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Sigh… I really hope you all had a wonderful holiday season (with just a little bit more around the corner, it being New Year’s and all)! I must have been super naughty this year as I received a pretty severe cold, cough and flu for Christmas. I contracted the flu virus from hell and was knocked flat in bed for, wait for it…..6 whole days! 6 whole days including Christmas! It was AWFUL! I’ve still got the after shocks going on – a little congestion, a little cough and a little fatigue. All in all though, I’m feeling so much better. Thank goodness! I had meant to put up a slew of holiday posts this year, but you know what they say about best laid plans. Oh well!

The mister and I were able to get out on Christmas day for a very very short walk. I was still feeling pretty crummy, but I managed to take a few snapshots in my cloudy half doped up on flu meds stupor. Those results are what you see here. A small bit of Christmas cheer, which is what I needed I think. Sickness aside, I wanted to chime in with a few New Year’s Sewing Resolutions! Yay!

I have had an amazing 2012! So many new and exciting opportunities came my way and I would be seriously rotten if I didn’t say that I wasn’t so happy to have participated in so many events and such. I was able to spread my wings a little and start teaching sewing locally, something that I truly love! The shop has really been hopping (we closed up for a bit, but the shop is now back up and running!). I also think I stretched myself with a few projects and even though I didn’t get as much sewing in as I wanted to this past year, that’s going to change this year.

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Speaking of change I wanted to forecast my own small sewing resolutions for 2013. I don’t like to overload my plate with too many resolutions that I know I’ll end up overwhelming myself with and not doing, but instead just like to make one or two that I feel I can handle. With that in mind, I’ve determined that this year will be the year of the pant! Or trousers, if you like. I have but two pairs of pants and I feel that I always find myself wanting to reach for a pair of pants on a daily basis. Don’t fret, I could never put aside my love for dresses and skirts, but I feel its time for pants to make a serious come back in my life. I plan to conquer several different styles and fits that I can turn to again and again when I need them.Β  Also tops! I’ll be tackling that basic button-up shirt this year for sure in addition to filling in my top (less) wardrobe.

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In addition, its also going to be a stash busting year. I’m overflowing with fabric and I feel its adding to a general sense of feeling constantly overwhelmed. I am determined to stash bust and get through a substantial portion of my stash this year. I find I am one of those people who generally have something very specific in mind when it comes to what I want to make next and funny enough, the fabric I want never seems to be in my stash. So I think if I do some stash busting and limit myself to how much fabric I can really have and store, I’ll be better able to make sound fabric purchasing decisions – only when I need to.

What are some of your 2013 sewing resolutions? Have you thought about something you are chomping at the bit to make? Ready to fill a gap in your wardrobe?

I truly do hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Have a very Happy New Year too – please be safe! Happy, Happy New Year! Let’s ring in 2013!


24 thoughts on “the Naughty List

  1. You poor thing! Glad to hear you’re feeling better though.
    I’ve got a plan for next year and that to sew something challenging and learn new techniques while doing it. I don’t know what I’ll sew just yet, but something that takes longer than a day or two.

    Happy new year! (And please feel welcome to participate in my giveaway.)

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, take it easy even now that you feel better! πŸ™‚

    My sewing resolutions for 2013 are fairly simple:
    1. Go on a fabric shopping diet. Not an embargo πŸ˜‰ , just a diet. I am giving myself a small monthly allowance and reasonably it will be used on notions because I have way more fabric that I know what to do with, especially at my current speed / skill level.
    2. Master the buttonhole! By that I mean the buttonholer attachment of my Singer 247. I am years away from buying a new machine, I love shirts and RTW shirts never fit right. I just need to conquer my fear of it πŸ™‚
    3. Make fewer dresses and more separates. At least one pair of trousers and lots of cute tops and shirts with long sleeves.
    4. Take up paper piecing and make at least one baby quilt. Quilting was -and still is- the last thing from my mind but I’ve gone right off knitting, have a lot of fabric scraps and friends who make babies.

    That’s really it from me – wishing you and the Mr a great new year!

  3. So glad you are feeling better! It is always the worst to be sick at the holidays.

    For me, I will take tomorrow to really sit and think of what I want to do for 2013. I do think that I also need to try my hand at pants/trousers so I will stay tuned here for that. Also, I think my fabric and pattern stash need some attention. I don’t want too many goals, for fear of overloading myself and I need to be realistic, but I think I will settle for 3-5 well thought out goals.

    Yours are a great inspiration, simple yet with focus. Have a great New Year!!

  4. Ug!! being sick over the holidays is the worst! It happened to me a few years ago. I’m glad you are starting to feel better.
    You could have read my mind with your 2013 sewing plan. I have six pants/jeans/leggings patterns in my stash that I’m really going to try to tackle in the new year. And I shouldn’t forget the Jeanious craftsy course I bought 6 months ago and still haven’t made the time for. As for button down shirts… same story. I really want to conquer fit and find/make a real tnt pattern for a button down.
    I’m really looking forward to your posts in these areas in particular this year.
    Thanks for the great blog posts!

  5. I’m so sorry you were so ill over the holiday 😦 I’m hoping you’re well and truly on the mend now.

    I just want to let you know once again how much I appreciate your blog and everything you do for the sewing community. You are a truly generous lady, and I wish you all the best in 2013!

  6. Arrrggghhh!!! Having the Ooga Booga anytime is awful, but during the holidays it’s truly sucky. I love your goals as they are in alignment with mine. I have a definite need for trousers and tops/blouse in my wardrobe. Looking forward to following along in the new year. BTW-ginger, honey and lemon tea is great for what ails you.

