Back to the Business of Sewing: the Robson Trench

I know I’ve promised a lot of stuff lately and I’m still planning to deliver, but as I juggle several balls at the moment, I’ve been simply aching to tackle the Robson Trench. Tasia does it again! I swear this girl is building a wardrobe of patterns for the Everyday Wardrobe. Everyday wearable, chic, classic, feminine patterns. And since its been unusually cold here in Utah lately, but yet not cold enough to warrant a full on winter coat, you could say that I’m in dire need of a coat like this.

So the Robson is on my sewing table at the moment. I went to the 40% off sale at Designer’s Resource (another local fabric store that specializes in home dec) and scored a pretty fabulous charcoal grey super fine wool. Its a suiting weight and seriously, the perfect color for a trench. Am I right? Woot, woot! I’ve got buttons coming and I’ve decided to line my version (I plan to show a tutorial on this) and I’ll show you my progress as I work on this coat. I expect it will be a fairly quick sew because I’ve sewn several jackets lately – so many jackets! I think I could make a jacket in my sleep at this point! Ha!

What’s on your sewing table this weekend? Any plans for a Robson in your future?


15 thoughts on “Back to the Business of Sewing: the Robson Trench

  1. Hey, I’m working on the Robson trench as well! πŸ™‚ Mine is going to be blue lace, though. Never mind that it’s way too warm now to consider trenches, I MUST HAVE.

  2. The Robson coat is playing in my mind at the moment. RTW trenches invariably have the belts in the wrong place and overlarge collars. I may have to succumb….

  3. Looking forward to the lining tutorial and those jacket tailoring techniques. Those were the main reasons i didn’t even consider this pattern. A trench coat without a lining is not something i would like to own. in general i like coats/jackets that have a bit of structure to them especially in the shoulder area. I am sure yours will turn out just perfect πŸ™‚

  4. The Robson coat is on my sewing table right now too! I’ve reached the home stretch, just need to set in my sleeves and then find buttons (probably the hardest part!) I’m making mine in a bluish-green cotton twill, with animal print bias tape. Looking forward to seeing your wool version, and the lining tutorial!

  5. Oh, I can’t wait to see this! Your coats are always fabulous. I need a trench coat, and I’m so torn – I have an old McCalls pattern that I’ve been dreaming of making for years, but the Robson is calling my name too…

  6. I can’t wait for this tutorial. This is a project I’ve never had the guts to attempt.

    This weekend is the final touches on my circa 1860’s walking dress to wear on Monday in the Pilgrimage to the Alamo. Well, just the petticoat actually and a gizmo I need to design to wear around my thigh to carry my keys and phone under my hoop skirt. And I need to hem hubby’s pants so he can wear his outfit as well to accompany us ladies in the parade.

  7. I can’t wait to see your finished coat. I’ve been on the fence about picking up this pattern. There are so many things I feel like I ought to make first but it seems like it’s just calling my name…

  8. I have just finished an afternoon/evening with my Robson Jacket (because I’ve shortened it so I can’t call it a coat). So far so good. However, I originally planned to make my own bias, but after today I’m off to the shop tomorrow to buy some πŸ™‚ Love that you are going to line your coat – I’ve just put an interlining on my. Looking forward to following your Robson.

  9. I’ve just picked up a trench pattern too! I love a pattern that accentuates the feminine waist. Love the idea of using suiting, and yes – perfect colour!

  10. The tiramisu dress is still on my table. I got the skirt done (in muslin first, it was huge! so I resized the pattern and cut it out again in the “real” fabric, which fits well). I made the top, and it came out skin tight, so I cut the next size up with a B cup instead of A, it is constructed except for the side seams, waiting for an afternoon where I have time to test the fit and attach to the skirt. Because I was testing the fit for top and bottom, I missed the construction part that said sew the side seams last, so my waist will be the last seam. Meantime the bias skirt has been hanging, doesn’t seem to have stretched much so should be ready for hemming.

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