Playdate Dress

Playdate Dress

I’m pretty sure that Tasia made this pattern just for me. Pretty sure. I mean I could be wrong, but just look at it – I think “perfect” would be the word. Yeah, that’s it. “Perfect.”

Playdate Dress

This is quite possibly the most flattering dress I have ever made. In fact, I received several compliments the first time I wore it – which was just to run errands last week. I kept getting, “I love your dress” all day long. I felt kind of like a movie star in the dress, getting all these looks from everyone. It was very fun.

Playdate Dress

If you don’t know, this is the Lonsdale Dress from Sewaholic Patterns. I had a little dare game going on over on my Facebook page a bit ago and I actually did finish this dress in a weekend (after the ultimate triple dog dare from the pattern drafter herself!), starting only on a Thursday. The instructions are top notch and the pattern is drafted perfectly, meaning that all the notches and such line up with each other. The sort of funny thing for me is that this pattern looks harder than it really is and in fact this pattern was easy peasy. I loved it! If you even considered sewing this up for yourself – DO IT and do it NOW! Yay!

The Specifics
I know you’re all wondering about the fabric – isn’t it just darling? It’s a polka dot linen from Yellow Bird Fabrics. You obviously can not go wrong with Yellow Bird, am I right or am I right? If you live in northern Utah, make a trip out there if you’re into garment sewing (even if you’re not, you’ll love all the fabrics there) because this small nook carries only the most gorgeous apparel fabrics. It’s the stuff of dreams, Loves. No joke. Ok, ok, moving on.

Playdate Dress

I made a few alterations to the pattern itself, just for the fun of it. What’s a bag of tricks if you never use em right? I shirred the back panels of the bodice (using Gertie’s instructions). Doing this prevented me from self facing the back panels, so only the front are faced/lined. No biggie. I’m also not exactly the type that can run around without a bra. I’m a just a tad too busty for it (unless I’m in a darkish billowy dress) so I did a little bust padding in the front. A little couture done light, if you will. I made my own bust pads, following Tasia’s tutorial and just tacked those puppies into a muslin underlining I had created to go on the inside of the front panel pieces. I’m pretty satisfied with the look of those and even more satisfied that no, indeed I do not have to wear a bra. That kind of freedom can’t be bought.

The front panels are lined twice (the muslin with the bust padding) and also with a white linen. Since I did the shirring, I found too, that the section right to the sides of the bust gaped a little. I added a little elastic there to nip it in so that there was no peeking down and into my bust area. All in all the bodice was the most difficult and only because I made it that way.

Playdate Dress

The skirt section is lined in a cheapy silk I had on hand. The polka dot linen was a little on the see through side for the skirt, but putting in a lining could not have been easier. I decided early on that I wanted to try out my rolled hem on my serger for the lining. This being a “Summer of Love” dress, I wanted everything to be easy – no pun intended, of course. After doing the lining with my serger’s rolled hem, I just threw caution to the wind and decided to do the hem of the outer dress as well in the same fashion. Is that cheating? Because if its not, it certainly felt like it. Still, I love the way it looks. It has a great summery, no fuss feeling, which ultimately was what I was going for.

I think the only thing that I could have benefited from was a waistline stay. Since I planned to always wear a belt with this dress, I didn’t do one, but will definitely consider it for a future round. Mr. S, again had his doubts about my fabric choice. Sigh…But I do believe this is the most smitten he’s ever been with one of my garments. Ha. Yeah, he loves this dress. Who knew?

Playdate Dress

Seriously, if you haven’t, buy Tasia’s pattern! You can find it here at A Fashionable Stitch Shop or on the Sewaholic’s website. Looks super cute with a belt too. What do you think friends? Totally jealous? Need one of your own? Of course you do, in every color too.

Have a lovely, summery day!



