Decorative Seams Pt. I

Sorry, I’m running a day late and a dollar short this week. I spent my weekend thoroughly engrossed in creating a skirt sloper. My first skirt is almost finished and I’ll be showing it to you shortly. It’s been really really exciting for me to finally be able to create my own sewing pattern – something I had no idea I would enjoy quite so much. There is sure to be much more on that front, I assure you! Now, back to finishing off seam finishing! Today, I’ll be covering Part I of decorative seams. These are really easy and a cinch to add into your next sewing project. Tomorrow, I’ll be covering Part II. Today’s decorative seams are fairly basic, still they can add some really nice finishes to your garment.

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Topstitched, Double Topstitched & Welt Seams

Topstitched seams are a cinch. For an added fun touch, use a contrasting thread.

Stitch a plain seam, then press the seam to one side. On the side the seam allowance is pressed to, from the top, topstitch the seam the desired distance from the seam. Stitch through all fabric thicknesses.

Another take on a Topstitched Seam is to do a Double Topstitched Seam. Instead of pressing the seam to one side, press the seam open and topstitch, from the right side of the garment, down both sides of the seam the desired distance from the seam.

A Welt Seam is virtually the same as a topstitched seam. Stitch a plain seam and then trim one seam allowance to 1/4″. Press both seam allowances to one side (encasing the freshly trimmed seam allowance) and topstitch the desired distance from the seam. For a Double Welt Seam, do another line of topstitching 1/8″ away from the seam.

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Slot Seam

This next seam has so much potential to be great fun! Consider doing this down the side seams of a skirt, with a contrasting fabric underneath.

Machine or hand baste a plain seam and press open. Measure the width and length of the seam allowance and cut a strip of fabric with those dimensions.

From the right side, topstitch the same distance from the seam along each side of the seam and then remove the basting threads.

Catch ya tomorrow!




5 thoughts on “Decorative Seams Pt. I

  1. This is a great post! What type of thread do you use for topstitching? Do you use regular or do you buy a special thicker thread made for topstitching? I haven’t used this in any of my garments since I don’t really know what to buy.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I used regular thread, which you can also use, but it depends on your fabric. If you are using light to medium weight fabrics, go for a regular thread. For heavy weight fabrics, go for something thicker like silk thread or denim topstitching thread. Mix and match and see what you like best!

  2. I’m loving the seam finish series.. Thanks Sunni! I liked your idea of finishing off the series with a post of seam finishes in action. I always struggle with picking finishes and deciding when to apply them.

  3. Sunni I just wanted to say that I really appreciated this series, it’s so nice to see everything photographed so nicely and done in the same fabric/thread for comparison. Much appreciated!

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