Shop Talk ~ Chalk Pens & Rulers, Oh My!

Hey friends, its been awhile since I’ve done a proper shop update here and there are just a few new things I’ve added. I decided to start carrying those infamous Clover Chalk Pens. Yay! These things are lovely to use and so much easier than fiddling with chalk that breaks up in your hand or trying to sharpen one of those chalk pencils which always seem to break off in the sharpener (at least mine ALWAYS do). I’ve started carrying the blue and white, which are in the shop right now, and the pink and refills for these three colors should be coming soon.

Also, Collins’ Quilt and Sew Ruler is in the shop. A somewhat odd item for a shop that’s mostly into dressmaking tools, you might say? Don’t let the name fool you here! This ruler is THE ruler. It’s got a 1/8″ grid and to boot 1/16″ markings around the outer edges. I use mine all the time when I’m doing a little pattern drafting here and there. They come in terribly handy for adding on seam allowances and putting in grainlines. There’s some stellar instructions on the back of the packaging, to give you great ideas for other fabulous uses for this ruler too.

Just a couple new items to dream about. Yay!



11 thoughts on “Shop Talk ~ Chalk Pens & Rulers, Oh My!

  1. I use a builder’s square for drafting patterns, and a long steel ruler that I found in a home-improvement store — it’s longer than a meter, and v. useful for drafting long lines without having to stop and shift my regular ruler over and over.

  2. I love my chalk pens! Sharp lines without constant sharpening, draws on difficult fabrics like fleece, easy to see… I have a yellow and white one, but am looking forward to the blue one and the refillable aspect. And the quilting ruler looks awesome!

  3. I’ve never heard of the chalk pens but I always break my chalk. And if I carry it in my purse, the wax gets all over. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Lovely! I ordered a set of multicoloured chalk pens from the UK and I love them but when they get low, I’ll definitely try the famous Clover pens! 😀

    I just use a metal ruler for my markings right now but this one is definitely more posh ^___^

  5. I was confused by: “…those infamous Clover Chalk Pens. Yay! These things are lovely to use…” Umm, “infamous” and “lovely” in the same sentence??? Are you sure you mean “infamous”?

    But that aside, I’ve had a similar chalk marker with a little wheel for years now and they’re absolutely fabulous! I don’t think I could ever go back to pencils or chalk wedges again.

    1. I do suppose that infamous would not be the best word – you’re right! Ha ha! But these pens are quite wonderful. I’ve totally given up on chalk and marking pencils.

  6. I learned about the Clover chalk pens from Gertie’s Craftsy Video class. I ordered some and have a pink and white which I use all the time and love them over that old tailors chalk.

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