Inspired: the Wrap Dress

I’m trying to do something of a SWAP (Sewing with a Plan) and a Spring Palette. More or less, I’m trying to keep my energies focused on one project at a time. This is hard for me. Once I get started on a project, I tend to start looking for another project before the project I’m working on has even finished. I told you yesterday that I’ve started drafting a wrap dress. It’s my first full draft and its been kind of hard to pinpoint exactly what I wanted to do, so I decided to compromise and sew 2 wrap dresses instead of just one. I’ve been wanting something of a Diane Von Furstenberg meets the wrap dresses from the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice. A rather odd combo, I’ll admit, but lately that’s what I’ve been inspired by. I put together a few images of what I’m dreaming about so that possibly, you too, might be inspired! Yay! Click on each image for the original link.

I adore this dress. I especially love the flow and drape of the fabric, a silk I would guess. A completely perfect color too. Don’t you think?

Another silk beauty but with gorgeous pockets. Not a true wrap dress, but a faux wrap, nonetheless. I adore it! The color, the drape and beauty of the fabric and the sleeve particularly catch my eye.

A classic Diane Von Furstenberg. So simple. Classic lines and simple shapes. In none other than her classic silk jersey. Such luxury! I die!

These last two images are from the 2005 version of the Pride & Prejudice. Now, regardless of your feelings about the film (of which, I am told there are strong ones about it) I find the costumes positively lovely. There were a multitude of wrap like dresses like the pink one on the far right in the top photo and most had a back with similar design lines to the one in the bottom photo. I especially love the back. An armscye princess seam with a center back seam and a wrapped shoulder seam. I think its stunning, what do you say? Are you a wrap dress fiend too? Doesn’t everyone need one of these?



18 thoughts on “Inspired: the Wrap Dress

  1. I giggled when I read your post! I specifically put old period movies (or just old films) on my Netflix so I can sketch the costumes I love!! At times, I will flip through and try to put one of the elements into something I’m working on. I also love to watch old Bob Newhart shows on Hulu. the 70’s fashions are great on that show.

    Cheers and thanks for sharing!

  2. J’adore wrap dresses — I wore out the paper making the mid-1970s Simplicity knock-off of the DVF dress. I’ve since switched to a more columnar dress, a Vogue multi-view pattern (sorry, number doesn’t come immediately to mind), as the advance of time has left my waistline too thick for that classic dress. That princess-seamed wrapped shoulder cut you so admire stayed in vogue throughout much of the 19th century — I modeled my self-drafted wedding gown on an 1870s silhouette, and used that seaming on the back. It is marvelously adaptable to many figures, as the bias over the shoulder molds to a good fit on sloping and square shoulder lines with little alteration needed. It’s been long enough to reintroduce that detail without being accused of being “derivative.”

    1. Thank you LinB! I do so love your comments here! I’m very excited to try the bias part over the shoulder – a big draw to the style as I think it will definitely do wonders for my squarish shoulders.

  3. Wrap dresses are the greatest thing ever!! There is definitely a style to flatter every figure, and oh, the luxury. I’m quite curious to see how you incorporate the details from the film dress into the modern shape. I have a weakness for 70s era DVF myself. Looking forward to seeing the progress!

    1. I love DVF! I remember when I was first introduced to one of her iconic dresses in a magazine. And then I discovered that it was made of pure silk jersey! I die! What complete bliss it must be to wear that!

  4. I loove the first one at the top. It resemble very much pattern 123 from burda magazine october 2011, which is on my list

    on a side note, I don’t know what the strong feelings about Pride and Prejudice are, but I personnally quite liked it 🙂

  5. The wrap dress isn’t quite me for some reason, but I do like them on other people. Maybe I should revisit it though, as I am quite liking that printed blue one! The others are lovely too, but I know if you make those Sunni you will do a lot nicer job of the hem!

  6. I too love jersey wrap dresses but would urge caution if you make it empire line as I did this once (and only once) as, despite the fact that my waist was narrower then, it was extremely unflattering – I looked 6 months pregnant!

  7. I love this post. This version of P&P is one I’ve watched about 600 times, and the costumes are simply to die for. I’ve spent a good amount of time mentally deconstructing these dresses to try to determine why they fit so nicely yet seem somehow comfortable and at all times flattering yet practical. At the same time, I’ve recently thrifted my first DVF wrap dress knock-off and was pleasantly surprised how flattering it was even for my figure which is a bit ‘thicker’ than I’d like. I really felt dressed up and stylish in this design, and at the same time comfortable. It seems to be a good fit for many figures. Now, with your inspiration, I’m looking to make something similar in a more summery fabric. This is the year of the dress for me.

  8. I canNot do wrap dresses! have no boobs, so I don’t like anything that draws attention to that area, and especially anything that really requires boobs in order to work well 🙂 However even though I know this about myself, I still consider making one every now and again bc they look so cute when I see them out and about!!
    And—- silk jersey??!!!?!! that sounds incredible!

    1. LLBB: It’s actually much easier for members of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee to make and to wear surplice/wrap styles — you can get a clean diagonal line across your body without all those mounds of flesh that cause worrying gap issues! (I was President of the IBTC in my college dorm, so I speak from experience.) Wrap dresses in jersey knit can be yanked and pulled and manipulated in amazing ways, to fit and flatter a wide range of figures.

  9. I am drooling over that first powder blue number!! How beautiful!! I’m A HUGE fan of wrap dresses. I think they are the most flattering of all the dresses ever. I made a red wrap dress out of some drapey rayon jersey last summer. I had the flu when I sewed it up so I think I was a bit delirious so it is by far one of my worst construction jobs ever – but I still wear that thing practically everyday!! It doesn’t matter that there are mistakes – that silly wrap dress makes me feel like a million dollars!
    I can’t wait to see where this inspiration leads you. No matter where you end – I’m sure it will be in fantastic wrap dress land!!

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