Giveaway Time!

Thanks to everyone who entered! This giveaway is officially closed! Winner to be announced next week!

I have a serious back log of projects to show you guys. Serious back log. Let’s see, you guys still haven’t seen my 2nd finished swimsuit and then there’s a blouse and skirt combo I’ve been needing to photograph and I just did a rub off of a cardigan and well, the list goes on. It’s been a tad busy around here. I’m teaching. I’m making healthy lunches for my mister who’s just gone and enrolled himself in school and all that (I know, crazy right?) and I’ve been working at Yellow Bird too. You should come in and I’ll help you buy fabric! I’m quite good at it, if I do say so myself because I want it all too. Yeah. I’m very bad to fabric shop with, but you should come in nonetheless and we’ll have fun designing your fall wardrobe.

Anyway, it’s been so long since I held a giveaway here, that I had almost forgotten that I could hold a giveaway. Life seems to get in the way of me remembering fun things like this. But this time I did remember. I just helped finish up the last round of pattern testing for Colette Patterns – great patterns are coming soon! – and Sarai very generously gave us all a credit to the online shop. I usually purchase patterns wholesale from Colette these days – because of the shop – and so it didn’t seem quite fair to use the credit for that. So one of you lucky ducks is going to get it.

Let’s see. All you have to do is tell me the #1 project you want to make for fall this year. That’s easy, right? Just leave it in the comments. I’m going to tell you what I want to make for fall. Are you ready for this? Jeans. For myself. I purchased Jalie 2908. I’m ready. I have stretch denim on its way. I’m opting for a muslin. I’m just about to trace off the pattern. This is serious. I’ve even got rivets and a jean button. You just wait.

OK, so giveaway time!
the Rules: Leave a comment on this post telling me the #1 project you want to make for fall this year
Giveaway ends: September 6, 2012 at 12:00 pm
the Prize: Colette Patterns credit for $25

May the best fall project win!


374 thoughts on “Giveaway Time!

  1. yay! a giveaway! So my #1 project that I want for this fall (I live in Orlando, FL – so it won’t be a jacket or anything like that) is a Simplicity pattern 2054 (Cynthia Rowley). I love that dress and the cutouts at the elbows. I want to wear it with a belt (actually I’m getting ready to buy one of your belt kits) and my camel boots. I’m just waiting for the perfect fabric to show up!

  2. My project for fall… a blue shirtdress, out of courderoy!! Maybe it’s crazy, but I’d like one in a really bright color.

  3. i can only pick one? i have 2 musts for fall: a Wiksten tulip skirt and a peplum blouse. i’m hoping to get started on them soon.

  4. I’d love to make a smart little Rooibosch for job interviews (and hopefully eventually a job). I absolutely love Lauren of Lladybird’s navy & yellow one.

  5. My number one on list is a jersey shirt with ruffled front and long sleeves that are gathered on the end.

  6. My plan for Autumn (I’m British, and can’t bring myself to use ‘Fall’) is the ubiquitous Vogue 1250. I’m very new to sewing and it will be my first foray into sewing knits. I have the pattern AND the fabric which is very organised of me. So, now I just need to feel a little bit brave.

  7. I live in Florida as well, so my big fall project is to make a vintage looking jumper. Basically, a high-waisted skirt with suspenders. I’m currently on the hunt for the pattern that matches the picture I have in my head.

  8. Southern Hemisphere here, so we’re about to start Spring. I’m dying to sew some shorts, and I’d love for them to be orange. Now the perfect fabric just needs to come my way. Fabric Faries listen up, stretch cotton twill in tangerine please!
    (But I do also have some teal melton that is waiting to be turned into a jacket. Ran out of time this year, so it will have to wait ’til next time!)

  9. The absolute perfect winter coat. I only have a cuple of months until it’s needed, so I really need to start on it!

  10. Nice to have you back Sunni and can’t wait to see your finished projects. My number one make for autumn will be a coat, with my first attempt at bound buttonholes (yikes!) Thanks for the very generous giveaway. x

  11. Woo hoo! Great giveaway. My #1 project is a winter coat using a vintage pattern (Simplicity 5148) and a beautiful teal wool blend coating (yet to be purchased). πŸ™‚ Hope I’ve got the luckies!

  12. Very cool, you have lots of fun things coming your way! I can tell you’d be great at helping people pick out just the right fabrics!

    For fall, I’d like to make a knit wrap dress using this brown fabric I picked up earlier this summer. It has white, blue and green spots on it, kind of hard to describe but I think it’ll look nice! Thanks for the giveaway offer. πŸ™‚

  13. I’m going to tackle a trench coat using that McCall’s pattern (which I don’t have with me here at the office, but you know the one). I’ve already bought the grey Burberry fabric, now I just need a jazzy lining. Have been wanting to make a bias cut slip too, so the Colette Cinnamon would come in very handy.

  14. Thanks for the giveaway!! I love Colette! My number one fall sewing project is to make a quilt. A real, honest to goodness quilt. My number one fashion fall sewing project is to make a pair of trousers. I haven’t ever made them …. and they kind of scare me…. but I think it’s time to tackle my fears. πŸ™‚

  15. Ooh, lovely! This fall, my big plan is to make a tailored cape, following some of Claire Shaeffer’s directions. I’ve been putting it off because I’m afraid to dive in, but it’s time!

  16. I’d like very much to make a shirt dress… Fall never gets very cold here in Dallas, plus my university always keeps the inside the opposite of outside (seriously, right now it’s in the high 90s outside but I have to wear pants and bring cardigans to keep from freezing in class!), so a nice shirt dress to wear with or without tights seems like a good layering piece. Roll up sleeves, unbutton a button if it’s too warm, add a cardi if it’s too cold.

  17. For fall I want to make a couple of wool pencil skirts, I picked some fabric up at the thrift store. And a mini dress to wear with boots and thick tights!

  18. ooh ace! i am big colette fan! i have recently lost a pile of weight and so for Autumn i am in dire need of trousers. never made them before so I’m a bit nervous. I have heard tell that one of the new Colettes will be wide leg trousers (can you confirm or deny? pretty please!) so I am hanging on to see those before I buy a pattern. Or maybe Thurlows. I am planning to perfect the pattern and make in a few fabrics. I have a gorgeous charcoal wool, and I want a plain black pair, a tweed pair and a cord pair.

  19. Thanks for the giveaway! I just one to finish ONE skirt that fits right. Probably something that looks like Colette’s Meringue without the scallops.

  20. I’m on my second attempt to copy a pair of wide-leg jersey pants that I love, and creating a pattern that I can use again. Not easy with slippery fabric, but the first attempt was wearable and I’m hoping to nail the thing this go-round.

  21. It’s good to see you posting.
    The project I am looking forward to work on is my winter coat. I plan to make a Jamie Christina Abbey Coat w/ flounce. I plan to start on october

  22. I have two #1 projects for Fall! One is to make the Rebecca Taylor Vogue pattern V1316 and the second is to practice resizing patterns. In addition to those two things, I have also purchased two classes off Craftsy that I would like to find time to do! πŸ™‚

  23. I’ve been in the mood lately for a new fall weight circle skirt, but I also want to try a bit of tailoring and try my hand at making a 1950s swing coat if I can find wool at the right price.

  24. I want to make a cape. I have got the fabric and traced the pattern but not cut it yet as I need the lerfect lining first. it is cape New Look 6073 with self drafted pockets and maybe some embroidery! Just need the time!

  25. Something for myself! I’ve been working on my best friend’s wedding for months now, and the the wedding is in October. I’m making the five bridesmaids dresses, a bustle for the wedding dress, handkerchiefs for the groomsmen, and so on. It will be nice to sew something for just me this Fall. I’m thinking some nice pants ,trouser style, or some underthings that are girly. πŸ™‚

  26. I desperately want to make a fitted wool pencil skit for work, but in a more non-traditional colour. But I have a cotton skirt, a cotton dress, and some ties to finish up first!

  27. My fall project is my first lined coat I have ever made. It is Jamie Christina’s Abbey Coat. I am making it out of a rain and shine material for fall/spring. I just LOVE this pattern.

  28. I am going to make a coat. Little bit nervous but am up for the challenge! Ordered the fabric have he pattern so all I need to do is start.

  29. I’m wanting to make Simplicity 1775, a beautiful cape with plaid fabric that I bought at Yellow Bird. It’ll be warm, loveable, and oh so pretty. πŸ™‚

  30. I’m thinking about sewing yoga/sweat pants with a super long inseam.

    t seems like it’s getting harder to find sweat pants for tall girls that don’t cost close to $100 a pop.

