No Cheetahs Were Harmed in the Making of this Outfit

Here is my second Everyday Wardrobe experiment. The NWG or Never Worn Garment here is this fuchsia skirt. You may remember seeing this skirt here. The original was self-drafted and so was the redo (I teach a class at Yellow Bird on how to draft, pattern and construct your own from your own measurements and its seriously so much better than any pencil skirt I’ve ever made from a pattern!). I was never happy with the way this skirt fit originally and after the last time I wore it, I was bound and determined that I would not wear it again unless I redid it. So I unpicked the whole thing, redrafted the pattern and changed up a few elements. I opted for a petersham waistband, an invisible zipper, a slit in the back, new lining and a quirky little pocket. I changed the dart location and made the darts shorter and I also tapered the skirt at the knee. I’m so much happier with this skirt. It’s truly a power house blank canvas.

Since the first time I made this skirt, I’ve had a really hard time putting things with it, hence the NWG-ness of it. I love the color so much and its just dying to be worn. I asked myself all of the questions in Step 2 of the Game Plan and determined that I had 2 pairs of shoes that would work quite well with this skirt and they would be shoes I would actually wear, these flats being one of the pairs. Then I went to the stash. I had a bit of a hard time finding anything that really meshed the way I wanted it to with the skirt, so I headed on over to Yellow Bird and picked up this cheetah print cotton and modal knit.

The shell/tank under the cardi is the Pendrell blouse pattern from the Sewaholic. A+ pattern for the Everyday Wardrobe people. Soooo easy to fit and easy to make and its one of those things that I probably would never have made – I would have gone for one of the other versions – except that I’m trying to make complete outfits here. Maybe a little weird, but I really do find that interesting. Since I’m planning a wardrobe, I choose to make things that actually I probably wouldn’t bother with but, I like having the control of making exactly what I want or need and how much nicer I can make it than a big box chain store.

The cardigan here is a rub-off from a pre-existing garment. If you don’t know what a rub-off is, its the process of making a paper pattern from a pre-existing garment and its really not that hard to do. I’ll be discussing this much more in depth in another post because I’ve rubbed off several other garments in my closet since this make. This was the first rub-off I’ve ever done and I LOVE the way it turned out. I’ll be sure to show you the original cardigan next time. This modal knit is just about heaven to wear too. It’s just plain amazing stuff – sooooooo soft! I’ll be discussing knits in another post too – where I’ll also give you some great resources for where to find them.

All in all, this was a much more challenging Everyday Outfit. I knew that in order to make the cut, this skirt had to be comfy. It is. It’s not as comfortable as say, jeans, but its not restrictive or binding either – probably because this thing was drafted and made for me to wear! Wearing my little flat loafers was the clincher too. I love these babies! I’m pretty proud of myself here. Two great coordinating pieces that go with this skirt and its a little more upscale everyday – something you could easily wear to work!

And for your enjoyment, here’s a remixed outfit I built on with rubbed off cardi. Here, it gets a pairing with none other than Simplicity 1880’s wrap dress version.




49 thoughts on “No Cheetahs Were Harmed in the Making of this Outfit

  1. Love the cheetah print. When I have tough-to-match colors like that in my wardrobe, I often take leftover scraps and make a matching flower pin or headband; that way whatever other pieces I choose look coordinated.

  2. That top outfit is PURE FANTASTIC. I love the colours (they’re complicated, but complementary). The shoes work perfectly. You’ve got everyone’s fave neutral (animal print). Terrific!

  3. Love this! so many colors in one outfit and it works perfectly!
    I’m especially in awe with the cardigan, I didn’t know what modal knit was, but after a bit of google searching I realized that it’s not sweater material, even though it totally looks like it in the pictures.
    love the colors!
    do you think it would be possible to make is out of sweater like material?
    I’m really enjoying this series!

  4. Love this outfit. Very inspired by your colour choices…I’m not the bravest soul out there with colour choices and I need to get better at it. But most of all I love the cardigan. I love cardis in general but struggle to make them. Amazing.

  5. I love this whole outfit – especially the cardigan. I never think about making cardigans, which is silly because I wear them all the time. I would love to see the original and get more info on the rub-off technique you use!

  6. This is exactly the style I want to build my wardrobe around! I’m a teacher and I’ve been feeling like I’ve been entering the frumpy teacher zone.

    1. I did! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you noticed! Also, there is actually something inside the pocket too and so it does have a little bulge in the photos.

