News Flash! Weekend Sewing and Sale!

Gosh! It seems like every week just flies by these days! Wow! I’ve been in the middle of something serious – moving. A virtual move, but nonetheless, its a HUGE thing for me. I’ll be announcing it officially on Monday but please don’t be surprised if you can’t access the Cupcake Goddess over the weekend. Ok? Ok.

So, what’s on your sewing table this weekend? Well have I got a whopper to get through. I have 2 patterns to test drive (a blouse and a skirt), 3 skirts to make (all from the same pattern, so that’s good), the Valentino shift to finish and one more shift dress to make just because I want to. I’m completely determined to get through all of these projects by Monday. That or my name will be MUD. There will be much tea consumption and I just bought some Elvis and Johnny Cash to put on.

Did I mention that I’m going to be doing Me-Made-June too! I did Self Stitched September last year and felt a little frayed by the end just because of the work situation. I’ve terribly excited I won’t be battling that this go around. Yay!

Elegant Musings is holding a pretty awesome givaway from my shop and from various other shops too! Hop on over to view the week full of Birthday Giveaways!

Oh and I think its time for another sale from A Fashionable Stitch! Go fill up your cart and enter JUSTBECAUSE (all caps please) in the coupon section at checkout. You’ll get 15% off of everything in the shop if you do! Only lasts a limited time! Hurry over and have fun.

Have a wonderful weekend!




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