Stitching Spotlights 4.27.2012

The week just kind of ran away from me here! Gah! I’m officially taking part in the Pyjama Party hosted by Did You Make That? and I’m almost finished sewing up my pj pants. There has been absolutely no work on my wrap dress and of course, instead I’ve started dreaming up new projects. Sigh. I had some crazy femme stuff happen this week and it’s kind of got me feeling blah. And something must seriously be in the air here in Utah because the kids at the middle school have been unnatural and particularly bad and I’ve been feeling extremely….fed up! Is it normal to not want children after working with such hellions? Grrrhhhh! On a high note, one of Mr. S’s coworkers – Denise! – allowed me to borrow her Downton Abbey Season 2! So you know where I’ll be this weekend. And I was able to change my Facebook page name. It had been under my old alias and I was debating whether or not to just start a new page with my Fashionable Stitch name, but low and behold I was able to change it! Yay! That made my whole week! I’ve been playing around over there, so you should come and join if you are indeed a facebooker.

Isn’t this a most delightful induction to summer dress? I could steal this creation right off of Stephanie’s body. And I just might because she lives here in Utah. I would die for some of that fabric. Sigh! A great rendition of the Darling Ranges dress. Fabulous job Stephanie! Let’s meet for a latte, just be sure to bring a change of clothes….

I adored this interview that Madalynne did with Liz from A Good Wardrobe about clothing you’ll actually wear. I’m sure you’ve experienced putting alot of time and effort into making something that just ends up at the back of the closet. I know I have. Hop on over and read Liz’s tips for sewing garments you’ll reach for all the time.

This completely stunning collection of garments popped through my reader this week. Hop on over to be equally inspired!

More sweet inspiration and goings on:
A very sweet blouse. I adore those buttons!
Another sneak peek at Suzy’s soon to be released sewing pattern!
A step by step waist alteration of some men’s trousers.
A gorgeously tailored jacket, with alot of a great info on how she acheived her look!
A fantastic Mad Men inspired dress! I die over that color!

Have a glorious weekend friends!



5 thoughts on “Stitching Spotlights 4.27.2012

  1. What a lovely roundup! How I love the bustier and long flowing floral skirt….just wish it would look like that if I were to wear it! lol!
    Have a great weekend Sunni 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for including me in the round-up! I’m honoured! Enjoy season 2 – I want to try the recipe for Lady Sybil’s cake I’ve seen floating around on the interwebs…

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