Fit for an Outing – Me Made at the Door

It was snowing the day I took these shots. I was just about to walk out the door with a flute friend to go and look at some duet music and thought I should, at least, take 2 or 3 shots of this somewhat superb outfit. OK, its superb to me. I’m actually not wearing the Bellas – can you believe that? Me neither! And even better I’m wearing my black trousers from the Trouser Sewalong and my Bow Blouse. Aren’t you proud? When I first put this outfit together, I wasn’t wearing the belt. I kind of felt….hmmm…blobby. But then I eyed this grey belt and cinched it all in and felt like I looked 10 lbs thinner. How is this achieved? I’m a belt-y person for this very reason.

And tell me, what is it about red that it just tends to go with every single thing? I don’t know, but I find that it does which is why I wear those bracelets so much. Maybe that’s why red lipstick goes with everything so well. It’s like one of those neutral colors, but in the opposite way. Adds little splashes of pow! when you least expect it.

What are you wearing today? Are you headed out? Me made? Something you didn’t expect to pair together but found that somehow it really worked out and you love it?

Bow Blouse – Me made
Cardi – Old Navy
Trousers – Me Made
Belt – Target
Shoes – Ross




4 thoughts on “Fit for an Outing – Me Made at the Door

  1. I agree about red, anytime I have it on me (whether fabric, shoe or accessory) I’m a happy camper! The weather cooled down today, so I’m wearing my me made navy trousers with red heels 🙂

  2. your outfit is utterly and completely PERFECT.
    ruggy & i are going to dinner & a concert tonight, and i’m hoping to wear something me-made. i just haven’t made it yet!

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