  31. Hello from France !

    I LOVE Colette Patterns and I’m waiting for The “Peony” dress pattern which will be my first project for Fall.
    It’s very nice to offer this shop credit !

  32. My next project for fall is going to be the versatile and comfortable dress from Burda, 08/2011 #126! I think the dress in hunter green would be just lovely!

  33. My #1 item this fall will be a jacket – I’ve been wanting to make one for ages, and since the summer was so dreadful here (south-east U.K.) this year, my old one is more than ready to retire.
    The other items high up on my sewing list are several items, actually – replace a handful of long-sleeved tshirts. These babies have been serving me for >5 years, it’s time about time I get some new ones.

  34. I am new to sewing, but I have always see my mom sewing when I was young, and I used to sew cushion and small thing. I lost her when I was 14 and stop sewing at the time. But last spring, I have discovered all the nice sewing blogs around, it has giving me the will to restart sewing. Therefore, I have a large list of things I want to tackle this fall. This summer, I manage to do a nice blue electric version of the Minoru jacket ( yourah for Tasia sew-along, it as been a success!). But I have small regrets for the color… I should have done it in a neutral, to be able to wear it all the time! I also did two Kimono tee shirt. In my to do list, I have the Wrap dress from simplicity 1880, I still haven’t found the fabric for it, but I would like to find something suitable for fall… I want to do also the Ginger skirt, in denim, and I also have enough of a purple kind of brocade fabric (really not sure of the content), that I bought in an other life, that would look nice in a Ginger Skirt. I also bought the Renfrew pattern, and plan to do many of those. And I bought the Cambie dress… but not sure in what kind of fabric to do it. But many thanks to you Sunni, your blog is a inspiration, and so full of tips and good descriptions of different technics.

  35. I have missed your posts. Glad to have you back. I’m trying to get into knits this fall. I want to make a long sleeve t-shirt and a sweater knit cardigan. I haven’t yet picked the fabric or pattern. I’m still in denial that summer is almost over and I haven’t made a swimsuit.

  36. I’ve got a whole to-do list for the fall, but the #1 thing to do on my list is make some nice tops for work. I’m thinking a Sencha would be perfect!

  37. I’m so excited about this giveaway! I love Colette patterns. I’m hoping to make a coat this fall – I have the perfect 60s pattern, but still need to find fabric and work up the nerve to start it.

  38. I would really like to make a peplum blouse, I think they’re really cute on other people and would like to try one out for myself!


  39. My #1 fall project is a short sleeved blazer to layer over some long sleeved shirts. I’m doing a test run in a funky 70s blue seashells & floral canvas. I hope it will be as awesome as my imaginings.

  40. The #1 project I want to make is Megan Nielson’s Kelly skirt. I’ve got fabric; I’ve been practicing my buttonholes–I’m just waiting for the pattern to arrive! I’m really looking forward to wearing it with boots and tights this fall. And I would LOVE to add some Colette patterns to my to-make list πŸ™‚

  41. I want to sew some skirts. But I want to design them (very simple A-line & pencil) first in qcad and cut the fabric right away with a lazzzor!

  42. I’m planning to make the Simplicity 2215 skirt, wich is a Cynthia Rowley pattern, and finally draw my basic slopers. Thank you for the giveaway!

  43. I have so many projects in my notebooks that haven’t been started yet, but I think my top want for fall is the vintage Vogue 6995 ( with elongated sleeves, made up in a smooth and creamy cotton/lycra knit I got from Paron’s. The dress is very understated, so I think it will be easy to layer over, but the neckline detail gives it a little flair and keeps it from being blah.

  44. I think my number one fall project will be a macaron out of this green plaid material I have and some stash black as a contrast. Of course I’m more looking ahead to winter and the holiday season. I have a great red plaid boulce from Fabric Mart that I want to make into an adapted version of Vogue 2979. Good Luck with all you’ve got on your plate.

  45. Oh god, how can I choose – they are all #1 to me. Hmm I think the project I’m most excited about (to both wear & sew) is a pair of tweedy brown wool trousers. I have the pattern (Thurlow), I’ve worked out all my fitting issues & now I just need to find some fabric. Then I will wear them FOREVER & EVER amen.

  46. A coat, preferably the Lady Grey coat in fact. In wool, of course. It is tough to think about starting though while the temps outside continue to soar. Don’t you just love fall clothes? I think it is the back-to-school ingrained in us all!

  47. I need to sew from the stash… I would love to make an Oolong dress, but I’m not sure if it would be feasible to make it nursing-friendly, & my post-partum tum might not be ready to handle that style yet… πŸ˜‰ so we’ll say a Sencha blouse out of white rayon!

  48. Well, I love thrift-shopping, and in my most recent haul, I found a 2- to 3-metre long brown corduroy fabric! I would like to make a jacket out of it for fall… That might be a tall order, seeing how I am still a beginner to garment-making, and I would like to find a nice-looking but up-to-my-sewing-capabilities pattern (seeing what a fuss-pot I am, too, i.e. no buttonholes, complicated stuff, etc.)…

    Incidentally, would you have any recommendation for that? *LOL*

  49. I would love to make a Peony (or two!) in wool gabardine. I might have to shop for some new fabric but I’m willing to make the sacrifice. πŸ™‚

  50. I have so many wonderful fall fabrics in my stash that I’ve been dying to cut in to. They’d all be perfect for a Ginger, so that’s my number one project, but I’d also like to make some sort of fall shift dress – just haven’t found the pattern yet! Thanks for this great giveaway!

  51. My number one fall project will be a Peony. Have the pattern already, just need the fabric! I am itching to make a cape, though…

  52. My #1 project for Fall has got to be a fitted jacket. I’ve had the pattern, fabric, notions, etc for like 2 years, just not the nerve. But this year will be different:) BTW, great giveaway! I have been feeling the need to dip my toe in the Colette Pattern waters for a while now.

  53. My number one project is to make a dress that fits! I’m leaning toward McCall’s 6507 or Vogue 8788 to start. But I’m not committed. The Colette Rooibos would be fun too! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway– I’ve been wanting to try Colette Patterns.

  54. I would like a few more cute jackets – something I could wear after work and not feel office-y.
    Thanks for your generosity!

  55. I think what I’m most looking forward to sewing this fall are some new jackets! I have a cute little pink wool cropped jacket planned, and I also want to make a 1940s reproduction coat out of red, black and cream houndstooth wool with a velveet collar. Really exicted for that one! πŸ˜‰

    Thank you so much for giving up your store credit, Sunni! How sweet of you! πŸ™‚

  56. I really want a cute knit maxi dress that I can layer-up for winter, too. I just had a baby 2 weeks ago and I need a versatile, stretchy, will-fit-before-and-after-I-lost-the-rest-of-this-belly dress.

  57. In the last few days I have decided to make a menswear inspired tweed jacket – with a feminine twist, maybe a peplum or super fitted. Something to wear with jeans and boots. But not until the weather cools off here!

  58. Red Thurlows! plus I just got gertie’s new book and so want to make a million things from it. but I mae a pair of shorts this summer (GRainline’s maritime shorts) so I am all set to tackle my first pair of pants and quite excited about them.

    Also very excited to see your swimsuit in particular!


  59. The dress coat from “Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing” have you seen it? It’s beautiful!
    In a lovely red,warm coating! It will look so awesome over all of my collette dresses!

  60. Hi Sunni! I love your site and your shop, and I think it is so cool that you are a musician who sews as well! Or sewing musician? I don’t know…. I guess what I’m saying is that I studied music in University as well πŸ™‚

    Anyhow, since I’m starting to get my sewing mojo back after as summer of gorgeous weather, I have decided that my top sewing goal this fall is to make a jacket or coat. I’d love to take a crack at the Lady Gray this season!

    Thanks for your wonderful site and shop, you give me hours of inspiration! Cheers πŸ™‚

  61. My list is long of the projects I want to complete. I want to make Oliver + S cargo pants for my son who seems to get excluded from Mommy’s sewing projects. I want to made the Modkid’s Syndey and Piper for my daughter. I am patiently waiting for the Bella Bag pattern from to become available. I need a new bag. I would like to complete a few Colette clover pants for myself this fall. Also, I would like to make a Crepe and Penelope Dress in fall colors.

  62. My #1 project for Fall will bei a pair of black jeans with white polkadots. I’ve seen some ready-to-wear ones but haven’t found a pair that fits me. So I guess this will bei on top of my list!

  63. I really want to make a jacket. McCall’s 6517 looks like a winner so far. I’m not ready to dive into coat-making. It’s never quite cold enough here in central Texas for a big coat, so a jacket is the way to go.

