2-in-1 Sewalong: Attaching Interfacing

For you Shirt Dressers, we’ve got interfacing to attach. Now remember there are three pieces that need interfacing. The front bodice and this has its own piece which is piece #3, piece #11 and the undercollar – also remember that these last two pieces I added to the inventory from this post. So attaching interfacing is no big deal right? Well, if it is a big deal to you, have a gander at this tutorial from Gorgeous Fabrics:

No-Bubble Interfacing Application – this one is great for those of you using fusible interfacing

If you happen to be using a sew-in interfacing, you’ll apply it by using a basting stitch (hand or machine, whichever you prefer) around the edges of the interfacing. Do this just inside of the seamline – like at the 1/2″ mark. Hopefully that makes sense. Not hard really.



4 thoughts on “2-in-1 Sewalong: Attaching Interfacing

    1. Great question! Only piece number #3 needs to be cut out from the interfacing. Piece #11 and the undercollar should be cut from both the fabric and the interfacing.

  1. This is a great series. I’ve always only used sew-in interfacing. I’ve always been worried that the iron-on would a.hurt my delicate fabrics or b.turn out weird or c.ruin my iron. Anyway, thanks for this series. I love a good sew a long!

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