50 thoughts on “Playdate Dress

  1. GORGEOUS!!!! I just got the pattern and am (eagerly and impatiently!) waiting for the fabric I purchased to arrive. I was too toying with the idea of doing back shirring, and am delighted you gave it a try and it works so beautifully on this dress. (So I’m totally “stealing” that from you! πŸ˜‰ Also love the addition of the bra cups; what a great idea! May have to give that a whirl myself as well… Although I can kind of go without a bra, I just look flatter than normal, so I often just throw on a strapless one under such garments. Problem is they’re darn uncomfortable for long periods of time. :p Built-in cups would be so much easier. πŸ˜‰

    Your fabric choice is spot-on for this garment too. Another sewing triumph!

    1. They were way easy to construct – in fact too easy! And they really do add just the right amount of padding and coverage. Totally go for it! I think you’ll be happier in the end with the bust cups, especially if you do a shirred back!

  2. I LOVE your dress!! I just bought that pattern and am waiting for my fabric to arrive. I really love your shirring on the back and the belt. You look beautiful!!!

  3. I LOVE your dress!! I just bought that pattern and am waiting for my fabric to arrive. I really love your shirring on the back and the belt. You look beautiful!!!

  4. Your dress is just beautiful. I love it in the polka dots. I am waiting at least until next month, but I REALLY want this pattern.

  5. omg. I love this so, so muchβ€”the little details you describe make it. I really enjoy hidden beautyβ€”fine finishing, structural details, etc. It’s a huge part of why I make my own clothes. Reading about your choices is so inspiring!

    PS – where, oh where did you get that fantastic polka dot linen? I’m always looking for linen in interesting prints but never seem to find any.

      1. No problem – I was just going to answer your question! It does feel a little unfair that we do have a lovely fabric shop dedicated to apparel fabrics here in Utah. I try to tell everyone I know who sews, because I can’t bear the thought that they would ever go out of business!

  6. i LOVE your version! really pretty & flattering, and the fabric is great! i think the pattern is super cute, but it’s not for me – i need the definition of a separate waistband, i think it just looks weird otherwise. but i love seeing everyone else’s!

  7. Sunni, it’s absolutely breathtaking and you look wonderful in it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better pattern/seamstress combination than you and the Lonsdale – it’s just gorgeous. I love the fabric too. And the belt! x

  8. This dress is so pretty, and you look so pretty in it! This is a great post that coincides with the launch of Tasia’s SAL (sew-a-long). It’s just the inspiration I needed to get in front of my machine this evening. πŸ™‚

    I’m curious did you make a muslin of the bodice first?

    Ahh… I have dress envy now. πŸ™‚

    1. I did make a muslin of the bodice first. I was going to skip it, but then of course my previous attempts at sewing without a muslin got the better of me. I’ll be showing you today, exactly what I did and the few changes that I made to the muslin and pattern pieces. No big deal really. The adjustments were a cinch to make.

  9. Wowzers! This is so gorgeous! No wonder you got loads of comments… and looks. I love the idea of making it in linen. I’ve been avoiding this dress because I hate wearing strapless bras (and don’t actually own one) but I’m tempted to try the bra cups…

  10. It looks amazing! Thanks for reporting about the ease of sewing. I love that you did a shirred back on it, as well. (The more people I see wearing this dress, the more tempted I am to go out strapless bra shopping… O.o )

  11. I love how it turned out. I have just put together the bodice muslin. Haven’t added the zipper yet but it seems to run big on me…despite having taken the correct bust measurements. Did you use the body size measurements or finished garment size to make your choice. Is it ok if the bodice runs slightly big?

    1. I put together my bodice muslin at the weekend – check the finished measurement as as well as the body measurements, because there is heaps of ease in the pattern. Based on my bust measurement, I was going to do an 8, but the finished measurements have me in a 6 and the bodice was absolutely perfect without having to do a thing. I think it would be okay if it was a little on the large side because you could always tie the straps tighter but it might be worth seeing if you can drop a size.

