Can you believe it? Today is the last day of the Ginger Sewalong. It’s been a crazy two weeks for me. In fact, Mr. S called and he wants his wife back, so I’m glad that today is the last day of the construction posts. That said, I had a lovely time organizing this and helping you bring to life the art of sewing. Hopefully that’s what I’ve accomplished. There is so much to learn, but hey, you have to jump in somewhere, right? I also want to give a HUGE Thank You to Tasia, Sarai, Casey and Gertie for participating and giving us their insight, inspiration and expertise! Can we all give it up to them please. They are swell ladies and I’ve so enjoyed emailing them behind the scenes.

One more thing – Next week we’ll celebrate all our hard work and have a Ginger Party on Thursday, June 2. You’ve still got plenty of time to finish or even start and finish your Ginger before then. Please be sure to enter your finished creations into the Ginger Sewalong Flickr Pool too.

OK, let’s get to the hem. The pattern does a fabulous job of how to sew up the hem, but I thought I would walk you through how to mark your hem if needed. On me, the Ginger skirt goes a little low in the back and is a little high in the sides of the hem portion. To even things out, I have this handy dandy contraption, which I scored off ebay awhile back. However, not everyone has one of these and they aren’t the most accessible thing to get (the mini skirt versions, at least).  So I thought up a way of how to do this on the cheap.

First of all, you’ll need to let your skirt hang for at least 24 hours. You’ll need a yardstick and a helper. I used Ms. Prism for this example, but you’ll want to be wearing your skirt and having your helper do the pinning. Mr. S does the pinning for me with hems and he’s actually quite good. You’ll need to nail your yardstick to the wall – now days you can usually buy one that already has a hole in the top and just hang it on the wall with a nail. Have your helper help you determine where a good hem length will be for you and factor in your hem allowance. Mark this on the skirt. Now, position yourself up by the side of the ruler and have your helper determine where the mark falls on the yardstick and have them start pin marking your skirt all the way around. To do this, you’ll will need to move in a circular motion all the way around until the whole skirt is marked. Does this make sense? Not hard really.

Once you’ve finished marking the skirt, take it off and now you’ll need to trim off where the pin marks are and then you’re ready to hem up your skirt according to the pattern directions.

Friends, this has been crazy fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about sewing (hopefully this happened) and I really hope you enjoy your new skirt. I seriously look forward to seeing what all of you have come up with. I’ll be back next week with both of mine in tow and a few extra surprises too.

Happy Hemming!



14 thoughts on “Hemming

  1. I have really enjoyed ‘observing’ this sew-along! I don’t consider myself a beginner, and I’m in no shape at ALL to be wearing a skirt (got some more baby weight to lose first) yet, but I really learned some great tips, especially about bias sewing. Something new for me to try now! Also, you got me so psyched about that skirt hemming thing that I’m shopping for one now!!

  2. Hi Sunni,
    thankyou so much for the sew along.. I have so enjoyed it. I made my muslin..which turned out so well..I ended up ,finishing it and will post a picture tomorrow..Was so proud of it. Now..I am getting ready to do my real ginger skirt that I posted the picture of the fabric. I am not a beginner…but have really lots of new things.. Hope to do this again.. SO much fun.. judy

  3. Hey, thanks so much for the sew along ! Its been a real treasure trove of excellent help. My pattern only arrived today and so I will start on my Ginger tonight. I bought the most fabulous fabric for it and cant wait to begin ! I do have a question though – I dont have an invisible zip – only a standard one – does it matter ? I am a total beginner and after having a fitting crises on the colette ‘crepe’ I am looking forward to trying out something completely new and relatively easy 🙂 Im gonna post on Flicker when i have something to post. And can I say that there are some fantastic looking gingers out there !! Well done ladies ! X X and also a big thanks to all the ladies who contributed to the sew along, I read all your blogs and thing you are all just dandy. Big love xxx

    1. Hi Kirsty!

      So glad you are joining us! I think that you could make this skirt with a standard zipper too. Tasia, the Sewaholic has an awesome method for inserting these that she shared during her sewalong. I would highly recommend it:


      I think it would work great for this pattern too because of the facing at the waistband. I personally like standard zippers better than the invisible ones myself, but its up to you. Can’t wait to see what you make up!

  4. Hi, Kirsty, We’ll probably be sewing together! I had my pattern, but I had a lot of to do last week and never got machine time.

  5. Sunni, I just want to say a big ‘Thank you’ for running this sewalong and for the other people who contributed posts ….. and to Mr S for loaning you to us 🙂 . It has given me the confidence to have a go when I’d been ‘sitting on the sewing fence’ for ages 🙂

    I’ve learned so much and it’s been fantastic to think that lots of other people have been sewing along at the same time.

    Hopefully I’ll have my first Ginger completed by Thursday 🙂

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