Shop Update ~ Silk Pins, Ribbons & Stay Tape!

A few more acquisitions made it into the shop this week! First off, there’s a couple of new petersham ribbon colors and sizes.  I just added Dreamscicle and Rasberry hued ribbons in 1 inch widths, plus in a few of the other colors there’s a few more sizes. Definitely check them out!

Also new – Glass Head Silk Pins! These are seriously the cat’s meow! I purchased a set awhile back and have been using them for sometime now and I could not be happier with them. They work wonderfully for silk, and for all other light to medium weight fabrics too – I’ve also used them for heavy weight fabrics with much success as well. These are definitely a dynamite pin to have! Plus those glass heads make them way easy to find in carpet – it only goes without saying that I drop my share of pins from time to time.

I’ve also become unbelievably fond of this particular brand of stay tape and so I just had to add it to the shop! This is Sewkeys E Extremely Fine Fusible Stay Tape. My especial favorite use for this stay tape – in the shoulders of knits. It totally beats adding twill tape after you’ve sewn a seam, something I always seem to have trouble applying. With this magical notion, you simply fuse the tape to the shoulder’s seamline, stitch it up and Voila! you’re done! It’s so easy and so much simpler. Not to mention, this stuff has a myriad of other uses too. Do give it a try! You’ll love it!

I also wanted to say an especial Thank You to you guys for making me feel like a million yesterday. I’ve read each and every one of your comments and each made me smile and remember what’s really important. Thanks so much for your encouragement! It means the world to me!



7 thoughts on “Shop Update ~ Silk Pins, Ribbons & Stay Tape!

  1. Hi Sunni,

    Can you use the fusible straight stay tape on curved necklines? If not, what do you suggest for staying curved necklines in the fusible department?

    1. Depending on the deepness of the curve of the neckline, I’m sure you could clip along one edge of the stay tape to make it curve. If the curve is quite deep, I still think that you could use this stay tape by cutting the tape in strips of 1 – 2 inches and carefully placing them along the curved neckline seamline. Granted I haven’t actually tried this, but I’m quite sure it would work. This stay tape is really really awesome and actually stays fused while your sewing with it – something I’ve had trouble with in other stay tapes. Plus it comes on a 25 yard roll and so you’ll have some for quite a long time. Hopefully this helps!

  2. Re surviving ‘bad’ schoolkids: In my work I run up against a very small minority of obnoxious people and I try to keep a bit of mental distance. They can’t abuse me, only my work persona and I shed that when I leave. A small girl I knew liked to wear two pairs of underpants to kinder. She explained to me that if she was climbing, the boys teased her because they could see up her skirt. With two pairs on, she didn’t care if they teased because “I know they can’t see my real pants!”
    One needs the psychological equivalent of those outer underpants, to protect the self inside.

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