    2. I actually mocked up a muslin of the bodice and made a few adjustments to it to get a more fitted look. However, I didn’t want my bodice to be too tight or the dress either because its summer and the idea of wearing something that is too fussy was not what I was going for. So I think if you have a little more ease than usual you’ll be fine. Belt it up and you’ll love it!

  12. I’m getting ready to make a Lonsdale as part of Tasia’s Sew-Along, and seeing your beautiful and flattering version is a wonderful inspiration for me. One quick question – how, when, and where did you add the elastic exactly? I’d like to keep my eye out for it in case I find myself with a similar problem. We’re sewing up the bodice pieces today, so if I need to add elastic this early, it would be good to know. Thanks so much for your time!

    1. I actually didn’t add elastic until I was almost finished with the bodice. I’ll be showing a short tutorial of what happened, what to look for and what I did about it. I basically made an elastic casing around the gaping area and inserted just enough elastic to keep the fabric flush with the body. It’s totally a cinch and sort of a cheater’s way of dealing with the excess fabric in that area.

  13. Wow! Your dress is so pretty. I love that you made it in linen. I’ve wanted to use linen for a while, now I think I will give it a try. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting this pattern ‘cos I don’t like wearing strapless bras but using the bra cups I’m tempted πŸ™‚

    1. I’m not a big strapless bra fan either. Have never found one that works (or stays up). And I have a serious love affair with linen. Its one of my favorite cloths! I’m a sucker for the way it wrinkles though, and some aren’t, but hey if you are – welcome to the club! Yay!

  14. Who wouldn’t be smitten with this dress? It is lovely and the shirred back is a very nice touch. My husband is not very complimentary about my sewing either.

    1. My husband has serious apprehensions when it comes to my fabric choices. He usually loves the end product. I don’t know, I think it has to do with how they can’t envision the finished product. Sigh….

  15. oh yeah, this is going to be a cult favorite, no? You can tell we’re all scrambling to make this now that we have seen it on another (gorgeous) body! I’ve got the pattern, now the fabric… just need time! I can do bra-less but like others like the idea of extra pad/cups put in.

  16. So lovely! I want to try this pattern, but feel I may have to make tons of alterations since I know they are meant for pear shaped bodies. The neckline is going to make me buy it eventually. πŸ™‚ Also, thank you for linking to the instructions on bust padding. That will definately come in handy in the future.

    1. I do have to admit that for a pear shaped gal this pattern is perfect! Hopefully though, in a dress like this, the only modification you would need is a bust alteration and cutting out a different sized skirt. It’s totally worth it – so cute and easy to wear all done up!

  17. I just love the clever elasticized back and I can’t wait to try the technique. I even went out on my lunch hour to procure the appropriate elastic. Beautiful dress and it looks fantastic on you.

  18. The idea of adding some bust padding to this sounds perfect– I am definitely in the category of “can’t go bra-less” and am probably going to have to do an FBA for this one anyway. Strapless bras don’t seem to work on me very well long-term, as I found after doing my LBD project earlier this year. With all of the trying on muslins and such, by the time I finished the dress, the bra won’t stay up well anymore. 😦 Any chance you can do a mini-tutorial on how you made that work for this pattern? πŸ™‚

  19. SO cute!!! I love it on you, the fabric choice is just perfect and the style totally suits you! I love that you added bra cups, and shirred the back – adding your own touches makes it truly unique. Beautiful work!

  20. hi sunni
    i have just recently come across your blog. Luv it and the clear tutorials you gave are real good.
    and this dress of yours is very beautifully done!

  21. Wowza! This dress is fantastic on you! I really hesitated buying the pattern, because I ‘d only seen one iteration of it, but I really think that your version is probably are giving sewaholic a lot of sales!!!

  22. The dress is very sweet, but guiltily admit I cannot stop looking at your belt and wondering where you got it from? It would look perfect with the summer dresses I am planning on making over the next few weeks….

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