Gearing Up – Me Made June!

It’s official, I’ve decided to take the plunge into Me Made June. This is going to be different for me this time around. If you recall, I participated in Self Stitched September ’10 and at that time in life, I was still working a full-time day job. It was hard and I definitely won’t forget my experience with it and the struggle to do it everyday. It’s different this time. I’ve taken the plunge into my own business and I work from home. I have a different set of problems to contend with now.

For starters, if at all I could be, I probably would be a slob. Yup, I’ll admit that staying in pajamas or sweats all day for me has become something of a reality. What’s worse, I don’t like how I feel at the end of the day when I do that, but yet, I still do it. The challenge is to wear things that are sophisticated and feminine but still comfortable. I’ve been in the slow process of revamping my wardrobe a bit to include styles that are comfy to wear and do my work around the house, but still things like dresses and skirts that I want to wear and feel girly in. My Ginger skirts definitely fall into this camp and I have a feeling that you’ll be seeing them a lot this time around. This also brings me to the point of what I hope to accomplish this Me Made June – and that is to realize the gaps I need to fill in my wardrobe as my career has changed. Maybe I really need to get a grip and realize that I do need a pair of stylish sweat pants when I stuff Tailor’s Hams and Seam Rolls. Maybe I’m in real need of an apron when I cut fabric – you know, silly stuff like that. After reading Gertie’s latest Feature Comment post, I was so amazed at how Elizabethe hit the nail on the head with how it works when you work from home. I intend to heed her advice and if you haven’t, definitely read this post, especially if you work from home.

I also swore that I would wear 2 me made items every day – which I’m going to amend by saying that I’ll wear 2 me made items everyday, when possible, for the month of June. I mean, what else am I supposed to wear if I decide to throw on my Naughty Secretary frock? It’s already all there, you know. I’ll be recapping my Me Made June adventures every few days along with my other regularly scheduled posts.

Are you participating in Me Made June? Even if you’re not, what kind of challenges do you face when getting dressed on a daily basis?

Happy Me Made June Everyone!




23 thoughts on “Gearing Up – Me Made June!

  1. Hurray for Me-Made-June! I’m participating too (um, or I will be when I get dressed–still in my PJ’s at the moment!). Hoping this will help me get back into the groove of blogging, and sewing, and blogging about sewing. Plus like you said, I want to pay close attention to the gaps in my wardrobe so I can focus on filling them. I know there are times when I’m getting dressed and I think, “Hmmmm…I would wear this skirt more if I had ______ top to go with it,” or whatever.

    1. Oh Stacy! I say that so much! And I really don’t have enough blouses – a big gap in the wardrobe. Definitely going to start working on those next!

  2. I am participating in my very first Me Made event! So I’m super excited. And a little scared. But I feel like it’s going to be challenging in a good way, as well as pointing out gaps in my wardrobe and places where I need to buckle down and craft some basics.

    I’m a real estate agent and a development associate for a theater company, both of which are fairly self directed and casual, but I like to look nice, so I try to maintain a non-sweatpant work week. The biggest challenge I face when picking out clothing is in my commute, I bike everywhere so I have to be able to bike in most of my clothing, which means no pencil skirts, generally, and shorts under everything. Of course, now that my foot is broken I have a bit more freedom, at least, in my clothing, my shoes are sadly abandoned, at least on the left, for this very attractive removable boot. It’s all the rage.

    1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your foot! I’m thinking about getting a bike soon – would be great for deliveries to the post office. I too need to buckle down and get some basics in the wardrobe – I have plenty of non basic items. T-shirts anyone?

  3. I’m not doing MMJune. 😦 I made my first garment in November so I don’t have a lot of me made stuff- well stuff that fits and is practical for summer! I’m trying to increase the number of practical garments I sew this summer so I can participate in future me made months.

    My biggest problem with dressing right now is that the last three summers I worked in a lab (read pants required) and this year I’m taking the summer off between undergrad and grad school and I have like zero summer clothes! I have a whopping 1 pair of shorts! I’m also trying to keep in mind that I’ll have different wardrobe needs (and amounts of sewing time!) during school! Hopefully, I’ll be able to get in some great fall sewing in August and knock out some pants and tops before school starts.

    1. One of the reasons I didn’t participate in Me Made March was because I have a very low amount of winter clothing. So low, I wore the same things on the same days for weeks. That definitely needs to be amped. Totally understand your plight! Don’t worry, you’ll be whipping out garments in no time and will have built up a ton of clothing for future Me Made Months.

  4. Oh, Sunni, I totally get your struggle. Left to my own devices, I’d hang out in sweats and fleece jackets all day long (it’s still freezing here in Portland, OR). But with my job, I can’t. Luckily, I work in a creative field, so folks don’t look twice at me with some of the crazy I’ve put together in the past. I really enjoy playing in my closet, so hopefully my MMJune’11 outfits reflect that. I’m participating this month by wearing one me-made thing per work day (still need my sweats on the weekend!), and am only posting weekly roundups on my blog vs. daily photos. This took the overwhelming-ness out of the project over all.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you wear this month! You’ve got such a great sense of style!