  64. Jackets!!! I really want to use the two metres of houndstooth wool I got in Italy last year for Simplicity 2256. I need to make a muslin first to make sure the back fits. I’ve also had the Sewaholic Minarou pattern since last Christmas but haven’t found any fabric that is just right yet. There’s also another jacket that I traced off one of my Burda magazines that’s in the cue. I’ve had the fabric for it for almost a year and never got around to it…until now!

  65. My fall project is a cardigan wardrobe! I’ve made one version of McCall’s 5978 and I’ve been snapping up all the sweater knit I can find on sale to make a bunch more!

  66. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Colette is coming out with a cardigan pattern this fall. That’s what I really really want to make.

  67. I’m planning to re-create my great vintage black swing jacket that is falling apart. It will be my first foray into trying to use an existing garment as the basis for a sewing project. Wish me luck! And thanks for the giveaway.

  68. The #1 project I want to make for fall this year is from Gertie’s New Book For Better Sewing: the Brocade Dress (which is a short-sleeved version of the Wiggle Dress). I love its princess seams, and it looks so classy and elegant.

  69. So many projects, so little time! But, at the top of my list is a shirt dress that I can wear through the fall and into the winter…like Simplicity 2246 in a corduroy.

  70. I’m thinking jeans too! I’m working on my pants sloper so I can modify commercial patterns to fit my crazy butt. I haven’t picked a particular pattern yet, but I already have some stretch denim.

  71. Easy! Wide-leg trousers! I hate wearing jeans, but I need some sort of casual pant to wear. I am a stay at home mom, so I need something comfy and something that looks great, because I don’t want to be frumpy mom πŸ˜› Plus, my daughter is a fashionista, and if I try to wear something frumpy, she makes me go and change…

  72. For fall, my next project goal is to sew something with buttons! Maybe a long sleeve shirt with buttons? I’m a sewing newbie, and I haven’t yet tackled my buttonhole foot. If I won (fingers crossed), I might put it toward the Collete Sewing Handbook, because I’m still learning! But I’m also excited for new fall patterns, yay =)

  73. My #1 project this fall is a loose linen/cotton blouse with 3/4 length sleeves and a gathered neckline. I have a pattern from the 70s that’s perfect!

  74. I love a good giveaway, and this one is great πŸ™‚
    My fall project is based on a Craftsy Class – Jean-ius, so jeans for me as well. You get to draft a pair of jeans from your favourite pair without taking them apart πŸ™‚ The class is awesome! I am just at the stage of tracing the jeans onto organza and then onto muslin and away I go! The techniques described in there are amazing – I highly recommend it!

  75. My number one project for fall (or Autumn where I come from!) is going to be a coat. Vogue 8548 to be exact. I’m slightly scared…!

  76. Jeans for me too! I had a threadbare pair that I did take apart, and I have cut the new pair but right now I’m stuck on the pocket and deciding what to put on them.

  77. Pants! And I mean the highwaisted wide-leg ones… One in jeans, one in a tweed (maybe red? or navy?), a simple black one, … To many choices!!! I just followed a course to design my own pantspattern but I could use a pattern (like from Colette patterns;-) ) to make a matching top or so…

  78. Hmm, if I had to pick just one project, while simple, I really want to make just a classic mod dress sort of like Simplicity # 3833, I even love the long sleeve mustard yellow version shown on the cover.

    Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!


  79. My #1 fall project is definitely a Colette Parfait in corduroy! I haven’t quite decided if I want it in red or navy or maybe in seafoam green. Maybe all of them! With a cute flower print for the pocket insides. Ah… πŸ™‚

  80. I really want to make a shift dress with a gathered neckline and a stand collar. It’d be in a thicker fabric to emphasize the shape, so it’ll also be appropriate for the cooler weather.

  81. I just received fabric in the mail for a navy blazed… let’s hope it works out! Good luck on your jeans!

  82. I really would like to make some Jasmine shirts! I have big arms and have a hard time fitting into ready-to-wear silk or cotton shirts. So my goal is to make my own.

  83. What a great giveaway! I recently started reading about sewing bras and I did my first muslin so, for fall I would love to learn more about sewing lingerie. I also want to sew some pants. Trousers and maybe even give jeans a try.

  84. I’m dying to make a leopard print cape with black bias tape at all the hems and openings. I’m going to use Vogue 8776. I was initially going to use this fake fur stuff called velboa but research has shown its going to get gross looking fast so I’m going leopard hunting this weekend. Also planning on making jeans, tailoring a blazer and making some beautiful wool work trousers. But it would be awesome to finally get and make a Colette pattern! A girl can’t live off cake alone. I need me some icing.

  85. After several years of searching for a vintage cheetah-print coat in my size, in perfect condition, and not ridiculously priced, I have decided to make my own. I am actually planning on using Lady Grey from Colette Patterns, which I already own, but I have been really wanting Jasmine too…

  86. I want to make a DRESS! the most complicated thing I have yet to sew other than a coat or jacket. If I can do justice to a dress then I will try a jacket.

  87. So generous of you to pass on the deal! This fall I really want to tackle a wool jacket – my first jacket ever. I might even enroll in my first sewing class ever so that I can learn some proper tailoring from a real live person rather than the internet (although it’s a great resource). The pattern will probably be one of these two beauties that I scored from a box of vintage patterns off Craigslist:
    Simplicity 2700
    Simplicity 3343

  88. Thanks for doing this giveaway!
    I’ve been really wanting a cape/rain jacket so I’m planning to make MCCalls M6446 with a lovely laminated grey linen. It’ll be lightweight and maybe more springy but I’m in Los Angeles, so the weather rarely calls for wool. πŸ™‚

  89. I really need a new coat. I’ve been loving loving Sewaholic’s coat, and Colette’s coat has been on my pinboard forever. So I think a coat needs to be made this fall, before winter.

  90. I really want to make a long-sleeved version of Silhouette Patterns #210. I have a lovely jewel-toned stripe knit to use, so I have no excuses not to get it done for this fall!

  91. I would like to try making pants (I’m not quite ready for jeans yet) or I could always use more shirts.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. I want to make the Macaron dress from colette pattern. I already have a nice thick cotton, red with little white dots.

  93. I’m a complete beginner so my real aim is to make something wearable that fits properly and I would be proud to wear out. After two recent disastrous projects from Burda patterns, I’m so happy to have found Collette patterns and hope to win so I can make the Sencha blouse. Looks perfect for work and evenings too.

  94. I really want to make a corduroy Beignet. I have the fabric already and everything! I want to sew another summer dress though, first!

  95. Oh dear. So many choices!!! #1 would have to be another February Lady Sweater–I wore mine to death last year, so I can totally justify making another! πŸ˜‰ Sewing wise, I want to finish making my guy a Negroni. Got the muslin all cut out!

  96. I really want to sew a classic jacket. The thought of tailoring is intriguing and daunting. I have some aqua tweed that I think will be perfect, so now I just need to do it πŸ™‚

  97. I’d like to make a dress out of a fabric that will be warm enough for fall. I’m not ready to bundle up too much and I think a warmer dress would help me easy back into winter gear!

  98. I need more cake. Tailor made work clothes. I’d love to try a blazer, but I think this fall will be blouses and skirts.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  99. I have big plans to make a ponte knit blazer. I have the fabric. It is just a matter of picking the pattern and actually making it!

  100. I need to make a new work coat for fall and winter this year, since my old one was so worn I took it to the thrift store last spring. I have 2.5 yards of cashmere blend wool coating, and I’ve been eyeing the new Issey Miyake Pattern Vogue 1320.

  101. I’m cheating because I’m oh so close to actually finishing up my must-have item for fall, which is also jeans! Except I didn’t use stretch denim, and I’m hoping that when all is said and done, I won’t live to regret that. (Once I finish this up, the Cambie dress is going to become my new pattern bff until my wedding dress is done. But that’s technically for next summer.)

  102. Fall is for coats (though I do want a new autumny Beignet skirt too in a rich burgundy color). I’m thinking sewaholic’s raincoat in water proof black linen with a pink/black/white buffalo plaid flannel lining.

  103. I made myself a long coat last winter, and this Fall, I would love to make the Colette Lady Grey coat! I’ve been lusting after it forever and it’s time I finally made it. I’m planning to use a black and white houndstooth wool for the outside (Classic!) and a fun colorful print for the lining! Thanks for offering your credit, Colette patterns are the best!

