Refashioned Post Updates

Hey friends! I spent a good deal of last week making little pencil skirts so that I could update my pencil skirt w/vent tutorials. When I say little, I mean I cut out the BurdaStyle Jenny skirt at 60% and proceeded to make up little skirts like I was making them for a doll or something. It was fun and sooooooooooooo much easier to photograph. I’ve revised a ton of stuff there including the wording and such and I’ve fully revamped the sewing section of the lining. If you’ve already tried your hand at these particular tutorials before, please have another look at them as a few of the instructions have changed a bit. You’ll find the links in the Sewing School, of course, but you can click on the thumbnails below and hop on over to each of the tutorials too. They are in order from left to right. Updated and freshened, hopefully you’ll find them useful, if not at this point in time, sometime in the future. You can pop me an email anytime if you’ve got questions and I’ll try to get them answered. Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Refashioned Post Updates

  1. This is genius!!!! I tink these tutorials should go in some sort of hall of fame or at least be taught in school. No kidding! I shall print them and follow them from now on. And the idea of sewing a few smaller skirts first is also awesome. I totally need the practice.
    Sunni, thank you so much for taking the time to share all of this with us! It is very, very much appreciated!

  2. Great tutorial. I agree that a vent with a lining is a simple technique that adds so much to a finished garment. Thanks for the update lady!

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