10 Questions

It’s time I asked you some questions. Some serious questions about future items you would like to see at A Fashionable Stitch. I’ve got 10 questions that I would be so delighted if you would answer for me. All you have to do is click here and it will take you to the survey! I’ll even let you know about the survey results when I get them all sorted out!

Have a really wonderful weekend! Thanks a bunch!



PS ~ Sorry about the technical difficulty! The link should be working now!


20 thoughts on “10 Questions

  1. Thank you, that worked!
    Since there was no ‘comment section’ on the survey, I must say that I checked that I buy most of my supplies from a local brick and mortar only because I have a Fantastic store nearby. Before I discovered them, I looked online. They do not carry vintage patterns, large selection of sewing notions, or sewing hams, though. 😉

  2. No general comment section in the survey so I’ll leave it here – please please make a sleeve board! I’ve been wanting one for ages (it’s a piece of sewing equipment that even my fiance understands why I want), and I’m so tired of the crappy ironing board covers that are out there. A sleeve board with a good-quality cover a la your ironing board cover tutorial? Yes please.

  3. About postage costs – If an online store offers free or discounted shipping with a purchase minimum, I tend to buy from them. I sometimes buy more than I need at purchase time, knowing I’ll use the items eventually, to get the discounted shipping. I also like shipping options – always choosing the cheapest!
    Great job on the survey, Sunni. I’m looking forward to purchasing from you again.

  4. I forgot to add something to my answer for Q5. What’s been the hardest sewing notion/supply to find, and did you find it?. A while back I was trying to find a mini-trundle wheel (a small circular wheel for measuring around curves), I thought it’d be really handy during pattern making 🙂 I’ve dropped you an email about it (it was too long to post here LOL!)

  5. Yup, shipping/postage is a big factor for me when I purchase online too.
    However, I am sometimes wary of “FREE” shipping – as the shop might have worked out an average/typical shipping cost and applied it against each individual item’s price… I’d rather see the item priced separately without shipping included (or hidden within the item’s price). The idea of free-shipping is good in my eyes when you buy say something heavy-ish to mail, like say x10 cones of serger thread – because a one-off postage cost of say £3.00 GBP for domestic shipping would be very economical to the buyer (but less so to the seller). But, if all you wanted was x1 packet of needles then they’d actually cost [for UK Royal Mail first-class] say only £0.75GBP to send domestically in a regular paper envelope, and having to pay an artificially inflated price that includes a [hidden] standardized shipping fee would feel odd to me. (NB: Those made-up costs I’ve given are for UK of course not taking into account cost for the envelope/bubblewrap or the wages costs in terms of admin., or employee time/salary etc.)
    I always think highly of those online stores that have worked out the shipping costs based on each individual stock-item’s size & weight – the real fancy online stores automatically add-up a pretty accurate shipping total when you purchase several differently sized/weighted items. I then feel I’m getting good value for my money 🙂

  6. Done!
    I had to laugh at oonaballoona’s ironing board cover comment, I am the same when it comes to making mine. Even though it is a simple thing to do it seems to be something we constantly put off, so selling them could be a great idea!
    Currently mine is covered in fusing tracks – the number of times I have photographed something for my blog and thought: Agh I can’t post that! So I have to rephotograph it using a sheet – he he now you know!

  7. Your custom made seam rolls, hams and pin cushions are so beautiful that if I didn’t already have those items I would buy them. I took the survey, but would like to add what about:
    . swedish pattern paper
    . pattern making tools
    . different rulers and measuring tools used in pattern making and or adding seams to patterns that don’t have them
    Just asking.

  8. I wish there had been a general comment section on the survey, so I’ll just comment here. 🙂
    I found the survey maybe didn’t apply to me as much? I rarely, if ever, shop online, mostly because I find that, between ridiculous shipping costs from the US to Cananda and Canadian Customs often wrecking whatever I purchase and then charging me for “handling fees” and whatever else they can stick me with, it’s just not worth it.
    In addition, I’m relatively new to sewing, and haven’t branched out much when it comes to sewing notions and supplies (so I’m not often willing to dish out the money for expensive and higher quality items). I’m pretty good at making due with what I have, and whatever I need I can easily find at the local fabric store. I sort of refuse to buy online what I can get (at a reasonable price) at a local store, as I’m all for supporting local businesses. However, there are certain larger items, such as pressing tools, that I may be willing to purchase online, since the local store versions are 1) fugly, 2) poor quality, and 3) ridiculously expensive, especially considering points 1 and 2.
    I hope this helped address some of my responses on the survey. 🙂

  9. I filled in the survey earlier and I’ve just remembered the hardest thing i’ve tried to find – as i’ve not managed to get one yet. I don’t know if it’s technically a notion, but i’ve been trying to get ahold of a pair of left handed duck billed applique scissors, and i can’t find anywhere that sells them and will ship to Australia. Which makes no sense as it’s the only pair of scissors that i’ve found so far that it actually makes a difference if they’re left handed, all the other scissors i’ve used it makes no difference.

  10. Swedish pattern paper! That’s what it’s called. I was trying to think of the name of it.
    And to quote Faye “different rulers and measuring tools used in pattern making and or adding seams to patterns that don’t have them”. I put rulers on my list too. It’s hard to find good sewing rulers that aren’t mainly designed for quilting. The Sew Easy Curved Ruler is really good though, I picked one up yesterday.
    Especially when shipping internationally. Usually the only sewing notions I buy from overseas are patterns, it’s amazing how much cheaper you guys have them.

  11. On your survey it gave me a choice between good quality and a higher price or mediocre quality and an affordable price. I chose mediocre, but felt that way only because I’m a bargain shopper–I don’t like to buy stuff that’s overly cheap just because it is, but don’t have a lot of money to dedicate to the hobby and thus have to take what I can afford. All that to say that I prefer quality at an affordable price. 🙂

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