Same Song, Second Verse, Just as Good as the First

Friends, you know I’m almost right on quota for last month. Everything has just seemed to fall in place and the stars have aligned. Here’s garment no. 2 for the month of January – no. 3 is coming right up. Meet my second version of the shirtdress – Green with Envy! She’s made of an emerald green rayon ponte knit that I got from Yellow Bird Fabrics. All round, I’m pretty delighted with this version. I changed up the sleeve a bit and made some fitting adjustments for the bodice given the fact that this is a knit. I took Lauren’s advice for this from when I posted about my first attempt at knits. She warned that all knits are different and to stretch them to fit, which I did. The result took out all of the built in ease in the sleeve and side seams – and you all remember my deal with putting my arms in front of me comfortably. Go figure. Stretch fabrics are awesome that way, especially when they have great cross-grain stretch with little to no straight grain stretch.

The only thing better than feeling like a rockstar in this dress is that I swear I’m wearing pajamas. Good heavens this thing is comfortable. Not only that but I’ve never been especially fond of this particular shade of green and I have no idea why. It does some divine things for my coloring, dontcha think?

I made the belt using this as my inspiration for it. It keeps closed with a couple of snaps. It totally reminds me of some sort of cake confection. I’m happy with that – most times I tend to overdo this type of thing but here its just a brilliant accessory. Just enough, you know.

I’m pretty proud of myself and this dress. Sigh. What can I say? I get all sorts of looks when I wear it. Mr. S says it will most definitely come in handy around St. Patrick’s Day and I have to agree. In fact, he could probably just ship me off to Ireland and I would fit right in, red hair and all.

With that Friends, have an early St. Patty’s Day Irish Coffee on me. PS ~ Happy Groundhog Day! Yay!



50 thoughts on “Same Song, Second Verse, Just as Good as the First

  1. Ooh, me likey! You are right – that is a FAB shade of green for you! Aren’t knits so much fun? I love working with their stretchiness 🙂 And you can’t beat how comfy they are!

  2. This dress is so great. I love the color!
    I’ve been having major sleeve issues… to the point where I’m not even sure what it looks like when it’s right? If you have a photo of the back of the dress, I would love to see what a proper sleeve looks like!

  3. Oh my god you could literally rule Ireland in this thing, you look like you just stepped out of a BBC drama set in Ireland in the 1970’s. PS: I would totally watch that show obsessively. Your character would have some tragic setbacks, I’m sorry, but you would triumph, because of this dress.

  4. Sunni this is so stunning on you! You must buy fabrics in this shade whenever you see them because it suits you so so well. I say this because the ‘right’ green is remarkably difficult to find! I really like the cute notched sleeve, and all your accessories too! Awesome.

  5. This green is perfect on you and I love it. Sewing on knits I’ve not done even back in the day when they became very popular.
    One gal I had over here sewing was pulling the normal fabric in my machine and I told her to stop, she said that is how she sewed on knits pulling them along, I know nothing about sewing that way. I always have pulling the arms forward issues of being too tight which I constantly have to adjust, knits would probably be more comfortable but I’m never sure how to sew on the. Nan

    1. This ponte knit is pretty stellar especially is your a wovens lover. It has little to no straight grain stretch which makes using it with a pattern that was intended for wovens ideal. It’s almost like using a woven fabric that has stretch in it. The only issue I dealt with was the cross-grain stretch which was more just a pin fitting battle than anything else. I took the sides in about 1/2″ on each side and trimmed the armscye inward. Nothing too drastic really. I definitely recommend trying one of these types of knits if you’re getting ready to venture into some uncharted territory.

  6. I think it’s really nice and you’ve done an excellent job. You’re getting so many looks because it’s so flattering, a perfect fit, is very complimentary to your coloring and just plain fabulous. The belt goes perfectly.

  7. Well, I’m clearly not the first to say that the green is just perfect with your red hair. Add that to what it does for your eyes and your Mr. S is probably putty in your hands. Perfection!

  8. Sunni you look beautiful!!! Congrats and after all that muslin making the first time round it must have been lovely to have that perfect pattern to go off.

    1. It’s so wonderful! I can’t even tell you! I’m so happy! I’m just about to start making a classic button up shirt and will be using the bodice from this pattern as a base for reference. Yay!

    1. It’s something of a franken-pattern. The idea is from McCall’s 4769 but the bodice is from Simplicity 2724, the skirt from the Sewaholic’s Lonsdale and the sleeve is my own design. Yeah, it was crazy. Gah!

  9. You look gorgeous, Sunni! I am in love with this shade of green; it looks stunning on you. 🙂 Bravo on another fantastic (and inspiring!) sewing project!

  10. Both of these shirt dresses are STUNNING! My favorite thing is the pockets. The real question is with a pattern as great as this (that you spent so much time on) why would you sew anything else? A closet full of perfectly fitted shirt dresses!! (just kidding…kind of) I love that all of your garments are so wearable and versatile. This dress works for a run to the grocery store, or in a board room running a meeting, or for a fancy party. I can’t wait to see what your third garment for the month is and bravo for meeting your goal!

  11. The color is absolutely stunning with your hair color. I’m sure you turned many heads in this outfit. I love the vintage element brought into modern times. Love this!!

  12. gorgeous dress! And i looove that color, in fact I just sewed my own first-ever emerald green garment.
    I am going to be copying you on that pattern, I just love it and I think it will be flattering on me, too.
    We shall see!!

  13. It’s very clear that you have spent many hours on this pattern to get such a perfect fit, I take my hat off to you, you look absolutely amazing. In fact, I saw Princess Kate Middleton on TV this morning in an extremely well fitted dress and I thought of you in your green dress immediately. Totally inspirational work Sunni.

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