Some Very Very Important News!

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Dearest Readers,

After much deliberation, meditation, tears, excitement, joy, laughter and the like I’ve decided to move to a new domain. This post was supposed to go up Monday, but we all know how things like this go, right? Yes, right. And last night, after I thought everything was up and running, it wasn’t! Things went wrong, all my images seem to be lost in internet space and it seemed like I had ruined everything. You know, the usual everyday crisis. Ha ha ha (this is very nervous laughter by the way).

I’ve decided to move everything over to A Fashionable Stitch. Its new-ish and yes, there is still tons and tons of work to be done and soon, The Cupcake Goddess will be pointing there too. Why, you might ask? Quite frankly, I was getting confused having my real name, my alias and trying to run a shop that was yet under a different name, but listed under the username thecupcakegoddess (which it still is – plans for that are in the works). Phewwww!….

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that if you still want to read me, and see the unveiling of my shift dress, see updates to the shop (ps ~ just got more belt backing yesterday, you know what that means) and oh yes, the Sewalong I’ll be announcing tomorrow then you’d better hop on over and subscribe to A Fashionable Stitch. If you don’t, well, I hope I still show up in your feed reader, but just know that I’m still in the process of moving everything and fixing bugs and such.

You guys are the best! Want to leave a comment – hop on over to A Fashionable Stitch and get started. (I would love it if you left me some comments just to test out my new site)


22 thoughts on “Some Very Very Important News!

  1. What a headache, huh? Once you get everything squared away, I’m sure it will be great. Hang in there.

    Thanks for your tutorials, BTW. I’m sewing the Burdastyle Jenny skirt and am really grateful for the info you posted on the back vent and lining.

  2. Changing names is scary! Hehe. I don’t even have a self-hosted blog, I can’t even imagine moving domains. Good luck, and hopefully the bugs work out quickly (a quick scan through the feed on google reader looked fine). I love the font, or at least what’s showing up on my monitor here 🙂

  3. here you are miss goddess, comment numero 2 to test your site! i agree with the switch– i wondered if it would get confusing having your shop name differ, especially when it’s the name of your big new journey!

    am changing my links today…. love, oona

  4. Yay! I just subscribed to your new site. I love your new photo bar thingy at the very top of the page. And your new site has a nice feel to it, just like the last one. 🙂

    Congrats on the move. Can’t wait to see what sew-along you’ll be hosting next!

  5. Congrats – on consolidating your web-personas into 1-entity, and for the new domain :)!
    P.S Do you mind if I say that the new font is really hard to read (I’m on FireFox)? I have to concentrate more to see the letters (LOL!) the old font (Helvetica?) was easier on the eyes.
    Best wishes,

  6. Congrats on the new move!! I love the new header too!

    I know what you mean re. working under different names. I am a facebook admin for my blog as well as Sewtropolis, where I work and I blog AND facebook under both – with related Twitter accounts. That + my personal facebook means that I occasionally feel like I have multiple personality disorder PLUS I have to sit and think about where everything will show up, what with the automatic feeds, @ tags and such!

    I was going to leave the SAME feedback as Claire! I have pretty good vision, but I’m having a hard time with the font. I use Google Chrome on a PC. I think it’s a bit on the small side + the serifs just make it hard ;-(. I like the look of the serif font, though.

  7. Congrats! I really liek the color scheme and the banner. Very cute and very you. the only things, if you don’t mind, are that the font size on the side columns is very, very tiny and hard to read and that i’d love to see a link to your inspiration journal (i love the pics you choose).
    Other than that, it looks very nice! Great job!

  8. Congrats! Looks great so far! On my screen, everything looks huge. The ‘About You’ photo is nearly life-size! Funny that things appear tiny to everyone else. unless you’ve changed things since the earliest comments. Good luck getting everything up and running smoothly, computer stuff can be such a pain! So far so good!

  9. Hmmm I actually like the new font. If you do switch it, this (in the body) is a nice size. Whole site looks good! Nice and clean!

  10. Congratulations! I feel like we should be bringing housewarming gifts 🙂

    Name changing is a bit overwhelming, but when I did it (from my old Ravelry/knitting blogging alias) it went surprisingly painlessly. I’m sure it will be the same for you (especially since you unveiled your business name so long ago).

    I’m so excited to hear about the sew-along!

  11. Ooo, congrats on the website change – I’ll update my feed reader! Sorry to hear about all the craziness with that, but it’s looking good so far! I agree with Tasia, the “About Me” section comes out huge. The text goes off my screen. The font sizes on the main page seem fine to me (I’m using Firefox).

    Yay, new sew along! Your trouser one was so helpful, I get tons of compliments on my pair 🙂

  12. I’ll follow you wherever you go, doll! Hope the transition didn’t KILL ya. I know it can be a real hassle. Looking forward to seeing what you’re doing for the new sew-along. I’m betting it’s something shifty!

  13. Great blog, nice new site. No problem for me to re-subscribe. I, too, will follow you wherever you land. Cheers to a new beginning!

  14. Congratulations on the new blog. I love the green hints on the heading. The pencil skirt is a constant reminder that I would like to make one myself….gotta get started!

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