  104. Well I have many projects I need to make, but the number one would have to be a coat! I have been meaning to make this thing FOREVER. Last year here in Georgia wasn’t that cold so I never got around to it, but I have all the materials and supplies for it so I just need to! This wool WILL stop taking up space in my sewing nook, lol.

  105. I am planning on making a crepe de chine silk dress to wear to an upcoming wedding. It will be my first time working with silk, and my deadline is mid-september. Yikes.

  106. Well, I live in Florida so while I would love to make a coat (they are a serious weakness of mine), it just wouldn’t be practical. My big project that I am dying to churn out is my dress for the Couture Dress Craftsy class. I have all the fabric and notions already – I just need the time! I’m really hoping I’ll be able to hash it out and still get all my Christmas gifts made in time πŸ™‚

  107. What am I going to make? I’m going to ‘make’ you finish that jacket for me: ya know, the “fall” jacket you promised me?… I thought we had a deal Ms Stitch;) Hey!

  108. I would very much like to make the Lady Grey coat, but knowing the speed I work at I’m pegging that one in for next fall (as I don’t have the pattern or the skills just yet). For this fall I have promised myself I’ll catch up with the stash of projects I’ve accumulated and top of that list is the Peony dress in a beautiful red fabric that I have ready and waiting. Having said that my daughter keeps pushing projects. For her to the top of the pile so she may yet win out.

  109. I am ready for trousers… I would love to sew Thurlow, the trouser pattern from Sewaholic, since I am a pear shape, and these patterns are designed for pear shaped woman… I love Clover as well, so now I am just getting the courage to sew trousers…

  110. Oh! Can I enter, even If I’m heading towards spring here in New Zealand? I’m still working on my number 2 fall project (corduroy pants – a silk-lined blazer was my first and I LOVE IT), so let’s not count that.

    My number one make for my Spring (your fall) make would be a real proper blouse, in classic white, beautiful soft fabric (I’m still searching for it), better silk or a silk blend, a peter pan collar and a perfect button placket and evenly spaced buttons and buttons.

  111. Since my daughter just accepted her first teaching position, I will be making some skirts for her. I think I will also attempt a boucle’ jacket. In addition to that will be a couple of quilts as well.

  112. I have some amazing Japanese cotton with falling leaves in autumnal colours on a dark blue background. It’s going to become a tailored jacket with a frock coat sort of back. I’m not describing it well! It’s Vogue 8601. If it works well I’d also like a tweed version!

  113. The number one thing I want to make for Fall is one of the new patterns from Colette, even though I haven’t seen them yet! Number 2 would be a button front shirt for work. Maybe one of the new patterns will be a button front shirt? Wow I’m seeing lots of jackets, coats and blazers in the comments, I’m definitely not ready for that challenge yet.

  114. I really want to make Jalie jeans too. I have the pattern. They see to be well loved. My goal is to have just a few key go to patterns that I can master and manipulate.

  115. It’s my goal to sew more winter dresses/skirts. I live in Los Angeles and as there really are no seasons here I have no excuse to wear dresses & skirts year round. I thinking wool & basic colors….

  116. What I really want to make is a 60’s dress in a red and gold floral print. But before that I should be making some more everyday items.

  117. Checked (plaid) wool hacking jacket that’s been on the wish list for 20 years – maybe more. I’m half way through it now. I’m not going horse riding BTW just want the jacket!

  118. Coincidentally, my big fall sewing plans include a corduroy Beignet and a silk Sencha! I’d also like to make a plaid Peony, but I’m having trouble finding good tartan plaid!

  119. I’m currently working through my stash fabric, so next up are a couple of Washi dresses, then I really want to make a couple of pairs of jeans and a selection of white tops to go with them. Good solid basics for everyday wear.

  120. A while back I met a lady at a fabric flea market who was selling off her lifetime accumulated stash. I got a beautiful burgundy wool gabardine that still had the tags from when she bought it at Simpson’s (a defunct Canadian department store) in the 60s. She was always planning to make herself a suit out of it, but never did. I am going to make up a suit from a 40s pattern for myself. A little earlier of a style that what the fabric might have been made into, but I don’t think the fabric will mind. After all this time waiting, I’m sure it will just be glad to be made into something!

  121. Since my brother’s son will be here in the fall, I can’t wait to make him some adorable clothes, like a shark hoodie (though he might be too small to wear something like that yet lol).

  122. I’ve been meaning to make a light fall coat for the last two years. I’m going to try really hard to get it done this year. I’m thinking black with scallops/peplum and a leopard lining. πŸ™‚

  123. Hmm…I think it would have to be Christmas gifts. Probably a bag for me, and some skirts for my daughter.

  124. I’ve been wanting to do a plaid winter coat for years… and this might be the year I actually do it! I have been admiring Gertie’s new Butterick coat pattern, but I’ve always had a thing for Lady Grey so if I win I just might have to go for it πŸ™‚

  125. My plan is to make a linen jacket – here in southern california we don’t need heavy things, so a linen jacket would be fine. And I want to draft it myself. Yay!

    Thanks for the giveaway. Collete patterns are very cute and I have been meaning to get one of those dress patterns for a while.

  126. I want to make the perfect pair of slouchy-skinny ankle length trousers in the most gorgeous, luxurious red Italian wool I scored for $8/yd. I’ve only made pants once before, over 7 years ago, so I’ll have to relearn this…

  127. #1 project is a 1959 pencil skirt in this great pink, green, and white plaid tropical wool I found on eBay. Falls just below the knee and will have a fun lime green lining ^^

  128. My number one project is a circle skirt! I plan on using horsehair braid to face the hem, and I’d really like to underline with silk organza to give it even more body. After that I’d like to make a boned-bodice dress with a circle skirt!

  129. Oh my goodness, fall…I’m still sewing warm weather stuff because it will be hot for a little while more here. I think I am wanting to make a fall Peony in some type of suiting/tweed type fabric. Oh, and a Victory Patterns Madeleine in some mint green twill.

  130. We are heading into summer here in Australia so my sewing plans are more suited to warmer weather but I really want to make a navy and white striped hazel dress, I’m really keen to play around with the interesting bodice lines and I keep seeing great versions of this pattern popping up.

  131. Hi Sunni!

    I have a beautiful dusty pinky purplish wool DYING to be made into a hooded cape (green lining to make it pop)! I promised myself I can’t start until I sew up two summer to fall dresses so we’ll see. πŸ™‚

  132. We just started spring here, so I guess we have some time to really be organised for Autumn sewing…I do really want to make my daughter a nice mid-season jacket. She’s decided she wants it to be in strawberry fabric. And I want to make my little man some new jeans. Yay!

    Oh, I used to work in a big craft and fabric shop and I know exactly what you mean about wanting all the fabrics, it does make it easier to sell them when you truly love them!!

  133. I’m ridiculously ready for some cool weather after this boiling hot summer we’ve had, so for fall I’m planning to try sewing with wool for the first time. I’m going to start with a red Beignet because I’ve made the pattern before, and if wool and I get along, I’ll be making myself a Lady Grey. Don’t know what color yet, but definitely something in the winter family.

  134. My number 1 project for this fall is a navy blue polka dotted raincoat with a half-circle skirt attached, plus a matching sun/rain hat to go along with it!

  135. What a great giveaway! I really need a pajama update but my first Fall is V1281 to wear to my friend’s wedding.

  136. I’m motivated to pull together a few simple blouses (a la sorbetto and the box blouse) for layering!

  137. I actually already mentioned my must-get-to fall project to you the other day in YB, which is a floral blazer–I just think it will be such a fun statement piece. But I’ve been thinking about jeans too! I just made legit jeans for my little girl yesterday, and it gave me courage to make some for me. I have some stretch denim that I got for a steal, and I was looking at my sister’s latest issue of women’s OTtobre, and it has a really great pattern in there that I want to try. My only misgiving is that they’ll look homemade because of the lack of distressing, fading etc. (?)
    PS can’t wait to see you swimsuit, and pps your couch cover was mind-blowingly amazing. What sewstaminia!!

  138. Ohh…. that is so hard! A #1 project? A blazer/jacket, so I can wear something nicer than an old fleece jacket when it begins to get cooler. I signed up for an online course through Pattern Review, so I am optimistic that it will turn out well! That being said, I have plenty of other things to keep me busy! I’ve been looking at the Colette Patterns lately, so winning would be wonderful! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, one of us readers will be quite happy soon!

  139. This year I need to stop procrastinating and sew a new winter coat. Can’t decide between Marfy F2262 or Butterick 5685. To be honest I have enough wool coating in the stash to make both. πŸ™‚

  140. I recently purchased the Surefit designs kit as I really want to get some nicely fitting clothes so I need to make up the muslins and I also need to finish my minoru jacket which has been sitting on the mannequin for months. I won’t need it for a while now as we are going into spring here.

