Stitching Spotlights – 1/27/2012

Gosh! It’s Friday again. I haven’t been feeling on par lately and it’s been seriously hiccuping me. I’m almost finished with my green ponte knit shirtdress (yay!) and have one more item to make before January leaves us. Remember I’ve got a 3 item a month quota to meet here! Anyway, I’ve got lots of stuff in store for next week, so just hang in there with me. Feeling on par is only a few more buttonholes away…

I’m in love with Handmade Ryan Gosling. For some reason, I never tell you the great things Mr. S says to me but instead choose to enlighten you with some of the less than sweet comments. I assure you, they’re almost as good as these from Handmade Ryan Gosling. Mr. S even thinks I’m pretty with no make-up, tangled hair and pjs. Can’t help lovin that man or Ryan Gosling. By the way, anyone seen Lars & the Real Girl? Probably my most favorite Ryan Gosling movie! Check it out.

It’s more than likely that you’ve already seen Gertie’s dress, but it has to be one of the most perfect wiggle dresses I’ve ever seen! Totally fabulous. She’s such a looker! Those gussets are positively a revelation, don’tcha think? Wiggle it Gertie, we can’t wait for that book…

I’m excited to take my Clover pattern and up the ante just a little. Have you seen these mini drafting tutorials from Sallieoh? Sallie has made it to my Stitching Spotlights every week this January – she’s got such great style. I love her version of Colette Clover, which is how I found her! Don’t miss out on her tutorials and fabulous blog!

More inspiration hitting my radar this week:
I’ve started to do this too! Making little embroidered tags for each of my handmade garments – Lauren, you took the words right out of my mouth.
An awesome idea for recycling! Come to think of it, bras aren’t the only thing you could recycle – what about fabric like from a beautiful Pendleton wool skirt? Yup. Do it.
I. want. some. of. these. So cute! A little sexy too!
Delightful dress. Positively delightful! Aren’t polka dots just the happiest of all prints?
More hand worked buttonholes on a darling blouse! So sweet!
Please tell me you did not miss Tasia’s latest pattern. Renfrew is at the tip top of my sewing list – my palms are itching for that pattern! Yay!
Chocolate suckers in the shape of buttons – now wouldn’t that be great for a sewing party? Sigh. Someday we’ll all get together and have chocolate button suckers…

Happy Weekend, Friends!



8 thoughts on “Stitching Spotlights – 1/27/2012

  1. So glad that you posted the Stitching Spotlight again, i really like your selections 🙂 Looking forward to see your ponte dress, Have a great weekend!

  2. Sunni I have been in a perpetual state of blush all day! Thank you again for mentioning my tutorials and lil’ ol’ blog! Plus Ryan Gosling circa Lars and the Real Girl mention.. sheesh.. whats a girl to do?

  3. Oh goodness, you’re such a doll to post about my dress! Thanks, Sunni!
    Sallie’s Clover tutorials are awesome and I can’t wait to try some of the mods out for myself!

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