giving the slip

Sheesh! I daresay its been the most horrible last few weeks of my life. Moving and loosing a close grandma + a nice mix of a few odd health problems I’ve had at the same time all in the same awful whack seemed to be like running head on into a wall of bricks. And I’m sure that last sentence was all sorts of grammatical scary, but I could use just a little slack today.

I’ve got my sewing room all set up and surprisingly I’ve actually been sewing a little. We moved into a place with tile flooring, which is nice, but really cold. If its one thing about tile flooring that I don’t like, its that its cold. I’m of the opinion that if you are going to have tile flooring, you need heated flooring installed too. Something I’ve only seen once, but it was lovely, not to mention pricey. Through bouts of Bridget Jones’s Diary and Pride and Prejudice running on my computer, I stitched up these ballet house slippers from Heather Ross’ Weekend Sewing book. I’ve had the book for sometime now and haven’t sewed a single thing from it, though I think several of the projects are rather sweet.

The slipper pattern had to be traced off first, and since I entirely loathe this process I’ll stop by saying just that. Well, except to say that I positively abhore when you have to trace off AND add a seam allowance. Kill. Me. Now. Fortunately, that was not the case here. And hey, its a slipper, so really not bad. Right. The construction process did take quite awhile and even though I find these rather adorable, I’ll probably opt to just go buy a nice pair next time. These were a good craft project which gave me a jump start to sew again after moving, even if  I’ve got alot of projects calling my name, like that tailored coat… I added extra padding to the sole of these slippers, but still found that it wasn’t as wonderfully spongy as a cheap pair of isotoners. I was also looking at these lovelies afterwards and picturing myself in a muu muu eating milk and cookies watching several episodes of Murder She Wrote. Yup.

What’s on your sewing table? How do you feel about crafty sewing? I get the itch to do a crafty-ish project every now and then and these definitely fulfilled that itch. Would you, have you ever sewed yourself a pair of slippers? Any tips? As I work on the tailored coat (you’ll see many more random updates), I’ve got a great skirt all cut up on my sewing table. It’s time for some petersham ribbon waistband tutorials, I think.



23 thoughts on “giving the slip

  1. Your slippers look adorable Sunni. I heartily agree that a good dose of Pride and Prejudice does wonders for lifting the spirits (or a nice courtroom drama)! Looking forward to your Petersham ribbon tutorial, I just bought some in a closing down sale and am not quite sure what its purpose is! x

  2. oh sunni i hope your week is getting better by the minute!

    no crafty projects on my table right now, tho i desperately need some (i still owe crafty gifts…). but i did read a great tip over at tilly’s: rubberband two pencils together when tracing a pattern, that way the seam allowance is instantly added.

    that is, if you ever trace another pattern again. it sounds like you’re done with that.

  3. Hope you are feeling better…. I am crafting dolls and pencil cases for a table top sale for my local school. Your slippers are beautiful. I can see they would be a fiddle to make, but they are lovely.

  4. These look really great! So cute… are they comfy? There is a pair of slippers in Anna Maria Horner’s book Handmade beginnings that I’ve had my eye on for some time but have always put the idea aside since I think I need suede (and I don’t have any, and do I really want to go all the way over to the fabric store to buy like 1/3rd of a yard of suede?hmmm not sure) Anyway, I’ll probably be making them at some point. For now, I have to finish my Clovers which I’ve been neglecting somewhat for no good reason. I just finished the Pussy Bow Blouse by Pattern Runway and I really want to cut out another one since it’s really great!
    I hope your feet stay warm enough in your new sewing room to keep the sewing going!!! I hate cold floors too 😦

    1. They’re OK. I’m so tempted to buy a pair I saw at Kohl’s though because they had such a nice thick sole that seemed so plush and soft. That’s what I was envisioning and these ended up more like… thin socks.

