Stitching Spotlights 10.26.12

The return of Stitching Spotlights! I love putting these posts together and its been sooooo long since I did one. It’s a wonderful round up to a great sewing/inspiration week in action. I hope you have missed them as much as I have! In other news, it snowed here yesterday and Mr. S remarked on the cold temp outside – a little nudge to get my fanny in gear on his coat I think. I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend with some tea, movies/music and my sewing machine. That’s something I haven’t had a quite some time. How’s your weekend shaping up to be?

I chose two amazing garments this week for the spotlighted creations. It’s been so long that I think two is quite apropos. On the left is Karen’s Teases in Teal. Is it natural that I ran right out and purchased the pattern she used immediately afterward. I’m pretty sure its not, but that’s exactly what happened. Unfortunately, I have the PERFECT wool crepe for this make. Isn’t Karen’s just delightful? She has such an eye for sweet little details. On the right you see Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. I love Carolyn’s makes and this dress is no different! I adore the trim around the neckline and armholes and I love it paired with those fantastic gloves. Gorgeous fabric too – Carolyn has a fabric addiction just like me! So glad I’m not the only one! Fantastic and inspiring work ladies!

Do you ever wonder if fabric hoarders of years back actually collected good fabric? I know this might be a fairly weird question, but whenever I go thrifting or to estate sales and such, I rarely, if ever find fabric that is worth having. Lots of polyester but nothing of really good quality. Well, much to my amazement and delight, Andrea posted about her recent fabric and pattern acquisition. And there’s actually liberty of london in the mix. I nearly fell off my chair. I’m sooooo jealous, but have to admit it could not have happened to a funnier cuter gal! Lucky you Andrea – can’t wait to see what you make with it all!

Mim over at MadMim has been hosting a very sweet tiny art week! Its so adorable! I love little things – I really really do! I especially loved this little matchbox idea. I envision a wall full of these with little buttons in them – now how cute would that be in a sewing room?

More inspiring goodness from my reader this week:
♥ Tilly shows us how to pleat a sleeve cap.
♥ I’m a sucker for animal prints and am dying over this fabulous animal print dress from Erika B.
♥ Megan reiterates why its so important to press and iron your handmade creations. So important!
♥ This guest post on chic embellishments is sooooo inspiring!
♥ Did you see this Thread’s article on Firming Up Fabrics w/Gelatine? Amazing!

Here’s to an amazing fall week! Happy October everyone!


15 thoughts on “Stitching Spotlights 10.26.12

  1. Karen’s dress is simply stunning! I’ve already gushed about it on her blog, so I won’t do it again here, other than to say I’m now searching for fabric for one for myself.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love Karen’s dress. I am an “older” seamstress and I have to say that the reason you don’t often find great fabric from years past is that having a “stash” was not as common as it is now. When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s I bought fabric to make a specific garment or project. I didn’t have a “stash” and few of the people I knew who sewed did. Sewing was economical, but having alot of fabric not getting used was not. Our world now is so full of “stuff” we forget that the large accumulation of things is a recent phenomenon.

    1. An awesome point! I didn’t even realize this. Sadly too, I feel that the lack of “good” fabric increases the urge to want to purchase it the minute you see it because it feels like you’re never going to see anything like it again. I think good fabric isn’t as easy to find these days as it used to be and most people are restricted to big box chain stores that have hit or miss products.

      1. I’d also guess that, if anyone did stash, the good stuff is what would actually get used. The crappy fabric purchased (for whatever reason, possibly in a moment of madness, possibly because it seemed like a good deal; I’ve done both) is what ends up in charity shops and flea markets, either once they finally gave up and admitted they were never going to use it, or because, um, they’re no longer available to use it.

  3. I love the Stitching Spotlights, and I loved Karen’s dress, too – the pattern is now on my list for the next JoAnn Simplicity sale.

  4. Great post Sunni. Love those dresses and the links are brill too….

    Stashing has been around – at least in my island! My aunt,, who taught me to sew, and was in her 30s during WWII, had a little stash. Mummy – who was about 10 years younger – did too, and my sisters, who are older than me, now 63 and 59, always had rather lavish stashes:). Because of aunty Bi sewing for us, they both used to pick up fabric on trips abroad – and then there were “tal-biecciet” – literall, the pieces guys…. shops or sometimes carts in the sunday market in the capital, with loads of lengths of fabric – sometimes amazing. There used ot be more fabric shops here in Malta, but these guys would have a coupld or three yards of stuff – and it was well priced and you found some really cool buys. They were the ones to get viscose and knits, unlike the maini shops – that years ago only basically got pricey stuff for occasion wear, I just made a skirt with some great pique – I think.l It’s printed but the fabric is also kind of embossed – it has a design made by the weave – no idea really what it is. Cotton, with body. It was Patt’s and she bought it late 60s in the South of France. I am now using what’s left of my sister’s stash 🙂

  5. Well, aren’t you just a doll. Thanks for the shout-out about my fabric stash story! I honestly don’t know where to start with all this new lovely fabric. Of course my boyfriend immediately asked for a coat made from one of the wools, so I may be stalking your blog looking for inspiration as you embark on your own coat-making journey for your husband.

  6. I have used the gelatine tip before. In fact, I made a tutorial on it myself before Threads did! (what a trailblazer, lol!)
    I made the Taffy Blouse from Colette Patterns from chiffon using this tip. It worked really great! 🙂

  7. I just recently started following your blog and love it! Everything you make is so beautiful and wearable, too. I checked Steffani’s book from the library and enjoyed seeing more about rub-off patterns. And then, today, you introduce me to another plus size sewist. Yay!!! I am so excited about the thought of TNT patterns and making changes on them by using the steps in the patternmaking book. I might begin to make clothes again (something I hate doing because they never turn out looking good since I have become “plus sized”). You have definitely inspired me. And I have had a fabric stash since the 1960s-1970s. I, like the reader above, grew up only buying fabric for one item at a time (because there were three fabulous fabric stores within a mile of my home). But I have scraps from then and some beautiful fabrics I bought in college and beyond until now I have a serious problem. LOL Maybe I can start to downsize it with some new clothes thanks to you.

  8. I am new to following your blog and hadn’t seen Stitching Spolights before, but what a great way to showcase what others are doing and discover other blogs!
    I too have problems when out thrift shopping that all the fabris is terrible, but of course if they are anything like me, they would have used all the great fabric first and then have been left with the ones they were “meh” about. Of course in hard times I have difficulty believing there would have been much surplus, it all would have been used up wherever possible.

  9. Wow, Liberty! *envy* I used to have fairly good luck even @ goodwill or salvation army, but I think others get there before me…also I used to go regularly.

    Haven’t tried the estate sale route, though have been wanting to. I feel quite encouraged to spend more $$ on fabric now! 😉

  10. Sunni – thanks for featuring my dress! I so appreciate the shout-out. As for stashes, I always had one from the very beginning of learning to sew. My grandma had one before me (who taught me to sew) but I think it’s because she lived on a farm far from town. Even though she was also a quilter, and her quilts featured whatever scrap materials were available, her clothing was sewn for church on Sundays and she had more quality fabric for that and those are the pieces she stashed.

  11. Sunni! With all that I have going on in my life, I haven’t checked my blog reader in MONTHS. No kidding. Today I ventured into peek into my “1000+” unread messages, and went straight to your blog to see what you were up to. I was so happy to see this little shout out! Thank you! I’ve loved “catching up” with you, hope you’re having such a Merrry Christmas season!

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