In the Shop – Etsy Pattern Closeout!

Hey Friends, its time to do a closeout sale on the patterns in my old Etsy shop! As you may remember, I’ve got a brand new site where I’ll be selling my wares – definitely check it out and if you are an Elegant Musings reader, you should hop on over to Casey’s blog and see if you can’t see a little coupon code for my new shop over in her sidebar!

As for the closeout sale in my Etsy shop – enter PATTERNMANIA (all caps please) in the coupon code section at checkout and you’ll get 20% off your total purchase! Time to start making way for new stuff, you know. I’ve added a few more vintage patterns. Make sure you get them, while the gettin’s good.

Speaking of which, I was able to lay my hands on a previously made men’s pj pattern (albeit with a little handwriting on the pattern envelope to boot). This pattern comes in very handy for your significant other – truly. Mr. S loved his pair – still sports them too, which is the true test, right? Just make sure you follow your guy’s pair up with a brandy and a cigar, maybe even a silk brocade robe and a newspaper….I mean….

Happy Pattern Shopping!




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