  141. Living in San Diego allows me to sew warmer weather items for fall as well as strict fall items. My must have dress is Gertie’s new Butterick 5814 retro dress. It’s just what I need for my wardrobe.

  142. I think its time for the next step in my adventures in tailoring..Its time to make a jacket. Mmm made from corduroy for the fall, that would be swell. Either that, or it’s time for my first pair of pants. I’m thinking of making my own pair of clovers, they seem like a safe bet for a first pair of pants…i’ve never seen a bad pair posted online.

  143. Welllll seeing that I’m in the southern hemisphere I think I will tell you what I want to make for Spring instead. Day one of spring and I will be making my first self drafted skirt in a bright print. My favourite fall project was the Minoru.

    Can’t wait to see the swimsuit!

  144. It happened three weeks ago; I was in the fabric district in Dallas and I found it…the fabric of my dreams. Blush pink with little show ponies all over. Yea, I know it sounds young and cutesy, but it isn’t, it is very 50s classic and screams to my equestrian self. Long story short, this fabric is the basis of the project I am most excited about…Sewaholic’s Pendrell Blouse. The blouse and fabric are destined to be together, and I can’t waitbtomwear it. Falling in love with a fabric and then finding the perfect pattern makes the whole world a better place, wouldn’t you agree?

  145. There are so many things I want to geet stuck into sewing in the next few months, but I think my #1 (in terms of excitement value especially) will be little a frock to wear to a friend’s wedding.

  146. Oh gee! That would be Simplicity 2508. It’s been in the planning stages for sooo long! I have yet to find the fabric I’m looking for! I would love to make my own coat, by the time I find one RTW, it’s usually out of stock in my size or sold out.

  147. At the top of my list is a winter coat. I found this adorable vintage coat pattern that I’ve been dying to make and since my favorite coats are getting a little threadbare, I think it’s time to tackle that project!

  148. I’d love to continue to make dresses and long buttonup shirts in chambray and chiffon to layer with leggings as the weather begins to chill. Can’t wait for fall!

  149. Well, I just finished a vintage 60’s wool car coat (even though it’s been in the 100’s all summer) based on Simplicity 5415, so next up on my list of items I’m a little scared of messing up is Burda 7252, a vintage reissue pencil skirt with some welt pockets and a cool pleat detail along the center back seam. I ordered some cream wool gabardine, and in my head, I think it will look great with colored tights and boots or can be dressed up for something nicer.
    I haven’t yet sewn any Colette patterns, even though I have the book, but she has such amazing dresses, that I’ve been oogling them for a long time. : )

  150. I have been meaning to make Vintage Vogue 1137 for the past two years. I have the fabric and lining, but somehow, I never manage to get everything together during the cold months. And who wants to sew with wool when it is hot outside!? Once the weather changes, I am going to make it happen!

    Can’t wait to see all of your projects!

  151. Thank you for the giveaway! Their book is just the best, but I really would love the Sencha blouse too! However first on my to make list is Vogue 8280 (their version of the galaxy dress) as I made my muslin for it last year, and just finally got the fabric for the real thing!

  152. I really need to recreate my favourite pink jacket. It’s worn nearly to threads, but I just can’t part with it. I love it so. I’ve found the right fabric, I just can’t convince myself to take it apart to make a new one.

    I also wouldn’t mind making a Jasmine blouse.

  153. It’s spring here in Wellington, NZ, so my focus is on dresses for summer. Specifically, I found a beautiful white silk with a border print of pacific-style flowers in red and orange – it is destined for a Sewaholic Cambie, with the colorful print going up & down from the waist. It’s not sewn yet but already I can’t wait to wear it!

  154. I’m planning on making Vogue 8648 which I got with my Craftsy course, the short sleeved full circle skirt version as I feel it has a ’50’s feel to it. Maybe also another with the straight skirt as a wiggle dress.

  155. I just discovered your blog and I love it! It’s spring here but it’s still chilly so I bought some marked own teal wool yesterday to make a Burda jacket. That’s number 1. Then it’s the Style Arc Tiffany blouse. Yay for sewing time!

  156. I’m on the south side of the globe, but the trans-seasonal/ spring project that I’m most excited about is copying a really cute swing style jacket that I’ve had and loved for years. I’m also using the rub off method (1st time for me though) and am just about ready to start sewing up my toile. Once it’s all good to go I have the cutest pink & purple houndstooth that I found at the Salvos last year that I’ve been dying to use.

  157. Ooo what a brilliant giveaway! I’m excited to see what you have to show us. I am most excited about making a nice wool pencil skirt…I am new to sewing and I love the thought of being able to create perfect basics for myself. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  158. It’s spring/summer sewing on this side of the hemisphere… But to tell you the truth, my no 1 sewing challenge (and one that I fear very much) will be a staple item of every season: a biker leather jacket modifying Simplicity 2056… I’m going to sew a muslin first. I’m currently sourcing the leather. This project will be huuuge. So as a reward for a difficult challenge I would loooove to get a Colette Hazel or Iris to ease my way into Summer….

  159. Well… I was really wanting to make a blazer. But I bought one instead. So I’m leaning towards a nice top. You always need those right? πŸ™‚

  160. Great giveaway idea! I really love the Colette Hazel dress, but also hope to make myself some jeans this year. Too much that I want to do! I’m really looking forward to what Colette will be introducing next!

  161. Well, I realized this morning that I really should finally sew my Lady Grey (supplies procured during Gertie’s Sew Along!) but I doubt that’ll happen since I bought a cute vintage wool swing coat a few weeks ago. I’m excited that I’m almost finished sewing Vogue V8811 and will hopefully get to wear it when San Francisco gets a few days of “surprise” heat in September or October (happens almost every year so it’s not really a surprise). Does that count? Thank you for the giveaway, and I can’t wait to see your newest projects!

  162. I’m planning a winter jacket/cape ( I doubt I can sew it together fast enough for it to be ready for fall!), I just need to find a suitably warm fabric. I don’t think I could ever do jeans, I have a sewing fear of trousers!

  163. I’m with you on tackling some trousers/pants!

    I haven’t worn any trousers outside of work for years. Because of my size, I can never find any that fit or flatter me – so I’m currently planning on a pair of wide-legged high-waist sailor style trousers! I’m thinking a black stretch drill, but the jury isn’t out on that one.

    And I also really really want a cape. I searched high and low for cape patterns last winter, and have found myself with about four different patterns!

  164. Hi Sunni, we are just heading into spring/summer here and I went to my favourite fabric store for inspiration yesterday and found the most amazing silk/cotton hydrangea print fabric. I plan to make a drindle style skirt. All the best for your jeans, I am looking forward to seeing them!

  165. I picked up a gorgeous patterned baby needlecord earlier this year, ever since I got it I’ve been dreaming of a cosy pinafore dress to wear with sweaters and wooly tights, so I think that is going to be the starting point for my Autumnal wardrobe

  166. I’m going to make a red raincoat with silver grey lining from Burdastyle September 2012. I’m sure it will get loads of wear here in the UK.

  167. I’m planning a wool Minoru jacket with a flannel lining and knit cuffs for late fall, and I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing your credit!

  168. It is just coming into Spring where I am, so I would love to make some more practical spring tops! I have the Colette Sewing Handbook, so the Taffy might be the first on the list! πŸ™‚

  169. Hi Sunni!

    Like some of you’re other Aussie readers I too am heading into spring. However I suppose here Spring and Autumn are both quite warm.

    My number 1 pattern that I am going to sew is Megan Nielsen’s “Banksia Top”. She will be hosting a sew along very soon!

  170. I’ve recently lost a lot of weight and need to completly re-do my wardrobe.

    My goal for fall is to make an amazing skirt suit to wear to work with my new heels! I want to completely replace my store bought clothing, except for running clothes and undergarments with beautifully made garments that fit me perfectly.

  171. To Sara (above), I enjoy New Look 6895 for nice pullover shirts. No zippers or buttons, and they look cute with skinny belts.
    For fall, I will be revisiting my undying love for Style 2822, a pattern company that was around in the 90’s. It is a loose-fitting dress with button top, an a-line skirt, and ties. It turned out perfectly every time I made it, but then I got married and put on weight and had to give my dresses to a smaller friend (who gets compliments on my dresses when she wears them!). I found an uncut pattern on Ebay!! I have a delicious vintage dark grey cotton with a hot pink square-like pattern that is just waiting a side zipper.
    I’ve also been refashioning a few dresses from a bag sale. I really want to get back into wearing dresses and skirts, but I just got so comfortable in jeans/shirt/blazer for work.

