Stitching Spotlights 5.11.2012

Goodness Gracious, its been a week! It’s been a few weeks really. My mister and I are in the middle of making some serious life decisions and well, it’s been taxing on both of us. Even worse, the decisions still haven’t been settled. Aiy, yai yai. Anyway, forget that! I’m tired of agonizing about life and its many challenges and unexpected forks in the road. It’s Stitchin Spolights, sister so let’s be inspired eh?

This week’s AMAZING creation goes to Kristin of K-line. Speaking of agony, that jacket was her’s, I do believe. But oh what ecstasy for the finished result! Isn’t her suit positively delightful. What a dish! That gorgeous fabric (don’t miss out on her unbelievable lining!), the fit, the workmanship. Truly a suit she’ll wear forever and ever! You are positively delicious in this get up Kristin!

I was unusually inspired and grateful for this absolutely beautiful post on health and happiness from Lauren. Gosh, when you get back to basics there’s so much that we do that doesn’t matter and not enough of what we don’t do that does. Well, at least that’s sometimes how I feel. It was wonderful to read this lovely post and I hope you agree!

Wanna make your own sew in labels? Do. Not. Miss. this fabulous tutorial from Victory Patterns! I was so thrilled I nearly fell off my chair with delight from reading about how to do this. I must find one of those markers! Yay!

More beauty this week:
This post was another inspiring one for me. I think I had the exact same resolutions too! I’m totally feelin I need a little kick in the pants these days.
In my heart of hearts (and soul of souls) I am a jeans and tee kind of gal too! A totally inspired me-made ensemble.
Don’t miss Lauren’s knock-out bombshell dress!
Are we all feeling the need for love this week – another “I needed to read that” post. Don’t miss.
An AWESOME post on styling. Rather than just style.
DIY Ombre Tights. So cool. Need I say anything else?
Do you ever wonder how those that went before us dealt with Body Odor? I do. Have peak at this fun post on just that.

Have a great weekend! No agony. Please!



8 thoughts on “Stitching Spotlights 5.11.2012

  1. I hope you work out your hard decisions as of late. I hate when that happens; it can be so taxing on you mentally and physically 🙂

    I’m in love with Sallie’s pants too!

  2. Vinegar, either apple cider or regular white vinegar, dabbed or sprayed onto clean armpits, is an excellent odor neutralizer. It won’t stop wetness, but you absolutely will not stink. (This is a summer custom for me: when so many around me in the outdoor crowds in southeastern US are drenched in sweat, no one notices another wringing wet woman unless they can smell her. In the wintertime, I want dry pits.)
    Otherwise, you are reduced to taking 5-6 baths a day and applying talcum powder over and over, if you choose to forgo a commercial deodorant or antiperspirant.

  3. Thanks so much, Sunni, for mentioning my blog post. I’m so thankful that you enjoyed reading it. I’ll be praying things start getting much better for you soon. *hugs*

  4. Poor Sunni!!! :/ I know all too well about those bouts of life decisions where you feel in limbo because you’ve got to wait and make a final call. It’s maddening! Here’s hoping that things iron themselves out and your path makes itself clear very soon. *hugs*

  5. As always – a great roundup! Thank you. I found Lauren’s post on health and happiness particularly timely as well. My husband and I are also facing some life decisions and its always nerve-wracking and exhilarating. Sending you good thoughts…

  6. I’m in the same boat! My husband and I are getting ready for some huge changes this year and I’m equally terrified and excited. I hope you’re doing ok!

    Looove Stitching Spotlights. Those tags are really, really cute. I’ve been debating on getting custom ones or the tags that say “this took forever.” Now I’m just going to make my own!

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