Everyday Wardrobe Pattern Must Have!

In case you think I’ve been sitting on my duff, I haven’t. I’ve been so busy with extras this season (which, to be perfectly candid, I’m rather mad at myself for taking WAY too much on) and so I’ve been trying to keep up with stuff and sadly, the blog is always the first thing to suffer when my world starts going up in flames. Sorry about that! I do promise to be much better in the future.

Anyways, just in case you think the Everyday Wardrobe was a short-lived thing, its not. I’ve actually been hard at work on a rub-off of my mom’s old boyfriend jacket. I cut the lovely jacket out of a cherry brown ponte knit and at this time am deciding whether or not to partially line it. I’m thinking yes, in a silk charmeuse – which PS if you don’t have Connie Long’s Easy Guide to Linings, you absolutely NEED it! It’s an amazing little book! One of the best books I own I think! In addition, this is not just some fly by night jacket. It’s meant to be paired with this NWG – a real NWG from me old closet.

Now that I’ve got you a little caught up to date with a bit about me and my nutty life at the moment, I thought I would mention that Steph at 3hourspast is having a pre-sale for her very first pattern. It’s a dress……made from KNIT! That’s right folks. Doesn’t it look fabulous? Not to mention, this is sooooooooo everyday wardrobe friendly. Go snap one up NOW! Do have a gander over to Steph’s blog too, where she’s been talking about how to dress for your everyday for a whole bunch longer than I have – it’s so refreshing! Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Everyday Wardrobe Pattern Must Have!

  1. The striped dress is amazing!!! I am not good at saying no even though sometimes I should. Hope life settles down a bit for you. PS I think you should line the blazer and maybe share where you got your ponte knit- the stuff at Joann’s is sort of yucky feeling.

  2. Thank you for the book reference about linings. I sighed when I saw the price of the used versions available, but apparently it’s possible to buy a (legal!) pdf version on the editor’s website for a reasonable price: http://www.tauntonstore.com/easy-guide-to-sewing-linings-connie-long-ebook-077748.html

    I’m seriously considering sewing my first jacket, but since I’m still intimidated by linings, this book would probably be helpful ).

  3. can’t wait to see your jacket! i made a blazer in doubleknit recently (fully lined with knit lining) and have already got some good mileage out of it. it’s definitely a great wardrobe staple. i really enjoy hearing about your everyday wardrobe progress, i’ve been doing the same thing lately!

  4. It looks like a great dress! Just a question, as part of your series will you be compiling a list of recommended patterns; i.e. here’s some great Tshirt patterns, etc… ? I’m looking forward to the series.

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