  172. I have several projects in mind for autumn, and I’m not sure what my favorite would be. But I’m starting sewing lessons in a few weeks, and I’m seriously thinking of making those tweed trousers from Burda Fashion 2009/08 magazine: I think those lessons are the perfect opportunity to try things I’ve never tried before, and I’ve never made any trousers/shorts yet. I also have at least one Colette pattern in mind (Peony dress). I can’t wait to see what their new line will be! Thank you for this giveaway.

  173. It’s bound to get chilly here in northern England so I’ll need some soft cuddly Sewaholic Renfrew tops and warm corduroy Megan Nielsen Kelly skirts. A Colette Lady Grey coat in wool would come in most handy to fend off the brisk winds we get here.

  174. Hi Sunni, If I’m ever in Utah I would love to stop by and get your wardrobe advice! I have so many UFOs I need to finish up, but I’m looking forward to a Pendrell blouse with scalloped collar, using Anna Maria’s little folks voile

  175. I think if I have the time, I’d love to make one of the vintage shirtdresses patterns I have picked up. Either that or finally figure out a use for the wool jersey crepe I picked up a few years ago!

  176. Like you, Sunni, I set out to sew a pair of jeans (this was in April/May), but was totally put down after trying to make a muslin that fit, and after that I haven’t dared to try trousers/jeans again. But I very much would like to be able to sew trousers for myself, so my autumn/fall project will be to get back on the trouser-horse again and make some comfortable trousers to wear for work (I’m a teacher too…:))
    Have a great day!

  177. I have yet to conquer sewing pants that fit. I try and try and always end up with a failure. I would love to finally figure out pants sewing. I’m in need of all types of non-jean pants!

  178. I think I’m with you on sewing jeans. That and a coat. I’ve have a good run sewing knits all summer and I think it’s time to tackle that jalie pattern!

  179. A leather jacket! I’ve been sitting on some old 80’s leather jacket and pants of my Grandmother’s for years now, and it’s time to go for it! I’m going to use Mccalls 6611 (no peplum), and I’ve already deconstructed the jacket. Can’t wait! I would love to do jeans one day, looking forward to living vicariously!

  180. I have a huge list of patterns that I would love to make for Fall but in particular I would love to finally tackle a pair Colette Clovers. I attempted last fall and it was disgraceful. Ha!

  181. Oh, what a great giveaway and great coincidence! It’s jeans for me too! Must make more trousers for my wardrobe. Have absolutely none so not quite sure what I’ll wear when it gets chillier around here. So, jeans is the very first project!

  182. Cool giveaway, thanks for the opportunity! I really want to make a coat this fall, out of some teal, white and brown plaid boucle that I’ve had in my stash for nearly as long as I’ve been sewing. I’ve never made a coat before, and I think it’s time!

  183. I am working through a backlog of fabric and patterns. The plans include a few versions of Colette’s Macaron, maybe evan a long sleeve version.

  184. I want to sew a denim skirt. The one I own I wore for years and I fear that it is going to fall apart soon.

  185. I have some cute left-over fabric which I used to make a bag. And it’s just enough to make a simple straight skirt. Took my measurements, bought a zipper, all I need to do now is actually draft the pattern and make it.

    It would also be my first garment, would love to try making some of the cute dresses pictured above though! ❀ Already found a store, a true fabric heaven, with loads & loads of cute cotton.

  186. There is a dress I have been wanting to make for years and I was just given the perfect fabric for it. So I hope to have time to make it after I make my kids Halloween costumes.

  187. Hi Sunni!! I have a wool cape already cut out so it is my priority for this autumn. I am nervous I will not get time to make it though. I also cut out a coat for my daughter so I really need to make that before it gets too small for her!!

  188. I think I just need to focus on some basic skirts this fall. All mine seem to have seen better days or don’t quite fit the way they used to. I’d love to make some simple, wool, A-line skirts–maybe one pencil skirt too.

  189. What a kind giveaway! I am trying to be classy this fall and make a Coco Chanel dress in black with white details. Or an English tweed walking skirt… So much class and so little time πŸ˜‰

  190. Oh, this is great, I was just drooling over your version of Ginger. If I won, I’d make that, or Beignet or the Peony dress. And in general, I am planning on diving into tailoring during the fall. So much to sew, and so little time! Good week, Sunny:)

  191. I never have anything to wear!! And being a student I can’t afford all the pretty things… so I’m learning to sew. It’s a great distraction from my dissertation that’s due in 3 days.

    When I finish I want to sew up a storm. I’m torn between wanting to churn out a comfortable, daily uniform all in black that I can just throw on, and wanting to make extravagant dresses in amazing colours which I will never wear, as for me “going out” for a night out means going to my local pub and befriending drunkards and drifters. Also, I stare at my Ceylon pattern on a daily basis and dream of the day when I will go from ‘Beginner’ to… ‘Intermediate’!

  192. There’s no fall here where I live just constant sunshine and rain! I’ve been tinkering with making culottes which were self drafted and had some good success. My rational is if you can sew a pair of shorts then pants are just an extension (pun intended). I would like to try out Colette’s Clover if given the opportunity.

  193. I’d like to make a pair of well fitted trousers with enough seat room to ride my bike in them comfortably! Actually, higher prio than that might be a wool coat for my daughter.. my other child got an awesome mama-made duffle coat last winter and it was such a rewarding project!


  194. I promised myself to make a medium weight coat or jacket in grey or plum. Keeping my finger crossed πŸ™‚

  195. ok, so this is great because you actually made me look through google and pinterest for inspiration so that I’ll actually have a plan. (I didn’t even realize fall was so close! I can’t believe summer is almost gone!)
    anyway, I want to do something different from anything I’ve done until now. I’ve never made a cold-weather dress so I want to attempt that, and I think I’m going to make it out of velvet. It’s going to be a big challenge to make sure it doesn’t look like an evening dress.
    This is my inspiration:
    can you blame me?? she’s so darn cute!

    also, I really want to make a Colette Pattern’s Clover. But no pressure or anything…

  196. I’ve had to make myself a sewing schedule for the fall to fit in all that I want to do, but the one I’m looking forward to most is a shirtwaist dress for myself. I’ve been wanting to make one for about a year and have finally purchased fabric for it. ^_^ kbroadd1 -at- gmail -dot- com

  197. I want to make a whole giant bunch of stuff for fall, practical things like skirts and tops, but if I had to pick one thing, it would be pants for the first time, as some other people have said. I’m working on Clovers at the moment, trying to get the fit right!!

  198. I’ve been wanting to put peter pan collars or sailor collars on t-shirts, and hunt down a sailor top and/or dress pattern … but now that school has started, I will probably be figuring out a dress for my daughter’s choir performances!

  199. Well, here in Australia it is spring rather then fall, so I am planning to sew a dress for Christmas and since I only started sewing in April, I thought I might do a few practice runs over the coming months πŸ™‚

  200. I have started to teach myself to sew on a barely used 1975 Kenmore Zig Zag Sewing machine, and I am loving it.

    My #1 fall project is skinny stretchy pants in the nice grey/red plaid.

  201. I am desperate to make some circle skirts for work and play. I live in Australia so they’re great for the warmer weather we’ll be seeing soon. If we were heading into Autumn I’d be making Butterick 5520 with the longer sleeves and a cute peplum.

  202. My number one project for fall this year is a shirt for my husband. I started working on the muslin, and then my machine broke…so the project is slightly postponed until I get it fixed. As soon as the fit is done I’m taking him fabric shopping. πŸ™‚

  203. I recently signed up for the knit class at I ordered my supplies. My first project will be the sweatshirt. Can’t wait to get started.

  204. I’ve been wanting to try the Macaroon pattern since it came out. I think it would be adorable for fall if it was made with some plaid fabric, and paired with some dark tights, and a cardigan!

  205. it’s hard to prioritize just one! I have an awesome yellow corduroy set aside for a skirt, with pockets, a front zipper, the works. And I’ve been making cardigans to help stretch my summer things into Fall things! It’s been fun playing with sweater knits and various patterns πŸ™‚

  206. I want to make the surplice-dress from Meg’s knitwear class, but as a tunic with long sleeves. Or a new Colette pattern, who knows πŸ˜‰

  207. I’m excited for a Colette Trunk Show here in Seattle soon. My fall wardrobe desires are far above my skill set in sewing, however I think I’ll try a Tova top since the NW demands plaid.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  208. My nΒ°1 project for this fall is a vintage blouse (Depew 1017) from Mrs. Depew Vintage. She really has the most amazing patterns and I’m in desperate need of a few tops that I can wear with or without a sweater for those colder days that lie ahead. It’s a rather simple snit – just 5 pieces – and I think it’s easily adapted. Because I’ve never sewn a vintage pattern before, it will be a challenge, But I can’t wait to have it finished!

