My Fabric Picks for the Ginger Sewalong

I think picking the fabric for any project is probably my most favorite part of sewing. I love fabric. I collect it too. In vast quantities. So I have to be careful. I decided to go shopping in my very own fabric stash this time. I’ll be making two with you. I’ve already made V.1 so V.2 and V.3 are up next.

This is for V.2 – a 4 ply silk. It’s a crepe like fabric that is, for silk, quite thick. It’s unbelievable beautiful. The drape alone will be fantastic enough to wear every single day. It’s from Fabric Mart – where I purchased it for a steal! And I’ll have it finished up just in time for Me Made June! And notice how the zipper is just a shade darker than the fabric itself? Couldn’t find the exact shade, so a shade darker is the way to go.

For V.3 I had this very very very old piece of striped cotton/poly fabric. It’s so old, I have no idea where it came from. I’ve had it, at least, since I was in high school. Sheesh. I’ll be underlining this skirt – and showing you how to do this as well – in a bemberg rayon because it’s a little sheer. This particular fabric is quite stiff and that’s important if you’ve decided to tackle Version 3 for a first time garment. V.3 is cut on the bias, and there are few little tricks for getting bias to whip into shape, but it will be much easier with a stiffer fabric.

I’ve uploaded these to the flickr group pool – make sure you snap a shot of your fabric and upload it let us know what you’ll be creating your Ginger from too.

Just joining us? You can catch up on all the posts by clicking the link below:




3 thoughts on “My Fabric Picks for the Ginger Sewalong

  1. That aqua silk is so pretty- love that color! And the stripe is really lovely too. I have been thinking about a tan, cream, brown, blue firm cotton stripe for mine. Of course, the fabrics I mentioned yesterday are still in the running.

  2. Oooo! I’m so jealous of that aqua silk crepe, these are two of my favorite things (the color aqua and silk crepe). I may have to travel to NV and hijack it from your closet. hehehe

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