Blanket Skirt

Here she is! My Blanket Skirt is all finished! Yay! Now there are several things I love about the skirt and several things I don’t and to be quite honest, I think the things I don’t love are a result of me not having time lately to actually sit down and sew for myself. In fact, that’s happened more often than not over the past few months and it’s something I’ve just begun to realize really. I just keep piling on more engagements and opportunities and actual sewing gets pushed to the backburner. Anyway, a discussion for another time, I suppose.

By the way, I cut my hair. This is from quite a while back, and I feel a little like a big fat copy cat because I did Gertie bangs (her’s are so way cute!). Mine are a little too short at the moment, I think, but I really do love the bang-age. Kind of opens up my face a little and makes it so I don’t hide behind a mass of red hair anymore. Anyway, let’s get back to the issue at hand here. The skirt!

Fabric is from Fabric Mart – double faced wool. I did a petersham ribbon waistband and I do love the result and am eager to do it again further on down the road. The zipper is gorgeous too (though there’s not a photo of it here) and is a Riri metal zipper I picked up when I was in New York.

Now, I love the skirt. It’s great. But I feel I made a quite a few mistakes that I really don’t like. First, the plaid was kind of tricky and I didn’t get it to match up all the way in the front and back. But gosh, on the sides it looks real professional. Also, I meant to have the bolder stripes pointing upwards, but as you can see, they are pointing downwards. Sigh.

The lining, unfortunately, peeks out a little too much when I’m sitting down because I did a really silly thing and cut the lining on the straight grain and the skirt on the bias. Now, I’ve worn skirts where the lining was cut on the bias and the skirt on the straight, and for some reason I thought it would work fine in the reverse, but it doesn’t. So take a lesson from me and don’t do that.

And in a hurry to get the skirt done for its first wearing at Thanksgiving dinner, I did a really silly hem treatment, which I’m not even going to dignify by telling you about. But that’s what sewing is all about, right? Making mistakes and learning from them. It’s OK. I’m still wearing it and wear it I will again and again.

All in all, its a lovely and its got those fabulous pockets to boot! I just love a good skirt with pockets. For now, Dearhearts, its back to the sewing machine as I’ve got a lovely shirtwaist dress to turn out soon.



17 thoughts on “Blanket Skirt

  1. That’s a terrific skirt and I have to say that I like the stripes pointing down in the front. Plus, your bangs look great and IMO they are not too short at all. They are very flattering on you. I too recently had short bangs cut and I love them.

  2. LOVE your bangs, and you are not a copycat! Hehe if anything, I think Gertie would be flattered that her style is so far-reaching =) By the way, the skirt is faaaabulous. The length, the bias, the petersham…! Plaids are rough, but it looks great nonetheless!

  3. Fab skirt Sunni, it looks great on you. In fact, I love the whole outfit, especially the cardigan and brooch. Your hair is lovely too, you’re right, it really does open up your face. x

  4. I just want to first say that it is lovely to see your mug!!! You look great and the bangs are soooo darn cute! Your skirt is really great- I totally get that we mean to have things go one way (like the bold print pattern pointing upwards) and have it actually end up another way- frustrating- and for some reason that seems to be what I focus on and I always seem to point out what is wrong with the garment…. ugh! I like that you told us what you like about the skirt.

  5. Sunni! It looks amazing. I love it. You are so talented. Great detail with the petersham ribbon. It really adds a contemporary looks to such a classic cut. I also love that you enjoy the process of sewing. True teacher and inspiration to those of us that follow you.

  6. Hi Sunni! I love the bangs they are just the right length on you! As for the bold stripes, the position they are in flatters in my opinion. Nice outfit!

  7. To me it looks gorgeous! I’ve been dying for a heavy, full skirt of some sort… Yours is like my dream skirt! 🙂 (Not that the weather here in VA is cooperating enough for me to wear a heavy skirt. lol.) Plus pockets in a skirt–could it be much better?! 😉

    I know what you mean about not getting much sewing done lately. Between the craziness of flying up to NYC and then all the moving stuff, I haven’t touched my machine in nearly two months. Yes. It’s sad and depressing when I think about it too long. 😉 The only excuse I have right now is needing to clear off my newly-unpacked sewing table, organize stuff, and plug the ol’ machine in. Oh, and deciding whether sewing a dress I totally don’t need or doing mending gets tackled first! 😉

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  9. Hello – I know this is a bit late, but I love this skirt. I would so like to make a similar one! Can you tell me what pattern you used please? It looks a bit like the Burdastyle Linda skirt – but not quite so full?? Or is it a self-drafted one? I’ve googled and googled Blanket skirts but can’t come up with it…

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