    1. Apparently, its a type of rayon – cellulose from beech trees. Its a little softer and more supple than just your average rayon knit – seriously its AMAZING! So soft. You can find it here and here.

  7. First: I LOVE those boots!
    Second: Your skirt is brilliant–I wish I lived nearby so I could take your class 🙂
    Third: I can’t wait for your rubbing off tutorial–I have a cardi in mind that I’ve been wanting to duplicate in all possible colors. Thanks (in advance) for sharing!

  8. Just so I’m straight on the facts, are you stating you completely remade the skirt, made the top AND the cardigan since your previous post? You are one productive sewing lady!! I also have in my closet a hot pink skirt that I thought would go with everything, and you are so right that it is hard to make outfits with! Perhaps I need to find some cheetah print and make a top, cause this whole outfit is totally cute!

    1. Ha ha! No, I’ve been going through this process for the past several weeks. Actually I did the skirt awhile ago – back in July – and then since I knew I had nothing to wear with it, I decided to make a few tops too and that was in the beginning of August. I’m definitely not a really fast sewer, but strangely things have been going faster as I seem to have a much better handle on how to actually wardrobe my wardrobe. I have a much clearer idea of what I want and how I’m going about doing it. So weird how that happens.

  9. Cardigans and shoes are key I think to making whole, wearable outfits!
    Love the pendrell and pencil together, and parisgirl’s tip about making a small accessory to tie together potentially random combinations. Also, LOVE the whole shirt dress outfit!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, small accessory are great things – like scarves and belts that can be made from the leftovers of pieces of fabric. I totally intend to make a belt from the leftover cheetah print. It will go with sooooo many things!

  10. It looks just great Sunni. I love the mix of colours. Who’d a thunk!! I’ve got a leopard tank it my wardrobe (rescued from my daughters chuck out pile) and I’m now thinking purple. Damn though. Don’t have those shoes.

  11. I really enjoy reading about your Everyday Wardrobe experiment. It’s an interesting process, as you get items you need and that help you use the pieces you already have. It’s inspiring, and it’s interesting to see how you actually put that in action with your wardrobe. I love the cardigan you’re showing here! Now I’m thinking I could rubb-off some of mine too. I’m curious to see your post on the subject to learn more on how you made it.

  12. Awesome, awesome, great! That cardigan will get a ton of wear, I’m sure. I’m getting really inspired by your whole wardrobe-building project here. Love the concept of building a continuous line of easy-to-wear pieces. It makes total sense and is how I SHOULD be sewing anyway, but of course that’s not how it tends to go.

    1. Oh I do know! I SHOULD do alot of things, but you know what they say about best intentions. I just finally got so tired of never having complete outfits to wear that I felt something had to be done. It was grave. Grave indeed.

  13. Great outfit, really enjoy this series. Question, On my computer the Petersham appears to be the waistband, exposed. In the past I used the Petersham as a waistband facing, not exposed. It was structure and invisible. Just wondering.

    1. Yes, the petersham is exposed. It’s a double layer, just like a traditional fabric waistband but utilizing petersham instead. I’ve used it as a waistband facing too, but I love this method as well because petersham in general is just so pretty. So many ways to use this ribbon – I love it!

  14. Love both these outfits! The colours are fantastic and cheetah print with hot pink? Definitely yes. I also love cheetah/leopard with deep green shades. Copying your existing cardigans is totally the way to go, I find it so hard to get hold of good cardigan patterns but you’re bound to have one in your wardrobe already!

  15. Great outfits! I really love the color of that skirt and I like how you paired it with neutrals here. I generally feel that my cardigans are some of the hardest working items in my closet, and so necessary for overly air conditioned interiors!

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  17. About a year ago, I decided I needed to do a similar wardrobe overhaul, focusing on clothes I could wear everyday as a work-from-home mom and that would fit and flatter me. Sadly, I haven’t made any progress at all on this project, so your series is a great reminder that I should actually make that happen!

    I’m very interested in info you might be able to share on knits. I’m learning to sew with them, but I’ve had a terrible time finding knit fabric (either for tops or layers like your cardi) that I want to wear!

  18. I love, love, love this look! It makes me want to find a similar pattern and copycat this immediately! First I’d have to improve on my sewing skills and start wearing dresses, but I do have some worn cowboy boots -so there’s that. I really would love to try it. I just discovered your blog today, and it looks like a keeper! Thank you

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