Stitching Spotlights 4.13.2012

Friday the 13! he he! In April, no less! It’s that time of the week again friends. Stitching Spotlights to your weekend rescue! Are you doing anything grand this weekend? Mr. S and I had a date planned for the a trip to our local zoo, but as there is a chance of rain and drear I think we might skip it this week. I’m going to be putting the finishing touches on my wrap dress draft and mocking up a muslin. I’m rather excited to cut into some fabric after so much work on inspiration and drafting. I’ll be the first to let you know how it goes.

I simply could not resist adding Casey’s gorgeous period inspired frock to the spotlighted creation this week. Isn’t it just lovely? Casey always creates such drool worthy sewn garments and this is simply no exception. She looks divine in it too! Gorgeous confection Casey!

I found Tasia’s post on frosting vs. cake so intriguing. I feel absolutely the same way about my wardrobe and my own sewn creations. I love frosting and rarely make cake. Judging from the cloth I buy for my stash, I feel this even more so. Yet, when I go to my closet to try to wear something with the creation I just finished, I find I have no “basic”/cake items to go with my frosting. A closet full of frosting and nothing to wear! Definitely jump over to read her thoughts and the thoughts of others in the comments!

Karen from Did You Make That? is hosting her first ever sewalong. She’s chosen to do a pyjama party! I think its a brilliant idea and plan to follow along and make myself a pair or two of lovely pj bottoms – possible even a silk set, what do you say to that? My pyjama/lounge wear is pathetic. Dare I say that even Mr. S turns up his nose quite frequently at the sad state of my wardrobe in this area and yet, what do I continue to make – DRESSES! Thank you Karen! This is just what I needed!

More inspiring goodness from my reader this week:
A great tutorial for a better elastic waistband insertion – don’t miss this one!
Hop on over to Amy’s blog and tell her which you like better – the nude or black colored slip for her stunner of a lace dress!
Another wonderfully inspirational interview from Tilly!
Sherry poses this very intriguing question and one that I consider a lot.
Zoe and Tilly debut their creations for the Simplicity blog hop! Stellar frocks too!
I loved Rachel’s recommendations for dressing guides.
Isn’t Lauren’s fabric choice for this Cynthia Rowley frock delightful?
I do think Debi’s suit is just amazing. Sigh…
Suzannah posted a video on how to measure yourself – now that is very helpful. Dontcha think?
Nan is so inspirational to me! I love her Jackie O suit, what about you?

Have a wonderful weekend friends!



6 thoughts on “Stitching Spotlights 4.13.2012

  1. If I saw you make a pair of silk pyjamas I think I would die and go to heaven! I dream of being as good with silk as you are. Thanks for the shout out – I think the Pyjama Party is going to be really exciting.

  2. Thanks for the elastic tutorial. It was great. I’m a technical designer and too many times our waistbands come in tunneling and twisting! No good!

  3. I always look forward to these weekly posts–so many wonderful things to look at! 🙂 Thank you bunches too for highlighting my Edwardian evening gown!!! *blushes*

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