the Sunshine State

Readers, its good to be home. Like really really good. If you didn’t know, I was in Orlando for the past few days where me, Gertie and Carol and Susan from BurdaStyle were participating in the Southern Women’s Show. It’s a consumer show of sorts and there were many many vendors of all different types there. We were over in the Craft Pavilion sitting across the way from Simplicity and the Sew Beautiful booths. It was very interesting! Great friends and connections were made and I’m very excited to spill the beans on a few different collaborations I’ll be working on. It’s very exciting stuff and may or may not include a baby bonnet – I know! – but I’ll have much more on that front as the year progresses! Ha ha! For now, here’s some fun shots of just a few of the things that happened:

Gretchen’s class on Essential Handstitches and a rather picturesque moment of her stitching. She really is a beautiful lady, and doesn’t she just look so at home sewing?

Another shot from this same class. Several older women were present and I love seeing shots like these because they remind me so much of my grandmother. Sigh….

Those infamous green clogs! They are so adorable!

The famous Duck March at the Peabody Hotel. They even roll out red carpet for these guys! Ha!

Yup. She’s even more adorable in person too.

I’m so happy to be home, Friends! I also forgot to send out a general Thank You! to you guys about the wonderful reception of my sale last week! So much had sold out! Thanks a bunch! Yay! I’ve restocked several items, so if you were looking for something and found it was Sold Out, have a pop on over to the shop and treat yourself to something new!



9 thoughts on “the Sunshine State

  1. omg the duck march is so cute! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun – I’m jealous!

    I’m a bit confused as to why her clogs are “infamous” though? They look cute to me, too, though a bit orthopaedic…

    1. The duck march was interesting. They’ve got them trained to get out of the fountain and get into the elevator by some sort of signal. Sort of one of those novelty things. ha ha! I guess I don’t know that Gertie’s shoes are terribly infamous, but I’ve seen them on her blog several times (and wanted a pair) and I do believe that she bought them for comfort as well as color and cuteness. They fit her and her personality to a “T”.

  2. man, i went to the southern women’s show here in nashville a few months ago & it did not include anything about sewing! just a bunch of booths with those dumb quilted bags that you can have your initials embroidered on, basically. well, there was a half-nakey fireman strip show, so that was pretty sweet πŸ™‚

    so excited the shop is re-stocked! just ordered my peony pattern, yay!

  3. Ahhh! The Peabody ducks! They’re so cute! We honeymooned in Memphis and thought the ducks were soooo cute! They look so proud when they march!

    Glad you had such a good time, and I hope you’re able to get some nice downtime in at home! You’ve been working overtime, girl!

  4. You are so sweet! And the best roomie ever. πŸ™‚ Love the “infamous” clogs; you would think I didn’t own any other shoes! Glad you are home safe and sound. Looking forward to our next adventure!

  5. Looks like you had a great time! Would have loved to have been there too. Maybe one day I can plan a trip to the US to co-incide with a show or two!

    Just a little plea (!) – get making wrist pincusions please so that I can buy one! πŸ˜‰

  6. Oh my god, this looks like so much fun! I wish there were events like this in Switzerland… And I think I have that same fabric that Gerties dress is made of! Parons by any chance? haha πŸ™‚ the sewing world is so small πŸ˜€

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