Royalty & Simplicity 1880

Is it just me, or does this not look the exact dress that’s on the envelope of Simplicity 1880? In yellow, no less.  Now just how crazy is that! Friends, have a simply marvelous weekend. Dream of shirt & wrap dresses. I’ll meet you here Monday and we’ll officially start the sewalong!



18 thoughts on “Royalty & Simplicity 1880

  1. Looks like I wasn’t the only one to notice the similarities!
    The yellow dress worn by Kate, is one of the main dresses I decided to join the sew along. Perfect match!

  2. I SO wish I could participate in this sewalong! I LOVE shirtdresses! I have another project I’m working on, though, so it’ll have to wait. I can’t wait to see pictures from this sewalong, though. And I hope your September sewalong will be just as fun because I’ll be able to join in!

  3. It IS THE SAME DRESS! And I have the pattern. In fact, I have a version of it on my sewing table right now, waiting for more fabric for the skirt. Makers beware: I found the skirt coming up too skint and I would advise going up to a larger size when making it.

    The version I’ve made is the wrap top, not the button down. Does this mean if I use my stashed yellow dotted swiss to make this, I will look like a princess? no doubt!

    1. I agree that the skirt would be too short for me too! According to the finished length listed on the pattern the dress would hit me several inches above the knee. I will have to add 4″ of length to hit the middle of my knee.

      But different lengths are flattering on different body types (and I’m really tall) but it’s definitely something important to check.


    Some recent vintage patterns my mom sent, including a shirt dress from 1966!

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