  5. They’re so pretty and delicate! Love them. I agree with you about tracing and adding seam allowances. I just finished a project from Ottobre and I forgot the seam allowances entirely the first time. Ugh.
    And I’ve made myself similar slippers, and added Jiffy Grip to the outsole so I wouldn’t fall down our wooden stairs. Ask me how I came up with that idea… Ouch. Anyway, it’s the stuff you put on the bottom of kid’s pj’s. Worked great!

  6. Lovely slippers!

    I need to make some for myself too – I’m wearing my sheepskin slippers thin since moving to a house with unheated tile floors, myself, last month. Though I’ll argue that there’s one thing worse with tile floors than the cold: the stains! Get it remotely damp, and it’s a stain magnet… especially since you’re now wearing slippers, which get dirtier on the sole than the average sock. There’s always stains all across the kitchen and the bathroom.

  7. So sorry to hear about your weeks, I wish and hope things will soon start to feel better.
    Cold floors! *gah!* Tiling must the worst invention ever. My tip: house shoes. I have a pair of Scholl sandals year around (my feet are picky and not in the best of health) and at winter I also wear a pair of really thick wool socks.
    Looking forward to the petersham tutorial, when you’ve come that far with the skirt =) And speaking of coats: I’ve finished mine!!! *happy dance* Only took me a year… Worth it? I think so =) You’ll undoubtedly be a lot faster, though!

    1. Ha! At this rate, I’m not quite sure. But I’m working on getting the materials in line for the shop too. I think and hope that it can get finished during January, which isn’t a bad time frame at all really. Or at least, I keep telling myself that!

  8. Glad you got moved but I’m sorry about the loss of your dear Grandma.
    For projects I stopped my marathon sewing outfits for myself to sew a dog jacket. I copied the pattern from one I have. Thought I would just sew one up instead of buying it since I had all the elements to do it. A little tricky on the machine at times but as of today I only have the two straps and the velcro to sew on and I’m done. Then I’ll start a coat dress I’ve been waiting on the fabrics for that and they finally arrived. I’m at a complete loss this year for crafting projects to give away as gifts, usually do felt ornaments. I was matching up fabrics for place mats last night.

    1. Oh, do not speak to me of Christmas projects! I always have a list about a mile long for great plans to craft for Christmas and do they ever get done? Why no. Not a one!!!

  9. Aww, hugs! So sorry that life dealt you a bad one, here’s hoping for a smoother run for a bit. I hesitate to admit that I have come to loathe tile flooring in the two years we’ve lived in a place that had it. It’s cold and it eats my cups (even the vintage tempered glass ones that can normally fall off a fridge unscathed) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not to mention my favourite cream jug, which fell from perhaps eighteen inches and shattered utterly.

    ANYWAY. The slippers are adorable! I keep musing about making myself some (tile floor, cold) but haven’t gotten around to it yet. When the sewing machines were in one of the tiled rooms, I made sure I had a mat under the table at all times.

  10. I hope as the days go by you’ll feel more settled. Some crafty sewing must surely help. The slippers looks really well done.

    I do some crafty sewing every now and again like tote bags, cushion covers, pin pillows and mug rugs. Their certainly not as intense sewing as a garment but I still do approach them methodically. I’m almost finished with a night jammy. Just needs sewing the bias band onto the armholes. Quite pleased with how it turned out although it’s slightly on the bigger side 😦

  11. Hi Sunni,
    Those slippers are darn cute! But I am sure they are more meant for a warmer climate and not Utah! I hope you are feeling better and I also hope all those pesky health issues get worked out! I am in the middle of one (health issue) myself. Found a lump in my breast, had an extensive mammogram, and there is something there… so I am having surgery on Wednesday of next week. They are removing the lump and then the pathologist will look at it to see if it is cancerous….. Ladies check yourselves!!! I found this lump myself….. I am going to need lots of projects to pass time until I find out the results!!! I would really love a petersham tutorial!!!! Thanks Sunni!!!!

  12. Those are cute! I’ve been seeing quite a few sewn or knitted/crocheted slippers around lately, and I’ve been thinking of making my own. I’m not sure I’d wear them, though, I’m more of a thick-knitted-socks type of girl…
    Hope things are getting better!

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