  209. I definitely want to make one or more pinafores (or jumper dresses, the difference is not clear to me), because I want to wear layers and separates more.
    Thanks for the giveaway, fingers crossed!

  210. Oh, I’d love to make Colette Peony, a pair of vogue trousers, a vogue coat, Burda peplum outfit…and…hopefully one of the new colette patterns. I’d love to win a voucher for it.
    Thanks for offering it.
    It looks like you have been super busy!

  211. There’s a dress in the August Burda Magazine that I really want to make I have teh perfecdt fabric in my stash. Unfortunately I have last years winter coat to finish and a quilt that I need to make to a deadline before I can get on with this.

  212. I’m really excited to make my Lady Gray (Colette), it’s made from Pendelton wool and I’m going whole-hog with hand tailoring for the first time (woo!). I’m going to start the muslin this week and fingers are crossed that I can finish it in between teaching and graduate school before the cold weather hits.

  213. Easy answer- difficult project: first-time pants! Clover would be a perfect start because of the -as always – excellent instructions of Colette that are life-saving for an almost beginner like myself!

  214. I’m planning on making a wool cape for autumn. Still got a load of half finished summer sewing to finish though.

  215. My fall plan is to make a jacket. Either Simplicty 2057 Project Runway or Simplicity 3628 (Threads Collection). I have some caramel colored corduroy that I want to use. Now I need to decide on a pattern and get going!!

  216. Oh my! So many projects and plans and only one of me to do them all. My Numero Uno project for this fall is an Anne Klein dress pattern for Vogue #1192, in a makes-your-eyes-swim royal electric blue silk dupioni I got from I’m so wanting to express my inner Joan Holloway and this Vogue pattern looks curvy-gal friendly.

  217. I’ve had wool for a coat and a blazer for a year now and just haven’t gotten around to them. I hope to get to it this fall! I also have a tweed wool cape that just needs me to finish the buttonholes and hem.

  218. I have a whole project board waiting to be accomplished! My greatest desire is to sew myself a camel and turquoise wool skirt. Can’t wait for my children to return to school.

  219. Well, it’s about to be Spring here, and my aim for this Spring is to find a good shirtdress pattern and make a few. But I also have fall sewing plans! By next fall I want to have the skills to make myself a coat. The thought is terrifying now! Hopefully by next fall it will be less so.

  220. With fall comes winter and winter to me means going to see the ballet of the Nutcracker, and I am very ambitiously going to try to make a dress to wear. The nail biting part is that it is a Givenchy dress pattern for McCalls (eke). So beautiful, but so worried about some of those curvy seams. Wish me luck.

  221. Ah, a few things on my list as the summer got away from me so fast…I really want to finish the sewalong dress (which sadly I’ve not yet finished, but love), and then I’ve got fabric for a circle skirt, a gorgeous a-line (both from Yellow Bird) and I’m excited to make the new Piper dress from Modkid for the little one.

  222. My number one project is a pencil skirt made from red wool crepe. The pattern is from Gerties New Book for Better Sewing. I plan to underline the skirt and use (for the first time) some couture style sewing techniques…yay!

  223. Oh, there are so many projects… But I really do need a coat and a rain jacket. The rain jacket will be the Minoru (Sewaholic) and the coat will be a Lady Grey (Colette, of course… ;-))
    And thanks a lot for this Giveaway!!!

  224. Skirts! In corduroy and wool crepe and maybe even rayon challis even tho it isn’t really a winter fabric.

  225. Since I’m about to become a mum, breastfeeding-friendly clothes are top of my things-to-make list. (And after that, a 1940’s skirt suit. Or that’s the theory, anyway.)

  226. I’m heading into spring but my spring or fall patterns would be a Jasmine blouse, lively sleeves to cover the arms on those chiller days and the Lady Grey jacket to throw over the top of a pretty dress or Jasmibe blouse for the cooler mornings and afternoons in spring or fall. Great transitional pieces!

  227. After giving birth to my first child I would like to start with a simple black woolen skirt that doesn’t require too much fitting.

  228. Thanks for the chance of wining a Colette pattern! I would like to sew myself a skirt with pockets in a wool B&W herringbone I have in my stash for fall… I wish I could easily go to Utah, the Yellow Bird have a lot of interesting and inexpensive classes!

  229. I just finished the muslin for a pair of trousers using CJ’s Pattern for woven trousers. I plan to make them up in a ginger linen – then a jacket from a poly suede print I’ve had in my stash for awhile. I’ve never used a Colette pattern but would love to try one!

  230. Whenever the weather gets cooler, each year I say it’ll be the year I sew through my glorious stash of leather I bought in NYC on my honeymoon. I’ve got navy and pearlised green, enough for a jacket, top, or trousers of each… Just need to decide on patterns is the problem!

  231. I want a perfectly fitting,comfy,cozy new hoodie made out of a slightly stretchy, mostly cotton knit. Maybe not the most exciting thing to sew, but i wear the one i have all the time and it’s just not looking so hot anymore, but it is still my favorite piece of clothing. Some cozy wool skirts and plaid button up shirts in colors i actually like aren’t too far behind.

  232. I really want / need to make a perfectly fitted bleck wool pencil skirt. (I guess I’ll be hanging around here quite a lot reading through your tutorials…) I would loooove to win this giveaway!

  233. Being the contrary creature that I am, what I want to make is always at odds with the season (or perhaps I’m just naturally attuned to the fashion world’s crazy timetable ;-)) so my #1 project this autumn would have to be a short-skirted, long-sleeved kimono-style dress which I intend to make out of an old Vietnamese silk suit of my mother’s in a spring green hue that can’t help but make me happy.

  234. I intend to finish making a deep purple wool crepe dress that I started years ago but I lost interest in….but my number one project is a dress made from a deep forest green linen..which is heavy enough so that I can wear it with black tights long during the fall when the temperatures fall.

  235. My plan is to concentrate on making some casual skirts that will look good with flat boots to wear fall and winter. Casual and comfy with pockets!

  236. Thanks for such a great giveaway! My focus is on new shirts for myself right now. I’d like something that fits well. Personally, I need to get better at insetting sleeves, so I want to practice tht on my next project.

  237. Well being a bit lower down on the globe I am actually starting to sew for spring (or I will be this weekend when my new sewing room is set up!) so my #1 project for spring is a super pretty happy birthday dress and since I am late getting started due to moving house (my birthday is usually 1st day of Winter) it means it can be more summery this year, yay πŸ™‚

  238. Pants. Trousers. Slacks. Whatever you call them, I need them BAD. I have never had success with the fit of store bought pants and thus, must endeavor to stitch them myself (good thing I am a designer/dressmaker!) I hope to make at least two pairs for fall romps in the apple orchards and hiking trails of New England!

  239. Professional-appropriate dresses – I’m going to be teaching adults this fall (starting in one week! Eek!) in addition to my daytime job, and while I can get away with jeans during the day I want to look a little more competent for my evening job! So if I were lucky enough to get this? Peony would probably win, although I’m thinking I might be able to get away with Crepe…

  240. I plan to make a dress and jacket for me to wear to my son’s wedding in January. There are several Marfy patterns I like for the dress (2330, 2401, 2114), and a vintage 1940’s redingote coat pattern has taken up residence in my mind. Perhaps a lace and velvet comination?

  241. I want to make a Tova Tunic out of something warm. Not a huge goal, but probably achievable! (A casual cardigan type jacket is on my list too,,just haven’t found the pattern yet.) Thanks for the chance to win.

  242. So far I’ve been taking baby steps in learning to sew so I have mostly been doing refashionings. Although it doesn’t seem very ambitious, I found a vintage houndstooth wool skirt that I want to turn into cute fall shorts. I’ve heard of the idea of wool shorts and am now determined to make one of my own.

  243. I want to have this kind of wool skirt..This kind of skirt is really comfy and nice to use…Thanks a lot for sharing..

  244. Halloween is my favorite holiday, so my #1 project is to sew my Halloween costume. I just ordered the fabric and I can’t wait to begin!

  245. Pants! I want to tackle pants this fall, I would love to have a bunch of well fitting pants for the winter this year, and not just jeans.

  246. I plan to sew a new pair of Colette’s Clover pants, the ones I have are too big for me because I’m loosing some pounds!!!!!

