In the Shop – Belt & Buckle Kits Back in Stock

Just dropping you all a little line to say – Belt and Buckle Kits are finally back in stock!!! What’s more, I’ve got even more kits that have yet to be photographed and put in the shop. All in good time, dear readers. I would like to draw your attention to the added 10 inches of belt backing in the kits. A very dear reader – whose been very helpful – mentioned that many of us gals don’t quite make the 40″ belt making mark. In other words, as many of us don’t wear wasp waist corsets anymore there’s bound to be several who won’t have enough belt backing since with 40″ you can only make up to a 34″ waist belt. Needless to say, now all the kits have 50″ of belt backing, fitting up to a 44″ waistline.

May I also draw your attention to belt backing by the yard. I’ve currently stocked 1″ and 1 1/2″ belting for your belt making pleasure (more sizes coming soon), plus be on the lookout for lovely and unusual belt buckles – reclaimed and vintage. I have to admit, that belt supplies were one of the most exciting products I’ve decided to carry. And I do believe you are very excited too! According to the Fashionable Stitch survey – hand cover buckles and belt backing were THE number 1 and number 2 most requested items. Let’s hear it for belt making extravaganza!




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