em in the comments! Have a great weekend everyone!


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 6.14.13

  1. I can’t wait to hear about that Craftsy class, it definitely caught my eye when it was released! And thanks for the links — I always find something new or that I missed 🙂

  2. My husband has got his eye on that Thread Theory cardigan you’ve pictured. It’s the first thing he’s even shown an interest in me making for him. I’ve just got to find some decent fabric that he approves of!

  3. About the Bombshell Swimsuit– everyone and their mother has blogged it. And they should; it’s so pretty and figure-flattering, and it was launched at just the right time! I don’t go to the beach often, but I might make the effort if I sew up a pretty swimsuit…

  4. Thanks for sharing these links. I love learning about new people and sites. I’m also interested in hearing about the Craftsy class.

  5. I’m intrigued by the By Hand London jacket, but the absence of technical drawings on the their site is problematic for me. I cannot tell if its a pattern that would work for my body or not, so this is one indie pattern I won’t be able to do. It’s a cute make, but just impossible to see the sewing lines in that flamingo print!

  6. Hi Sunni!
    Great post – I love your links. Just bought the men’s shaw cardigan from Threads in Canada. Also, I am going to buy the pajama pants – those are fantastic! BTW, I just took your craftsy zipper class and loved it. Posted a review on about how fantastic it was. Pam

  7. There’s so much cool stuff happening out there! I’m so excited about the thread theory cardigan, which my husband desperately needs, and the swimsuit, which I really don’t need, but sure want!

  8. Fabulous idea! Maybe you can make it a section on the left side of your blog so we could click on it and get to all the links. Otherwise they get buried and hard to retrieve later when the urge strikes.

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