  247. Oh man, just one? hmmmmm. . . I think my #1 project for the fall is going to be my Hallowe’en costume. Ok, yes it’s a bit crazy to say that, when I have 3 skirts, five pairs of pants, 3 dresses, at least two blouses, and a spring/fall jacket on tap (i’m crazy with the project planning. . .). But I’m super excited about this costume!! I’m going to be making a tweed jacket (with leather elbow patches!), a lovely wool pencil skirt, and a blouse – all to dress up as a sexy-librarian version of my favourite T.V. show character (it’d make sense if you knew the back story. . .). Which is, admittedly, kind of insane. It’s just been so much fun finding the right fabrics and gathering materials! I can’t wait to dive in!! Plus I’ll end up with a bunch of lovely pieces (provided the sewing goes well. .. ) I can add to my day-to-day wardrobe!

  248. I really, really want to make myself a shirtwaist dress this fall (yeah, I wasn’t able to participate in your sew along because of moving). I have been eyeing this style for a while, and becoming maybe a little envious of all the beautiful shirtwaist dresses I have seen in the on-line sewing community – and I want one too.

  249. I really want to make a pair (or a few pairs) of Collette’s clover. But first I would like to finish the shirtwaist dress I started with your sew along and then put down 😦

  250. I really want to make a pair (or a few pairs) of Collette’s clover. But first I would like to finish the shirtwaist dress I started with your sew along and then put down 😦
    Hm.. It won’t let me comment….trying one last time before putting it down for now

  251. What a lovely, thoughtful giveaway! Thank you! ^__^ i am planning on making a pair of dress trousers for fall, as well as a vintage shirtwaist dress πŸ™‚

  252. I am at the beginning of my learning to sew clothing journey… the dress I am working on now is so beginner most could have finished it in a couple of hours and I have been working on it a couple of weeks… but I am working on it! I have a goal to finish my dress and make skirts and shirts for all my girls and a shirt or two for myself.

    It would be so much more exciting to succeed in my goals than it sounds πŸ™‚

  253. thanks for the fun giveaway, I’ve been wanting to try a Collette pattern for awhile.

    For the fall I want to perfect a button down shirt muslin and then make myself some nice shirts for work. and a shirt dress! I’ve had the best fabric for too long just waiting for me to get my act together. the time is now…

  254. I really want to finally figure out how to make a jacket that fits – I always need the FBA, now (from a few other projects this past year) I realize I need a Low Bust Adjustment too. Add petite to the mix and you have a formula for disaster, and multiple muslins. This will be a long project when I start it…

  255. I’ve got this everyday, back to basics plan too! I’m excited to see how you get along with it. My number one project is a new jacket. An amended Burda jacket. My current jacket died a long time ago, I just didn’t want to admit it.

  256. I need a new jacket for the fall. I’m going to give the Minoru from Sewaholic a shot. I need to gather my patience and a little luck!

  257. Thanks for the fun giveaway, I’ve been wanting to try a Collette pattern for awhile now…

    For the fall I want to perfect a pair of Clover pants and then make myself some nice top for work. And maybe even a shirt dress πŸ™‚

  258. Number one project for me is a shirt dress I have been meaning to make all summer and I am hoping to get a few weeks of wear from before it gets too cold!

    Thanks for the giveaway


  259. I am dying to make a washi dress, but I also need to make another clover muslin. The last pair I tried to make were too big.. and I gave up 😦

  260. For the fall, I need to make a coat – I’m going to try to reproduce one that belonged to my grandmother and is a bit small.

  261. I’ve been planning on making a long, warm skirt for two or three years now. Maybe this is the year! πŸ™‚

  262. My number one project that I want to make this fall, is a 1940’s plaid wool jacket and brown Suede dress combo. I’m just itching to get started! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!


  263. How very nice of you. The number one project I want to make this fall: probably the quilt I meant to make last fall for a christmas gift. Oh you mean for me? That would be wearable, probably non-knit, but not fancy blouses. I’m thinking Sencha, or Lisette Portfolio… things to wear under my favorite cardigans that are not t-shirts.

  264. Some tunics to wear with leggings/skinnies for easy travel to Disney (and beyond). I have the Schoolhouse Tunic ready to be traced, just haven’t done it yet!

  265. I want to make Tasia’s Cambie dress, in a couple of different versions. I’ve never sewn with Colette patterns before but she has some lovely dresses. Crossing my fingers.

  266. I want to make comfortable pants for this fall. I was noticing the other day that I have two pairs of jeans and that’s it… I never wear denim because they just feel too constricting. Thus, I need to find some balance between the comfortableness of pajamas bottoms and translate them into pants.

  267. Yay, I love Colette patterns! I’m gearing up to make a jacket with a peplum that I muslined up in the spring, but lost interest in once it got too warm to wear.

  268. I have a vintage dress pattern begging to be made with some gorgeous vintage fabric- I even have all the notions needed and just have been avoiding it. Putting this in writing makes me more likely to complete the project, right?

  269. It is coming into spring on my side of the world, can we be included? I plan to make some shorts & capri pants for good wardrobe basics.

  270. As i work in a law firm , smart tailored peices go a long way i have bought some wool and cashmere suiting (in the sale over the Summer) and in the process of making the Pastille Dress, with a covered belt and two, yes, two Truffle dresses from the Colette Sewing Handbook. I’m reading Couture sewing and intend to have the inside as lovely as the outside! I’ve already made the Taffy Blouse, also from the handbook, in a ditzy print silk with a nice vintage feel (the sales assistants at my local department store where i had bought the fabric, recognised it when i wore it! – much ooing and ahhing – very chuffed! :). Itching to have a go at the Peony in a lighterweight fabric possibly a ginham for weekends.

  271. I have a big fat stash of fabric left over from my freewheeling days as a fabric store employee. It’s my mission to work through some of it this fall — starting with a Beignet skirt!!

  272. I can’t wait to try one of your patterns! Your creations are always so chic! This fall I’ll be making pink silk taffeta 18th century dress for a Carnegie Mellon University production of ‘The Rivals’! The undergarments are already underway!

  273. I’ve had my eye on the Colette bra and knicker set all summer! It’s perfect for bedtime, sewing time or relaxing-on-the-couch-with-my-dude time.

  274. This fall I need to make myself something to wear to my cousin’s wedding, but I’m so far behind… I need to start checking out patterns soon! Maybe a Collette pattern is in my future!

  275. Normally, I think people have a pattern in mind and then seek out fabric. But I found some amazing autumn floral cotton voile over the summer and the hands down number one thing I want to make this fall is the perfect dress for it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  276. A leather jacket is my #1 ‘want to make’ project. I have been collecting thrift store leather goods and think I have enough. I have a selected a couple of BurdaStyle prospects and just need to decide which one to use. Thank you for offering this giveaway…I have been eyeing Colette patterns for a couple of months and this would be a great way to give them a try.

  277. Colette Peony in black wool! I’m pretty sure I need it so I can pair it with mustard tights and flats this fall and winter.

  278. My fall garment is a pair of mossy green Clovers to wear with flats and transitional tops. I love the change in seasons and the clothes that go with it. I’m working on the muslin, tweaking away, hoping it will be wearable, but kinda doubting it.

    Since it’s my first time commenting, I have to say that I truly love your blog! I also love that you’re in SLC. I live in Denver and am happy that there’s someone at least in the region that loves to sew garments. I’ll make it to SLC one of these days and, when I do, Yellow Bird is at the top of my list.

  279. I really am just dying to make the coat dress from Gertie’s new Butterick pattern. I’ve even found the perfect fabric. If I make just one thing this autumn, it has to be that!

  280. I really want to make a Simplicity 2444 short sleeved dress. I’m fairly new to sewing so this will be a challenge for me πŸ™‚

  281. the Sewaholic Lonsdale dress, it would be perfect to wear for a friends garden party wedding in a few months time. I can imagine it in a nice orange/pink floral print.

  282. I think I really should refashion a few items but you know, I might end up with some more dresses… I’d love to make one of Colette’s dresses, there are too many to choose from!

  283. A eyelet Hazel – I’ve been planning since before Memorial Day but then I ended up not having a single moment to sew all summer 😦

  284. As I’m on the job-hunt at the moment my number one project is an interview outfit for the day when someone finally calls back! Trying to be frugal and use what I have already in my stash. Working on a blouse from a vintage pattern just now that looks a little like the Colette Violet pattern. Wouldn’t an actual Colette pattern be nice…

  285. My #1 fall project is a Colette Jasmine, so this credit would be perfect! I am loving things with interesting collaring details!

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