    1. Thank you Darci! I too am going to gear it down from when I did Self Stitched September. The everyday posting and such just got to be too much. Still very excited to participate – it will be a whole new experience working from home and getting dressed daily. I’m excited to see what I find out.

  5. I’m worried I’ll be the same on the weekends. This is my first Me-Made challenge!

    I’m a teacher by day (next week and then we’re done!) so I also have a dress code to worry about. Skirts/dresses must be knee length or longer. But for most of the dresses and skirts I’ve made I didn’t take that into account. So I’ll just have to wear the one skirt I have that is knee length or store bought pants with tops I’ve made. Work will actually be easier than I originally thought. This is a challenge after all!

    1. When I did Self Stitched September, the weekends were very hard. I don’t have any casual clothes – something I found out during the challenge and haven’t yet remedied.

  6. As a stay at home mom my problem isn’t so much what to wear it why dress up? I mean I know by the end of the day I’ll be covered in food and snot so why try? I do put on ‘real clothes’ when I leave the house or have other errands to take care of but if I’m at home I’m in yoga pants.
    Perhaps my problem is also a little of what to wear. What can I wear that is durable and comfortable? What will still look nice at the end of the day with food/snot on it?
    Its an age old question. I don’t know if anyone has come up with the perfect solution.

    1. I don’t have kids but I definitely understand. My problem is now that I have a wardrobe full of office appropriate clothing and yet, I do manual labor at home now. Wearing a pencil skirt – even though I love them – isn’t even in the cards most days. I can get dirty, really dirty. Some of it, for me, is about timing and alot about comfort. I’m still trying to figure out what options I have to wear at home now and still look decent at the end of the day. You’re right – its an age old question!

  7. Good luck to everyone who’s doing MMJune! I’m too new to sewing to do it this time around, but I’m hoping to do the next incarnation and I’m really looking forward to seeing the outfits you guys put together!

  8. I haven’t signed up for Me Made June, and doubt I have enough self-stitched clothes to wear for an entire month (never mind for the canoe and camping trip I’m up for this weekend), but I will secretly be making an effort as I’m getting more and more pleased with the clothes I sew.
    As for everyday challenges: My ideal work outfit will take me through a day that involves 13miles of biking to and from a workday that spans from hobnobbing with the art establishment to mucking around in other people’s gardens. The reality is that most days I know what my day will be like, and I can dress accordingly.
    I find semi-elegant jersey dresses, cardigans and semi-sensible shoes take me a long way.
    And will definitely wear my two Vogue 1027s a third of the time.
    Now, down to sew up my first Sencha. Love your blog!

  9. I am doing Me Made June and am so excited about it! I did Me Made March and found the gaps that I’m working to fill in my wardrobe. My goal for MMJ is to feel more confident and comfortable in the things I’ve made. I want them to feel like regular clothes instead of delicate things I can’t wear or should save for a special occasion.

    1. I know exactly how you feel. I remember being the type that would save their handmade garments for only those special occasions – but gosh, it’s no fun doing all that hard work and never getting to wear it.

  10. Oh my goodness, I want those shoes! I’m not participating in MMJ. I just don’t have nearly enough handmade things to participate yet; perhaps next year. The challenge I faced getting dressed? Well, I have to dress in business attire for my classes, and I don’t exactly have the same idea of business that the professors do. But, alas, if I don’t want to be kicked out of class then I must wear what they want. I definitely need to sew some cute corporate clothes before I have to start wearing a jacket the August heat. :]

  11. I couldn’t help nodding my head to this post as I read it! Right after I started staying home (rather than running back and forth to college and part-time jobs as before), I went through a lounge-clothes phase for a few months… It was just easier to not deal with getting dressed so I could focus on whatever else I had on the day’s agenda. But, I have to admit, there is something nice about getting out of my yoga pants and tshirts after awhile! hehe! It taught me to figure out what is really comfortable and what is just “pretty” (but not great to wear if I’m sprawled across the floor photographing a tutorial, or curled up in front of my computer writing). Which, I have come to reevaluate again. Finding that tops and skirts are really my outfits of choice, or dresses that have full skirts (again, because of the sprawling about thing I have a habit of doing!).

    I really can’t wait to see what you wear for Me Made June! I thought long and hard about joining in, but decided that I’d pass for now (just too much going on). Plus that gives me time to sew a few more things to fill in the gaps before the next one. hehe!

    1. I am nodding my head to your comment! I am in the lounge clothes phase and its kind of a rut that’s hard to get out of. I think its the whole reason I’m up for Me Made June. I just need a little jump start to get me going in the right direction and feel good about wearing nice clothing even if I’m doing a little manual labor here and there.

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