the Event of the Season – Ginger Reveals!

It’s finally here, friends! The Ginger Party – so party hardy!! I really hope you’ve enjoyed sewing up your Ginger skirt and I hope that some of the tips and tricks I’ve shown have proved helpful. It’s been really fun for me and I’m really excited to see everyone’s finished skirts. Just so you know, if you’ve jumped in a little late, you are always welcome to add your link/image to the bottom of this post (even if that’s not today) pointing us all in the direction of your finished Ginger project. Please, do not post links or images of projects that are not made from the Colette Patterns’ Ginger skirt. Only skirts made from this pattern please (this does not include inspired by or projects that only included one piece of the Ginger pattern).

Alrighty, here are my versions all done up. I went with version 2 & 3 seeing as how I had made version 1 for the Ginger teaser. Overall, I’m really happy with the way these turned out. The striped one was easy peasy, except for the zipper, which of course I had to redo a few times (posted about that here, just in case you missed it). Goes with everything too! I wore it to my brother’s graduation from high school (which was crazy weird since I graduated 11 years ago) over the weekend. It not only traveled very well, but my sister kept following me around saying, “I just love your outfit.” Gotta send her a pattern now I think.

The seafoam green silk skirt was a true test of my patience and skill. I’ve never worked with 4 ply silk before and though I adore the fabric and the drape and the finished skirt, I had my moments. I added Gertie’s boned waistband to this skirt which I can definitely say with certainty I will be doing from here on out when and if I have the occasion to do it. The waistband actually stays in place – doesn’t move or shift about and yet, its still comfortable and lets me breathe. It’s SPECTACULAR! I drafted another pocket to go with this skirt. A little half moon of a thing giving it a bit of a sweet touch. Mr. S couldn’t stop raving about the drape of this particular skirt – he kept saying that it just hangs beautifully. Yeah, he gushed a bit, something he never does. So what do you think? Need to make your own now? Of course you do!

Looking for more shots of my Gingers? Jump over here.

OK, friends, here’s your chance to jump in! Simply upload a photo and/or add a link to where we can see your Ginger online. Don’t forget to upload your photos to the Ginger Sewalong pool too! Hope you had fun! I sure did and I’m so glad that so many of you sewed along with me! All the best!



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26 thoughts on “the Event of the Season – Ginger Reveals!

  1. You have added some wonderful skirts to your wardrobe Sunni! Guess, you are now really good prepared for ‘Me Made June’! 🙂 I love the stripey version so, so much, that I think I have to make one, too.
    The seafoam green color is so fresh and I love your half-moon shaped pocket! Thank you so much for havinh had this wonderful sewalong! It was a real pleasure!

    1. Thank you nette! I am completely in love with the seafoam green one. It is luxurious. And yes, I will be wearing these all through June! I’d best make up a few blouses to at least make them look a little different every now and then.

  2. Your skirts are absolutely beautiful. You did a fantastic job with this sew along. I’m only now beginning to work on this pattern but I’m going to print off all the posts to help me along. I can’t decide which of your skirts is my fav, but a 4ply silk skirt probably wins for the sheer luxury of it!

  3. Thanks for doing this. I’m a bit late to the game, but I finally got my Ginger pattern & plan on making one up with your blog guiding me. I’ll get it uploaded as soon as it’s finished.

  4. I love your versions so much, particularly the stripey one! I so have to do this, I wish I had time to complete it with the sew-along but I am definitely going to be going back through the posts to participate on my own time, hopefully next month! 🙂

  5. Your skirts all turned out fabulous! I’ve only gotten as far as cutting my muslin out. I’m really hoping now that I’ll have a few hours this weekend to work on it. Thanks for having the sew-along.

    1. Thank you for participating! It’s been a truly wonderful sewalong for me – the best I’ve hosted. I was so happy about everyone’s great contributions and you guys were really supportive of each other in the flickr pool! This is really great to see.

  6. “Mr. S couldn’t stop raving about the drape of this particular skirt – he kept saying that it just hangs beautifully!”

    Teeheehee. In husband speak that means, “This skirt makes your @ss look AMAZING!” At least that’s what it means in my house! It IS lovely.

    1. LOL

      Funnily enough, that’s exactly what my husband also says.

      I have taken some final photos of my Ginger this morning but got to go out until later this afternoon so adding my pictures will have to wait ’til I get back ….. there is always someone who is late to a party 🙂

  7. Both skirts are amazing, and your styling – as usual – is fantastic. My middle child, who’s almost three, was on my lap and asked if I would make her a blue skirt with a black belt. So cute! My aren’t done, but I hope to get them finished up and posted soon.

  8. Haven’t yet blogger about it, will do it tonight but just uploaded it here!

    Thank you for hosting and all your help and support, what a great party!

  9. Wow ! Ladies your Gingers all turned out GREAT !! 🙂 I am still yet to finish mine, but cant wait to have a belated cup of ginger tea !! xx

  10. Hi Sunni,
    Your Seafoam Ginger is really lovely; love the colour and the @ss appeal ….. oops …… I mean drape 🙂

    Pleeeese do a blog post some time or other about your experiences using the material, won’t you?

    Also, I must say a very big ‘Thank You’ to you for running this sewalong. I have learnt so much from your posts. As a complete newbie, I did dither as to whether to take part, but I am so glad I did! And I love my first Ginger ….. there will be more 🙂

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