Stitching Spotlights – 3.2.2012

It’s Friday again and this week, I didn’t have insomnia…as bad…so you get my weekly dose of interesting links and things that are inspiring me. I’ve actually been dragging my feet getting my last February project done, but for the most part I’m right on par with my 3 per month sewn items. I’m pretty happy about that. As I type this, its not been the most fabulous day, but now that I think of my goal and the prospect of watching the Vampire Diaries as I sew, I’m feeling much better about the whole ordeal. Sigh. Supernatural teenage love. Does it get much better? I know, it totally doesn’t.

Since I missed last week’s Stitching Spotlights, I feel I owe you two fantastic garments of the week. Don’t you think so too? The one on the left – Kelli via True Bias. A version of the Darling Ranges Dress by Megan Nielsen. I am dying over this printed silk she used. Such a 30’s-ish print, I would say and yet she’s made it so now, so modern. I LOVE it! On the right side here we have Catherine from Catherine Daze’s Blog. What impeccable taste and flawless sewing. It’s just gorgeous and so fabulous. Words do not do justice here. Beautiful job ladies!

Madalynne posted about how to draft a basic bodice block and I’m interested to try my hand at her method because she eliminates unnecessary ease. The instructions look brilliant, I think I might just dive right in.

Last week, A Beautiful Mess posted about how to make your own stationary and I just couldn’t believe how cool this is, especially if you’re are trying to use up scraps. And I mean, come on – getting a card from a seamstress with fabric sewn onto it is way cool. Too cool for school! I love this! Scraps, you’d better get ready cuz here I come.

More inspiration and lovely things:
✂ Please tell me you didn’t miss Duane’s shirt because it’s purely amazing and retro. The fabric is also completely genius.
verypurpleperson’s Pendrell and Kasia skirt are delicious. Roar!
✂ What is this? Some drop dead beautifulness. Plus now I’m seriously thinking I need a pet owl. Now that would complete my photos.
✂ I had my doubts, but Kristin’s culottes are fab. They look comfy too. And that shirt – I made one this month and just haven’t shown you yet, but yeah, I wanted to steal the thing right off her body!
Sarai’s interview over at Tilly’s was so inspiring. So inspiring. I love reading that stuff. Makes me want to get off my duff.
Lauren’s knit guide can not be missed. She has the best advice. She’s such a magician with knits.
✂ Liza? Oh Liza? Will you please come to my place and do me over a couch like yours? I’ll settle for your’s instead if you just can’t make it. Pretty please?

That’s a wrap. Make this weekend count – I plan to! Yay!
Wrapping it up,


10 thoughts on “Stitching Spotlights – 3.2.2012

  1. I love the note card idea. And they would make a fabulous gift! So many great project ideas and so little time…

  2. I’ve been sick all week with the flu and this made me smile from ear to ear! Thank you so muh for recognizing my work! Andfeel free to ask me any questions if you decide to draft the bodice block. I have drafted and sewn many blocks and will help you through the process as much as I can!

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