Pyjama Party Extravaganza!

Friends, here they are! I’ve been talking about these a bit on me old facebook page. I didn’t even finish stitching the last stitch until last night, when me, myself and I had a bit of a slumber party while I slept in them for the night too. Alright slumber party fiends, let’s get onto the details.

These pants were a total stash buster. I didn’t spend any money on anything new! Yay! I used McCall’s 5990 and the fabric here is one that actually belongs in a bed – a thrifted top sheet, which looked barely used and I’ve had in the stash, with the intention of making into pj bottoms, for sometime now. The cute little polka dotted details are a quilting cotton I had way too much of in the stash and it seemed too perfect not to use with my main fabric! Originally I cut these puppies out and found out that I needed a few alterations. I know, I’m crazy, but I’m seriously kind of weird about how my pj bottoms fit. These needed some extra fabric in the rear and the original pattern was tapered. Now, I don’t have anything against tapered pants, but oh my goodness, these were a rather more horrific version of mom jeans. So when all was said and done, I made some alterations to the pattern and cut them out again with just enough fabric to spare.

I added pockets to the front because I’m a pocket addict and besides, who doesn’t need pockets to carry little surprises in? Their piped too! I also drafted a sweet pocket for the back, cute huh? This pattern came with hem cuffs instead of the traditional hem and I have to say that I adore this! It’s basically just a rectangle that’s been folded in two and attached to the bottom of the pant. I used petersham in the waistband (as well as elastic) and also added little tabs at the side and back pocket – a detail I totally love. Kind of gives everything a more finished look, wouldn’t you say?

All in all, I would say I went wayyyyyy overboard for a pair of pj bottoms. Wouldn’t you? It’s kind of one of those types of things that its fun to get carried away with and use wacky and cute fabric combinations that you couldn’t really wear in real life. My inner 10 year old is totally oogling over these!

Karen demanded our bedside reading material and I’m one of those people who read and keep alot of books at their bedside. Let’s take a look at what’s there today, shall we? A copy of Threads, like the good proper stitcher that I am. Can’t go to sleep without a wink of sewing advice, right? Self Matters, by Dr. Phil, a book which is actually quite good and one I’m going through bit by bit. I also have Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Romancing the Ordinary, which I take out for days when I’m feeling particularly in need of emotional refreshment. Last but not least is How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, a book I thrifted awhile back and one which my dad encouraged me to read a long time ago. Normally, I do have a novel of the detective variety here, but I’ve been unusually unhappy with several of the detectives in novels that I’ve read as of late. And there you go. It’s a wonder I get anything done, the way my brain is scattered….

Hop on over to Did You Make That? to participate in the pyjama-rama. There’s so much fun I can barely contain myself! Tonight demands that I make some cookies, watch Bridget Jones and paint my toenails.



33 thoughts on “Pyjama Party Extravaganza!

  1. I knew you’d make something unbelievable, and you totally did. I LOVE this pyjamas. The contrast hems, the tabs – genius – the pockets. Sigh… So, so pretty. Um, and may I have your bedroom and bed please? Totally great taste, as ever. Thanks for taking part with such relish!

  2. Wow! I LOVE these. The contrast fabric, pockets and hem cuff are gorgeous. I don’t think you went overboard at all, it’s a real treat to see them, very inspirational!

  3. Prettiest pajamas I’ve seen. Maybe you’ll post a close up of the waist band and piped pockets some time in the future? Your details are always awesome.

  4. I love your PJs, the fabric is so cute. Love the hem cuff and cute pocket. Your evening sounds perfect!! Exactly what a girl needs every now and then!

  5. Wasn’t this a fun party?! I love all of the details you added to your pajama bottoms. I kept mine simple and quick. Pockets and coordinating cuffs sure are cute, though…

  6. These are gorgeous! I love the fabrics together – and the details are great. When I finished mine I tried to stick my hands in the pockets – only to remember of course there are none. Boo!

  7. I am one of those people who think that details on PJ’s are essential. To me they are a canvas for practicing new details, adding fancy little trims and bows and using up fabric that I won’t use for day-wear, etc. Yours certainly fit the bill. Think about all the little extras here. Adorable. Keep it up.

  8. Awesome! I love the contrast pocket and hem edging. Really adds more pop to it. And the red drawstring is pure genius. Wrt detective novels, have you read any of the Erast Fandorin novels by Boris Akunin (translated from the Russian)? He also has a different series with a female detective called Sister Pelagia. I really enjoyed both series (although I like the Fandorin ones more because he’s gorgeous and always unlucky in love ;)).

  9. ROFL! I had exactly the same sheet, also thrifted which I’ve used for pjs! Yours are super cute, I love the finishing touches.

  10. So cute!!! I really love your combination of fabrics and how they fit. So often it’s easy to rush through something like pj’s since few people will ever see them. 😉 I need some new pj bottoms myself and may have to dig out one of my patterns since you’ve inspired me so!

  11. Why am I not surprised that you made such a cute & colorful pair of pjs? I really love these – especially the idea of making them out of a top sheet. And the pockets! Hmm I think I might need a new pair of pjs now…

  12. These are adorable! Love!!! I like pockets in all my pj’s, too– I cut out pockets for mine, but got distracted and French seamed them all the way down without adding the pockets. Whoops! Next time…

  13. I love pj pants. Your pants are adorable too. It’s okay to go overboard because really pjs get worn more than a ton of other clothes. You should have something comfy and cute and you do.

  14. Such pretty pajama bottoms! I love the fabric and you really went all out on the details! I particularly like the piped pockets and the tabs!

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