the Belts

Aren’t they fun? So, I decided this month that I was going to tackle making each and every belt and buckle kit that is in the shop. Being a one man band, this was a rather big undertaking if not just plain old time consuming. But hey, that’s fine. It was fun and now you can get an idea of what a belt looks like when its finished! Yay! I also decided to do a little shop cleaning and renaming and I wanted to give you a tip or two plus my favorites list. So let’s talk belts huh? What girl can have too many belts?

So let’s start with my most favorite belt of the bunch – though I do love them all really. This belt option was actually not in the shop until just yesterday….Weird huh? It’s newish and I positively adore it. Her name is Bernadette and I swear there seems to be so much that this mustard color goes with. Color aside though, I love this particular kit because of the shape. I don’t know, its just like perfect! Not to mention, this belt was a cinch to whip out.

Next up – all square buckles get a serious thumbs up. These are now under the name of Rita and its no wonder, but the 1 inch version of this belt is the most popular in the shop. There’s some serious square buckle love out there. I’ll admit that my favorite is the 2 inch of this version. Fab. U. Lous. Plus the shop sample is bright pink – does it get better?

Hazel’s got the run for the round buckles. I had misgivings about doing any of the belts in prints (I have no idea why) but the Liberty-ish print for the 1.5 incher makes me smile every time I look at it. Friends, its the bee’s knees having a floral belt. I highly recommend. So fun to wear and pair with stuff. So FUN! Now for those of you with a round buckle fetish, let me caution you on these particular belts – and please forgive me that I didn’t know this earlier. Let me just point something out. The buckle’s round. I know, you got that. But that also means that since its not square, the open areas in between the bar (where the prong is) and the buckle don’t contain enough room to actually slide multiple layers of belt backing through it (cause it gets smaller hence the circle-ness of it). I know. It’s weird. Long story short, trim the belt backing down along one edge about 1/16″ – 1/8″ depending on the type of fabric you use (thick or thin – so more or less, you know). After you’ve covered the buckle and before you sew the fabric for the belting, try to slide two thicknesses of the belt backing through the buckle and then trim it down until you can do it easily, OK? OK.

I love Stella. Always have. It’s THE classic belt and buckle kit, I think.

And then there’s Daphne. Another rounded edge buckle – depending on fabric thickness, I recommend trimming the belting down just a little on this one too.

Last, but not least is Velma. I do love the rectangular buckles – especially the 2 incher. She’s a definite winner.

Speaking of 2 inchers, I noticed that they take up more belting as they go around your waist. So as you plan your belts and such for various sewing projects, just be aware that you’ll want a very solid 6 – 8 inches (I would lean more toward the 8 inch side) more of belt backing than your waist circumference for the 2 inchers. And did you know that you can sew strips of belt backing together (just use a zig zag stitch)? And vice versa you know, you can trim down belt backing widths too. And even though I thought this would affect the way the belt would look after being covered in the fabric, it really doesn’t. Seriously. So think about that next time you have an odd width buckle (like 3″ or 1/2″). And have fun with the fabrics you use. Break out those quilting cottons that you don’t know what to do with, because sometimes a Tee and denim skirt or jeans is just dying for a loud belt, with a scarf and sweet dangly earrings.

Now. Go ye forth and make belts. And have fun and smile. Cuz belts are fun!



11 thoughts on “the Belts

  1. This couldn’t be more timely, Sunni, I bought a 1 inch Rita kit recently and have been raring to go. Can’t wait to get started on it now! x

  2. Your belts are lovely. Looks like you have been very busy. You might actually get me making belts again. One little tip I discovered years ago helped me greatly with covering buckles, I don’t even remember from where. Dampen the fabric. It stretches beautifully and then conforms to the buckle shape, I would always get those little “pokeys” on corners and on circular buckles. You probably already know this but I thought I would pass it on.

  3. I love them all! But I adore the grey striped Velma belt you made.

    Thanks for posting up images of them all done up. It makes it much more helpful to decide on the look you want to create with the samples.

  4. Great job, Sunni. All your hard work has yielded an awesome collection of belts. And you’re right – great accessories are the perfect way to make a simple Tshirt and skirt/pants outfit something special. This will give someone the idea – like me – to make a belt just for the fun of it, not necessarily to specifically match a dress or skirt you’ve made.

  5. I just ordered some of your kits a few days ago, I was excited to play with them before but now I really am! I especially love the striped Velma.

  6. I love the names you picked for them!

    I’ve been quite satisfied with the belt kits I’ve gotten from you so far, though I think my eyelet-setting technique needs work!

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