Stitching Spotlights – 2.17.2012

I’m heading out for a true mini break weekend with my mister. My swedish massage can not come soon enough! Yay! And I do so hope its Bingo night at the local bar – I’ve been aching for some proper Bingo. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, I just know I will.

This week’s spotlighted creation comes from Julia Bobbin. I love her rainbow curtain dress here. What a catch huh? She’s got a serious sweet spot for looking great in colorful stripes – I’m dying to try something similar! Too cute Julia!

I’ve been loving watching Peter’s fur coat adventure – and what an adventure it’s truly turned out to be! Ha! Who knew that you could start adding things like brushes, combs, shavers and the like to your sewing tools. It’s almost like having a pet! I can’t wait for the final debut of this creation. Plus its pink and who doesn’t need pink in the middle of February!

This article from Tasia has really gotten me thinking – again – about my stash. Do I have a skewed vision of what I can get done with my sewing stash in the next month – you bet. It’s time to start putting the stash to good use and actually you know, using it. And actually sewing it. Oooohhh! Exciting!

More inspiration catching my eye:
✂ These are some awesome tips for how to take better outfit photos.
✂ Aren’t these vintage Elna ads just fab? Don’t miss Sherry’s new Elna Supermatic either.
✂ I really liked this post on fabric dying and what’s happened over a year. There’s also this one too. Anyone else tried their hand at dying their own fabric? It’s a great way to get that exact color you really want. Hmmm….
✂ This is an awesome idea to butter up a coat, dontcha think?
✂ A great blog post about wearing what you love – something I need to do more of.

By the way, I’m officially hooked on The Vampire Diaries TV show via Netflix. Yup. I’m totally in love with Stefan and Damon. So bite me, I mean….

Have a great weekend! Full of amazing looking vampires…


9 thoughts on “Stitching Spotlights – 2.17.2012

  1. Hi Sunni
    Thanks for sharing, great selection as always!
    BTW total fan of Vampire Diaires, since the beginning. I like that it’s so complitely NOT twilight and it manages to brush some interesting teen topics. And they manage to keep the love triangle going….

  2. I didn’t want to love the Vampire Diaries, but I started watching it on Netflix and became obsessed too. Thursdays are the highlight of my week! I’ve actually started to be less interested in the love triangle and more interested in what Caroline is up to. Her storylines are less predictable, and I like that everyone doesn’t automatically fawn over her as they do with Elena. Sometimes, Elena can be too perfect.

  3. Oh no, is Vampire Diaries really that good? I am obsessed with True Blood (in a really unhealthy way) and could use a replacement until the season premiere in June.

    Thanks for the link! You must have millions of readers because my stats BLOW UP whenever you give me a shout out. 🙂 Dyeing fabric really is super fun.

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