  7. Hi Sunni, I agree that pants and stash-busting are in order! I have started a blog. It’s called A Perfect Commotion of Silk and Linen. Of course, I have already linked to you and plan more links…
    Happy New Year, Kate

  8. I’m so sorry to hear you were sick but I’m glad you are on the mend.

    I love reading all the resolutions but I’m not much of a resolution person. What I would “like” to accomplish this year is simply more sewing and getting my skill level up so that what I make looks better.

    I love your “year of the pants” and as a pants wearer myself, I’m right there with you. I also love the idea of stash busting. I have so many fabrics that I need to use (or shall we say, reduce?) that I have no more room for any more fabric. The horror!

  9. I have a few sewing resolutions as well #1 Stash Busting, #2 staying organized #3 shirts for hubby just to name a few! I’ve nominated you for the Lovely & Inspirational Blog Awards. Check out my blog for instructions if you’d like to participate! Happy New Year!!!!

  10. So sorry to hear you were sick over Christmas, but glad you’re doing better!

    I’m excited to see what the year of the pant brings to the blog. I’ve been scared to sew anything with a crotch, but maybe seeing your efforts (and I’m sure successes!) will give me a little kick to try ’em.

    I also hope you use that pink floral fabric from your stash – I’ve got some pressing aids from your shop with that fabric and just love looking at them. So cheerful! Anyway, cheers to another year of great, inspiring blogging. πŸ™‚

  11. Oh man, I’m so sorry you were so sick! I hope you get back to 100% quickly!

    Love your 2013 plans! I’m planning to tackle my first pair of pants this year– I promised myself I would in 2012, but after some seriously failed muslins I gave up! I also plan to stash-bust and to make a jacket for the first time.

  12. Here are my goals:
    1. Sew more! Make more time for sewing (and knitting too).
    2. Stash-busting! I have so much lovely fabric and nice patterns too. I am allowed to buy notions, like thread, buttons, and zips.
    3. Sew up some classy, nursing-friendly work outfits. I have all the fabric and patterns I need for at least 3 new outfits!
    Hope you feel better soon, Sunni!

  13. my 2013 goals are pretty similar… more pants and tops! mostly i just need to sew what is practical. the gaping holes in my wardrobe are the basics. being sick over the holidays is just the worst. happened to me (and my 4 kiddos) two years ago… it was awful! hope you feel better soon! happy 2013!

  14. Last year I worked on filling out the gothy side of my wardrobe, and of course now that it is comfortably sized, all I want to wear is neon colours *facepalm*; So this year (or the next few months at least) my aim is to make up all the neon green/hot pink/turquise blue clothing ideas that are rattling around in my head. As I have a lot of blue fabric, and white fabric that will soon be dyed magical colours, this should help with my ever present stashbusting goals too!

  15. So hope you’re on the mend! By no way a comparison, but I had a night of hard partying (esp. given my last 3 months) – I mean, I was home at 1 and I walked to and from, but still… – and this morning I am feeling rather on the edge. Drink water and rest works regardless of what’s making you feel crappy, I say.

    Your goals speak to me. I really have to work from my stash because there’s no more space in the cupboard! But how is it that all new projects seem to need new fabric??

    Happy 2013, Sunni. I wish you a wonderful year.

  16. Sorry to hear you have been so sick. Our family had that happen one Christmas and we all still remember how awful it was. It does make you appreciate your good health after it is all over – hope that comes quickly! Thank you for your amazing blog. I have been inspired to start sewing for myself again. I have gained a lot of weight and hated making garments but now I realize I need to do a tnt pattern and make items that fit the new me! Only I can make things that match my imagination (instead of hopelessly stalking ready to wear waiting for magic to happen). All of a sudden I am excited about sewing and the creative process in general … so that is my New Year’s Resolution:to be more creative in general (daydream and document) and spend one day a week (Friday) completing projects starting with a tnt pattern.

  17. My goal is to sew more clothes instead of quilts, and search my stash carefully before I buy any more clothing fabric, the cupboard is full!

    And, I’d like to get some pants patterns figured out, but the first goal is to lose maybe 30 more pounds so that is the first half of the year, and then I will deal with pants.

    I have four pairs of pants that need hemming, I need to get that done, at least two this week. I did get some knit pajama bottoms made yesterday!

    I’d like to make a dress, a one-piece dress, not a top and a skirt. Haven’t had one for maybe 15 years?

    And make my first Renfrew – the pattern is getting dusty!

    And take another class from dear Sunni, probably next fall!

  18. So sorry you’ve been ill. Yuck! I’m with you on the button-down shirts. I’ve been really inspired by your Everyday Wardrobe posts. I’m wanting to build up a mix-and-match-able, stylish wardrobe that I can feel good wearing every day. What pattern are you using for the button-downs? I am eyeing BurdaStyle 7136: I want to examine the pattern a bit more up close before I commit, but it looks promising.

  19. I have two goals. One is to make more tops, I have a serious lack of blouses. The other is to make better fitting clothes especially when it comes to the full bust adjustment… eak…

  20. Wowza! So glad you are feeling better! One of my resolutions is to stash bust as well. I’ve vowed to make at least 5 garments out of fabric I already own before I allow myself to buy anymore. We’ll see how that goes…

  21. Aww no, flu for Christmas, no fun! The photos are seriously beautiful, though. πŸ™‚
    Stash busting is a huge goal for me this year, too! I almost always buy fabric with a possible project in mind, and if it doesn’t get done for a year or two, the motivation and excitement for that project are kinda all out the window…

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