Show Off

After last week’s diversion to New York City, I got home and was completely inspired to sew. I usually don’t have too much of a problem in this area except to say that instead of trying to focus on one idea, I get sidetracked and focus on several ideas and then get nothing done as a result. So, this week, I really tried to hunker down and focus on one wardrobe idea. Just one. It’s hard work friends.

Show Off

As I was a tester for these clever little Clover slacks from Colette Patterns, I decided that I would whip ’em up from the fabric I purchased at Paron’s from the oh so suave Marcial. A naughty little glen plaid wool stretch fabric. It’s official that I now am in love with wool stretch – particularly the 98% wool, 2% lycra type. So easy to work with, something I’ve not had luck with before, and it stretches! Yay! Makes fitting just a little bit easier.

Show Off

Since I was so impressed with myself for finishing these little pants, I had to show them off before I finished the top that I am making especially for them. So of course, you’ll see these again, with a top that’s a similar shade of turquoise and most likely with more red accents. Giving you little tidbits along the way just re-infuses my mission for outfit sewing. See, I’m one of those that sews the onesies which didn’t seem so apparent until I was packing for my quick trip to The Big Apple and needed an entire handmade outfit. Even more irksome was the fact that I barely have any great tops to go with so many of the great bottoms I’ve already made. Why oh why do I only focus on filling out the bottom? I have no idea. I mean, I know its a little silly that today I’m also showing you yet another bottom, but hey, the top is cut out and ready to sew, so cut me a little slack here. I ain’t perfect.

Anyway, just popping in with a little early Fall freshness! I’ll be back on the ball with the beltmaking school next week, plus, of course, more outfit sewing goodness! Have a wonderful weekend!



36 thoughts on “Show Off

  1. Ooooh likey likey likey! I love this shape of trouser (sorry “pants” he he. Pants means something totally different to us Brits!) and am lovin’ plaids and tweeds for winter too. Great shout Sunni πŸ™‚

  2. Those pants look absolutely awesome. It suits your figure so well.

    I think we all suffer from sewing focus to some degree or another. Some things are scary, some things seem easy and the success of one article lends itself to making more. Me, I’m happy to take a stab at lingerie and bras, but pants scare me and I don’t tend to feel drawn to bottom weight fabrics when shopping. I just can’t see the end product. At some point I will go there, but thus far, the passion to do it has not outweighed the fear factor. I’m sure when I do get around to it I’ll wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.

    1. Oh I forgot to comment on the shoes! They are absolutely stunning. Please tell me they are like Gerties and horribly uncomfortable so I don’t feel compelled to take them off your feet. πŸ˜‰

      1. I totally wish I could tell you that, but these are one of those pairs that I could wear all day! Definitely not sneakers, but all the same a really great everyday pump. Plus there is no way you can go wrong with patent leather!

      2. “Plus there is no way you can go wrong with patent leather!” So very true. I have been promised birthday shoes from my husband. Perhaps I will end up with something similar.

  3. i love your pants! i’ve already decided that i will be buying the clover pattern (in the process of saving my dollars right now, actually :), but i’m so glad that you posted your version because they are wonderful and definitely reinforce that i am making the right decision!

  4. Tres Chic! Your cropped pants look lovely on you, and I love the combo you put together with the red shoes and aqua top.

    I have a bad habit of primarily making bottoms instead of tops, but I have yet to find that one-perfect blouse pattern. It also doesn’t help that skirts are so fun, versatile, and easy to sew.

  5. Wow… they look great. I’ve ordered this pattern already and was thinking about plaid. I am now definitely set on making at least one wool plaid pair of these. I just hope they look as good on me as yours do on you! Love the red shoes too!

  6. omg. I am OBSESSED with cigarette pants right now; yours are particularly wonderful! I love your eye for fabric and detail…the little pops of red are fantastic.

  7. Ahhh, the new trousers look tooo cute on you Sunni!
    Your version makes me want to rush out and order the Clover pattern (but I still need to finish my Burda trousers from your sewalong all those months ago still opps!). I;ve even got some checked stretch wool-like fabric in my stash that would be fab for this.

  8. Those pants look great on you! They’re perfect for showing off a fabulous pair of heels πŸ™‚ Welcome back and I’m glad you had an awesome time AND came back inspired!

  9. I love seeing your finished garments! Those pants are the new Collette pattern I am most tempted to buy – all in good time, I’m sure. They turned out fantastic!

  10. Barely any great tops?! I guess maybe in comparison to everything else you’ve sewn, but I keep coming back to your yellow bow blouse. It’s my one-of-these-days-I-will-make-that project. If you ever decide to give away the pattern you used, or get the inspiration to make a tutorial for adding a bow to an existing blouse pattern (say the Pendrell – would that work?), please let me know! Anyway, love the pants. As always, a grand success! Bravo!

  11. I’ve been wearing my jeans rolled up all summer and I’m really liking the cropped pant look because I can wear them with keds or flats or heels or sandals… I’ve made similar pants from vintage patterns before but had the problem where they were tight in the waist but kind of loose in the crotch. I think we’re so used to having a little stretch in our fabrics that we’re not willing to live with the drafting concessions to non-stretch fabrics. Based on the pictures I’ve seen of the Clover sewn up, I’m hoping the waist is a good mid-waist fit thereby avoiding the tight waistband when sitting and conversely low waist-ed pants don’t let you tuck in your blouse.

  12. Girl, these are fab! They fit so well! I love the pattern, but I wasn’t sure about the fit (I’m not a huge fan of tight pants). Now I’ll have to buy yet another Colette pattern!! Next time you come to NYC we should host a a meeting with your fan club!!

  13. Love this style — you look gorgeous! I snapped up the Clover pattern, I hope my versions (plural!) come out as lovely as this. Looks like the fall’s gonna be bottom-heavy too, but I do yearn for a bow-blouse since I saw yours earlier this year.

  14. Those are super cute! And the fabric reminds me of one I have in stash, although I don’t think it’s a stretch and I’m sure it’s not real wool. Hmm. I do have a nice skinny non-stretch pants pattern, though…

  15. I want your pants Sunni! Please give them to me! πŸ˜› Just kidding! Actually, I wasn’t that sure about the Colette pattern because it looked so tight on their photos in the shop. Did you choose to make them one size larger? Now I am really tempted to buy them. Have a lovely weekend Sunni!

  16. Oooh! I’m so excited you whipped these up right away–the fabric you bought in NYC is so perfect for this style! Did you make any of the adjustments to the pattern that you were telling me about? I can’t wait to see the entire, head-to-toe outfit you’re making–such a good idea to sew an outfit, rather than pieces! πŸ™‚

  17. So cute, i bought a 50’s pattern for cigarette pants, but now have changed my mind (seeing how nice they turned out on you) and will be buying the colette pattern. I’ve been checking your store to see if you have gotten the clover pattern in yet. Eagerly awaiting to purchase the pattern and a belt kit…

  18. You be smoking in your cigarette pants, darling! My fav color combo, too! The first thing I noticed while doing SSS is that I have all dresses & bottoms, and no tops. I think it’s a pretty common theme for sewists, even though blouses aren’t time consuming or difficult.

  19. Don’t know how I missed this post! These are AMAZING! And in plaid, you know how I love plaid πŸ™‚ I had the best time at Paron’s …what an amazing store…I wish it could be transplanted (with all the employees) to Edinburgh πŸ™‚

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