I Sunni, am Officially a Nerd

Dontcha think? It’s OK if you do, because I feel that being a nerd isn’t all so bad. I have serious hobbies. I have serious passions in life. So what if I’m way into sewing? At least I’m way into something rather than nothing at all.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that if you’re going to be at the American Sewing Expo, well so am I! I’ll be speaking about a few things here and there – I’m still working out the specifics. I’m pretty excited about it. Oh alright, I’m ecstatic!!! They needed a head shot of me and a bio and this is what I came up with for a head shot and below are some out takes. I thought you might think that was rather fun.

Crazy eyes! Give me your hair and let's cut it!
Crazy Eyes! Give me your hair – let’s cut it!
I can even crack myself up when I’m alone taking my photo with a clicker
Come and get me! You know you want some of this! Sharp tool in my hand and hot iron at my side and all. Bring it on!



16 thoughts on “I Sunni, am Officially a Nerd

  1. Not so much a “nerd” as an “intellectual smartmop.” (That was to have been “smarta$$” but I am trying not to curse so much anymore.)

  2. Umm. That was not meant to sound so mean as it does in print. My facebook friends have a running post today on other ways to describe themselves as nerdly than “nerd.” “Intellectual” plays a part in most of their submissions.

  3. You’re hilarious! I’m a total sewing nerd myself, and I think it’s perfectly ok. You need a passion in life otherwise what’s the point? I wish I could go to the expo it sounds like an amazing event, and a perfect place to totally nerd out! You’ll be great there!

  4. I think I am going to go to this also! Michigan is my home state and my mom and pops still live there so this is a good excuse to go back and check in with the “rentals”. I missed this last year and was so sad 😦 . I would have loved to have seen Gretchen’s creation and watch the whole process- if you are even allowed to do that? Great for you for teaching- well deserved, I can’t wait to benefit from all your knowledge!

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