Stitching Spotlights 6.1.2012

I’m so glad its Friday loves! I’ve been making serious progress on my jacket and I’m still soaking up the satisfaction and I’ve added another jacket to the list of makes. Its a way down the line, but I’ll get to it before the summer is out. Gosh, tailoring is just so much fun and its opened up a whole new world of options to me. I hadn’t really factored in jackets into my wardrobe – seems I never really wore them much, but that’s more due to fit, which I can cure, than anything else. So let’s hear it for tailored jackets, eh?

On the Stitching Spotlights front, Karen’s fabuloso St. Clements Cambie made my list. So cute right? I’m big fan of citrusy colors mostly because I wear them very well, so I can’t help loving this dress. Plus I’ve got the Cambie on my list to make this summer – what great inspiration! Lovely make Karen!

Karen also posted a marvelous tutorial for how to knot your thread. This is actually how I knot my thread, a trick I picked up some years ago from a sewing class I took. It was a revelation at the time, so if you too ever have difficulty knotting a thread, have a gander at Karen’s clever tutorial.

For you southern hemisphere folks it’s probably getting a little chilly right? Well Sew Tessuti made their stellar New York Cape Pattern now available by PDF. I’m seriously crushing on this cute little cape and it looks so easy to make too. I’ve got it tagged for a possible make come the fall. I think I might even have the perfect wool for it too.

More inspiration from around the interwebs:
A very cute and clever pocket tutorial. I think it would sweet on a denim skirt myself.
This girl’s got jackets on the brain too – I do so love a great jacket from Amanda. Don’t miss.
Some great tips on when to change sewing needles and maybe try out a new brand.
Tasia gives an in depth look at how to line the Cambie Dress. BTW, this works for a number of other dresses too.
Some rather GORGEOUS corded detail inspiration.
I love these wonderful tips for how to get over a crafting slump.

Friends, have a fabulous weekend!



3 thoughts on “Stitching Spotlights 6.1.2012

  1. Thanks for including me! ♥ I can happily report the sewing slump is over, a dress is done, but it has to warm back up before I can photograph it (it dropped 40 degrees this week). 😛

    I am totally crushing with you on the cape, especially the one in plaid. OMG. That is almost enough to make me consider trying to sew a jacket, even though I really have never wanted to go there before. Wowza!

  2. Great round up. I hope your tailoring has been going well. I’m still struggling with the fit right at my back shoulders. I think I’m going to cut a new muslin since at this point I’ve resewn the sleeves in so many times they’re all frayed and ratty. If a new muslin doesn’t work, I might give up and use another jacket pattern instead, though I’d rather not since this one is meant for this class and it does fit really well in front.

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