the Sound of Sewing

Mr. S

Mr. S is my right hand man and fortunately for me my partner in crime aka husband too. He’s been snapping the photos of me lately, putting up with my unreasonable demands and doing a fine job cleaning the kitchen a lot more often than he probably should (considering he’s still working a full-time job and trying to compose music and sound design in his off hours). He put together a little sewing sound montage for me and you this last week and I was so positively elated with it that I couldn’t help but post it here. Have a listen (you’ll need to pop out of your reader to push play): Sewing Sounds by A Fashionable Stitch

What do you hear? There’s quite a few little sounds in there. Mr. S took samples of my sewing machine, my iron when I press fabrics, my thread snippers, pin pricks into Ms. Prism and several others and created this short little sound file for me. He’s pretty good at stuff like this. In fact, I would say that Mr. S is obsessed with sound. I met him in the music program at the University of Utah. We dated for a few years and got married 3 years ago (almost 4 come this October). We’re pretty fond of each other. He’s such a support to my little business – helps me with the shipping and gives me ideas and encouragement. He’s also very supportive of my sewing, though my fabric choices can baffle him until they’re all made up into a garment. Ha ha!

I thought you would enjoy this little snippet of something that he does. You’ll be seeing quite a bit more of him as I have some serious plans to make a few men’s items here and there just for him. In fact, I’m working on revamping a men’s shirt for Mr. S at this very moment. Poor thing, his wardrobe has most definitely seen better days.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!



20 thoughts on “the Sound of Sewing

  1. Awwww =) What a sweet little montage! Can’t wait to see what you make for him. I tend to find menswear more challenging – especially when my silks are begging to be made into dresses and rompers! =P

  2. Awww, he sounds like a keeper! I love the line you wrote “We’re pretty fond of each other.” Soo cute!

    I love hearing the snipps of the metal scissors. This is a really cool sound piece. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love this, thanks!

    I really like sewing menswear—it’s easier to fit, and those long straight seams are so satisfying. And all the little details are so fun—I love flat felling and turning yokes out and making sleeve plackets. I think I sew as much for my man as much as I do for myself. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  4. My husband and I share the sewing room (he calls it the music room!). About a year ago, he was recording music for a CD he was doing and my sewing machine noise was in the background. I asked him if I should stop for the evening and he said, “No Way! It adds a grittiness to the song.” He’s a keeper.

  5. The sounds are AWEOME!! Love it 🙂 We all hear/make those sounds but only an artist could hear the music and make the others hear it, too! Thank you for sharing and congrats…you have a keeper! 😉

  6. Oh he is a keeper for sure. I love the sound bite he made and those scissors snipping especially and the sewing machine going forward! Back in the olden times I used to make my husbands Western shirts, they had a lot of pattern pieces to them but over the years I made so many of those not sure I want to repeat that lol..

  7. Awww. Hubby’s are great. We got married October 25th 2008 so not far behind you guys. Met in 2005 when I was just 21… Got an 18 month old daughter and another little girl due at Xmas. He’s my soul mate but I always feel calling him that is really naff because it doesn’t cover half of what our relationship is about. He’s my Man. And there is no other Man but him. He hasn’t a clue about art or craft. He appreciates it when it’s done but his advice and critique is often more confusing then helpful. At times it actually hurts my head. But he’s supportive in other ways and always does what’s best for us and then me and then him. He pays the bills too so I can’t complain. Ha ha ha. I’ll look forward to the men stuff as I’ll enjoy making him things. He won’t wear it but at least he’ll know I’m thinking of him and has my attention lol.

  8. Ah! For the love of sound what a cute thing to do! My husband is also a sound geek, yet he works production sound for TV. Funny enough, we’re also celebrating our 4 year anniversary this October as well, the 13th. Looks like you got a good one!

  9. What fun! I usually have a music selection going in the background as well, and on occasion, I attempt a sing-along! Wouldn’t that be a scary sound-bite?

  10. Wow, your husband did a great job in household chores! A husband like him is unusual so better yet to take care more of him. I admit that I am lazy in doing household chores.

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